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    Oh my, is there a more delusional team than Empire in the history of TK?

    Some of the PMs I was watching come in during this game made me laugh quite a lot, you guys are not the level you believe you are.

    You played aggressively for 120 days, but unfortunately when it mattered you guys were out of fuel and ideas.

    How many times this server did you guys burn hammers on useless targets? Maybe start there with your assessment.

    Thinking you are the best thing to ever grace the game from day 1 does not help you analyse so maybe start with your attitude and work your way back from there.

    Based on what troops came back from starvation I can tell you guys have no idea the situation of this server and for how long it happened for.

    BM are the most independent kingdom I know of. I never believe they will cooperate with another kingdom. But they play very chicken when it comes to attack bigger kingdoms. It was the same last server. They attacked smaller kingdoms and never attacked Shrug and GGG until end game. Chicken play style but very smart and effective play style.

    lol you talk about Chicken until end game, but you pretty much confederated all of the map so we had to make sure travel time was faster than the def 75% of the map could move.

    Pob farms from 5 villages range up 10 mins 24/7 , hiding from top 10 , got 5 pages pdf file with logs. But at least without multiple accounts))) Is that cheating or abuse?

    Garaev farms most likely 15-20 hours from 2 villages. Got 3 pdf file with logs as well )) no work no family only farm only HARDCORE

    But I know other 5 players from BM doing grate job with “clean” farm ))

    I didn't want to talk in this thread much but.. I guess I have to respond to this rubbish...

    Firstly, I am a terrible bot, all the troops are home when I wake up.

    Secondly, I didn't hide from top 10 I tried to get in it for about 3 weeks now because I have more free time during December.

    Last week was in there and have the medal to vouch for it.. I was top 3 for a short while this week until defense was required.

    The "10 minute" is a fallacy you created. Maybe you see that different villages with different conditions and positions on the map land at different times.

    Yes I had a number of troops land within Empires border for a little while because my test runs return some results, because you guys ended up defending a player inactive I had to stop the raid there and some were still on their way.

    I work at my desk and press on the villages every 30-50 mins if I don't have a meeting or something stopping me and similar at home.

    What great magic that is :rolleyes: - if only more of my team did such wizardry ;)

    I am sure even a stupid person can work out the significant raid gaps in your PDF file.

    If you have any clue about raiding, well what a shameful accusation to make.

    That is gross

    Be2 is too complicated ( :P ), just use the simulator and try to conservatively place your armies against your intended target (give defender some advantages for more certainty) to work out what it will take to achieve what you are looking for.