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    Yes your diamond banned just screams "new player" to me, spawned first time playing travian inside BM's borders and thanks to their superior player management achieved diamond rank in 2 months isn't that just amazing?

    I'm obviously talking about actual new players and other casuals not multi round veterans new to a particular team

    I brought players very new to the game to this server to guide (and I' thought you knew this...)

    I just find it pretty bad taste to say someone has bunch of deletes because they are bored assuming like you know the best how other kingdoms are ran

    Only talked about the deletes because Jernpotte said we are bad for the playerbase as we attacked "Smaller kingdoms" (that weren't smaller but let's not get into that because then you'll start qualifying that 1 doesn't equal 1 - or something!)... and yeah we have plenty of newer players stay full rounds with us - some don't return and some do but I think the inclusive way we do things is good for the playerbase.

    You could have easily have said same thing to Jernpotte about bad taste but once again just wait to aim it at us :(. Guess we are an easier target with rest of map already angry :D

    Voluntary slave :D

    More players deleted from GGG than the kingdoms that got hit the worst from us, and nothing really happened to your guys, so I don't know what to make of that.
    Some guys that got hit from us pretty badly fighting back just fine in your ops.

    He it wrong about GOAT, but can you stop spamming "cry", nobody is crying lol

    If it really is how you say, then at least provide screeenshots of the attacks, otherwise it's just bm talking out of their ass. I'm seeing multiple pages of collusion theory but not a single screen of attack.

    Sure thing mate. Ample evidence available. I thought it didn't need to be said as you are all obviously on board with this and didn't think you would be refuting it, but I guess here we are...

    I'll start with your own players admitting as much to me personally, but this is anecdotal obviously, so let's get down to the main bit.

    Failed attacks from Phoenix at the exact same time as a multi-kingdom operation dictated from GGG:

    Also I highly doubt you are now going to refute that you defended error at the same time GGG did previously, because a handful of you got def points on it and some of you admitted it to me.

    So yes, you are currently a GGG slave as far as I know and have been acting in their interests from quite early on. It'd be wonderful for your own kingdom if you acted independently and I greatly encourage it.

    I will correct Happy Times as he is wrong about GOAT, they have acted on their own terms.

    I have suggested to your players before you actually have a chance of victory but not if you become GGG's lapdog. My 2cent in any case.

    I have to be true to my name and just state that Travian is a game and one should Have Fun playing.

    JT, in my youth I played the flute and while I like JT I really think that rock is made for guitars. For flutes I prefer jazz and hence Hubert Laws and Herbie Mann

    I refer you to my earlier posting, you think it's a game?!

    Anyways, It was just a small practice, we are not worried even after losing 5k treasures, then why you (BM) are worried about.?

    Who said anything about being worried? You are the only one using this word.
    We didn't say you are recruiting on a massive scale, only you said that.

    I think you're so busy typing to so many people you're losing track of what you are meant to be saying. Keep trying though!

    Be2 is too complicated ( :P ), just use the simulator and try to conservatively place your armies against your intended target (give defender some advantages for more certainty) to work out what it will take to achieve what you are looking for.

    So you saying supporting BM is a better choice than supporting s small kingdom with many underdogs?

    Umm, you could just support GGG instead of losing def in random places and worrying about your own personal stats.


    Its ok you win this server and take the number 1 top defender. But you can only take top defender if BM not are so coward. ;)

    This is a pretty ironic statement considering you are more interested in fighting by proxy!


    Shrug as a winner is a much better option than BM. Second time I play against you and you are a respectful kingdom with respectful leaders. And you have never threaten me when I have block hammers for you.

    Who threatened you here? LOL.

    This is all fun people keep saying "BM says this", "according to BM that".. we all talk plenty enough for you to be able to quote us without having to make up your own quotes guys :D

    You and BM love this stuff Renuo ;)

    Anything interesting someone can share? Are GGG just walking away with the victory? Cause it sure seems like everyone is in despair about there being a big kingdom in COM2.

    Especially Lylai :D

    GGG not walking away with a victory, it is a 4 horse race.
    Very interesting server!