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    Hey Renuo, thanks for joining in. It seems to me that the majority wish that it's gone from the map as well so we need something else in it's place to serve as a visual indicator on the map. Any ideas?

    Kind regards

    Well I was the first response so I guess I already joined in.

    Draw a white line on the map around the edge? Slightly highlight the area when you hover over it?

    (Obligatory: you have much more serious issues than this)

    Hi again and thank you for your feedback!

    Cerebore thank you for the detailed request. We understand your wish and the reasoning behind it but we would need another indicator that this area is only to be settled for when the mist is turned off, do you have any ideas on what indicator would be best?

    Please keep the ideas coming :)

    Kind regards


    Mist can be on the map, you do not need it in the village screens.

    I'm in a secret society. I can see some reports of the members, but not all.

    Why not all reports are shared?

    What are the conditions?
    I can see some attacks, scoutungs, but definetely not all.

    If it's an offensive secret society it will usually be related to a target kingdom and the reports will only be shared between members for attacks on the target.

    - change of WW holder last minute (xTools in 2015, and there are other examples)

    - change of VP stealing limit to same amount of VP (because on a server someone didn't do anything, they put a spy in a kingdom, moved all treasuries to that spy, then proceed to take them and steal all VPs from #1 kingdom and win)

    - change of WW bonus (because #1 WW was just the one who would win because it gave too much bonus)

    - change of menhiring attack right away (because multiple players relocated next to other kingdom treasuries and destroyed them from 1 square away)

    - change of vacation... (because a kingdom had a WW in vacation for 7 days in a speed server)
    - change of relocation for 15C/9C (because people would get 15C+150% by just waiting to have better locations)

    Every single instance they knew in advance or they ignored advice from veteran players.

    My thought process on this over the past 2 years I fear is probably correct - this is the side project for TG - they don't care about it and just run it on skeleton resources to maintain it's profitability (all support and resources has been diminishing, don't even try to lie to us).

    I have not heard anyone say they like it, and have had people specifically say they hate it.

    I personally think it was a dumb use of their time/resources and ultimately very out-of-touch.

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    After 21 days of owner not logging, sitters are kicked and account goes grey in the 7 following days.

    At the moment sitters are not kicked after 21 days so you can stay sitter of that account until the end of the server without the owner ever logging again.

    I do remember something like 8 servers ago I was sitter on a dude that abandoned the game and tried to make some more def for WW and was removed when he went grey.

    Why did this change? :/

    What do you mean by that, Renuo? If I log in daily and build stuff I can keep those accounts from becoming gray.

    To me this seems like a legal way of multiaccounting.

    Sitter doesn't keep the account active on its own. Without the owner logging in the account will become inactive eventually (it might be 21 days but I could be wrong).

    Is vacation mode the worst feature ever implemented in Travian ?

    For every one the handful of times I have seen it used by someone who said they were going on vacation I have seen it used 10 times by groups of players who recently got cleared of defence and it appears to be much more abused than used. Is it implemented on a parameter and will there be any servers run without it ?

    Should I put a ticket in for this ?

    100% correct. An overwhelming use of this feature is abuse of the game. Head in sand TG again.

    My first guess is that you aren't - it's probably from the tributes.
    I guess you are in borders of a kingdom?

    Hover over the resources in the defense report to see the breakdown.

    I personally would never recommend anyone to farm with expensive units such as heads, unless its 100% safe, but to each their own.

    EC and Haeds probably not if you have EI or TT instead.

    If you are Teuton you should try to utilise it alongside your clubs if you can be careful with them.

    Trying to tilt your plans to fit some numbers at certain days is often a trap (if you are inexperienced).

    Make the most optimal choice every day and ensure you are putting yourself in the best position to produce the most is far better way to consider it than all the arbitrary numbers.