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    Ciao, guys!


    It is critical to have server without delays. But there are more important things to correct.

    Priority 3 (normal).

    Mobile application

    Important thing. Absolutely agree.

    Priority 1 (highest).

    Advertisement polices

    Most of players use mobile phone to play, as i think.

    You can easy increase the amount of registration after improving the mobile application.

    Priority 2 (high).

    Price policy

    You mean gold bought in Russia should be more than gold bought in EU?

    Yes, agree.

    Priority 3 (normal)


    Good idea about stealing of VP. There are should be more ways to play in the late game.

    Kingdoms should get as much WW is they can. Not only 2. But you are right, gifting WW is a bad possibility.

    Long-distance war. It is normal time to deactivate treasury i think. Don't need to extend it. Defenders still have to make a decision - deactivate or not. Closure of treasury gives less VP.

    Yes, it is necessary to remove XP from spies.

    My suggestion. I dream about International championship as it was in Legends (may be still presenting).

    Innovation for kingdoms and secret societies

    Doesn't need to see player's villages in kingdom. If you want, create secret society.

    Yes, it is necessary to paint secret society.


    Subject headings that are opened should become erasable.

    Didn't get the point. Create bug report if necessary.


    New roles must come for both the kingdom and the secret society.

    What are the functions of these guys?


    Yes, more activities.

    What would you like to see in official channel in discord?




    - Captured soldiers should be able to be executed.

    - Captured soldiers should be able to be returned for a certain amount of raw material, depending on their type.

    - Should be able to convert a certain part of the captured soldiers into their own troops after a certain period of time by adapting their race.

    Nice suggestions. But there is an abuse to use: transfering resources from one player to another.

    Fight against cheating

    Yes, it is necessary to make penalties heavier.

    But what we can do with the proofs? Usually players don't have proofs somebody is cheating.

    WIth best regards, smash

    Ciao, guys!

    I think about next things.

    1. ToDo. Player must not use menhir after settle 2d village. It means next scenario should not be possible:
      1. Settle 2d village. Player has 2 villages at this moment.
      2. Destroy start village (for example with the main building). Player has 1 village at this moment.
      3. Use menhir.
        Of course this requirement should stay: if player has 2 or more villages it does not possible to use menhir.
    2. ToDo. Resource packages must be active only during Beginners protection.
    3. Note. Good idea from ApT about the amount of jumping troops. I can only add a note about queue in military buildings. It is also should be less than 1000 after relocation. But i think it is difficult to implement.
    4. ToDo. Player has to be limited to use menhir after ending of Beginners protection, as Mayo mentioned before. There are 7 days to make a decision about relocation (on x1). If you think it is not enough, you can add new quest "Relocation" with the description of menhir. In any case on the next server player will have enough time because of experience.
      New player (lets say first time playing player) can find nearest kingdom easy. It does not matter what kingdom player will enter.

    With best regards, smash

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