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    So accurate these attacks that these guys can send attacks within seconds in few places 100% accurate at any hour of the day (and all the same players do it right 100%), while a few players have normal inaccuracies. Interesting stuff.

    And people say we are all propaganda... lol this team.. every time we damage you we don't gloat like little children.

    There's the next lesson for you.

    Hey Renuo, thanks for joining in. It seems to me that the majority wish that it's gone from the map as well so we need something else in it's place to serve as a visual indicator on the map. Any ideas?

    Kind regards

    Well I was the first response so I guess I already joined in.

    Draw a white line on the map around the edge? Slightly highlight the area when you hover over it?

    (Obligatory: you have much more serious issues than this)

    Hi again and thank you for your feedback!

    Cerebore thank you for the detailed request. We understand your wish and the reasoning behind it but we would need another indicator that this area is only to be settled for when the mist is turned off, do you have any ideas on what indicator would be best?

    Please keep the ideas coming :)

    Kind regards


    Mist can be on the map, you do not need it in the village screens.

    If we talk about dirty games, look yourself. You have 10 Zlf players. And nice 1.251 m def points in BM solo;) Keep calm

    I don't understand this obsession you guys have with ZLF at all. I also don't think there's 10 of them in current roster and you can even count me since I technically play there once :)

    Someone asked for tactics and I shared some basic tactics with them.

    Great tactics include:

    - Let's be friends, don't attack each other.
    - Coordinate attack with us

    You must have been salty when they attacked you instead, we don't get suckered by this double agent rubbish.

    Please be honest with yourself.This abuse was made against the danger that may come,that is in a way of fear of losing.

    I know we are the most cancerous team because we are a team that can have fun with you in the forum.

    I am honest to both you and me, I didn't add my opinion to this decision and just shrugged it off. The fact that it's ruffled your feathers is just a bonus.

    EMPIRE,GGG,Trinity(Old Phoenix) and I don't know why are you flame FNF.Ahh true you wanted to fight with them but they didn't.

    I called empire a good clean team on their latest forum. I think they pushed a player inside kingdom to get natar cropper fast but that was unlikely a cheat. They had pocket players to menhir but so did ayylidiz and I wasn't too concerned about both teams doing it to each other.

    GGG I never called cheat except jethro once made a MA scouter but both accounts got punished. I don't like GGG play style the time they go against us but then they changed after that and I wished them good luck.

    I have no issue with Trinity and made no post about them since the com2 that Phoenix was in, and even a person who hates my guts (understandable) I wished him/Trinity victory.

    I flame FnF for fun, I don't really know enough about them lol.

    "We know TK FINALYYYY!! got around to fixing the broken vacation abuse for game worlds going forward, but as TK developers are incompetent and won't roll any changes forward into existing servers to prevent the existing abuse **cough** BM **cough**, we are going to abuse it ourselves as we are terribly scared of what is going to happen on WW release day!"

    This is middle finger to TG, I for one don't actually care at all about this outcome here and will be happily gone the second server is over.
    Until then happy to try to topple the most cancerous team I've faced yet.

    Your own players openly admit it lol.. even a first time player knows you can't get 1 mill on day 4 without off points. You can pretend all you like.

    I know you're following your old opponents,and I know you'll follow us too.

    Give 1 example?