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    I wouldn't worry Wychor, spikers are a tiny speed bump at best and it's a losing strategy.

    Just stay on top of checking def points and you'll be able to squish them yourself.

    Players that purposefully lock camps will be noticeable and the kingdom can warn/kick them if it is over the top.

    Can't really stop people being greedy in this game, but this change will at least help those that are trying to work together.

    This is a very common problem Devil and I agree with your suggestion.

    It should be fairly easy change to give a similar message to the one if you try and attack a camp twice yourself to any player after the right amount of attacks are going there.

    Even well meaning friends might do this by accident - especially when using the phone application and unable to see the map markings or incoming on the camp.

    We like to also mention it in our kingdom chat but even in that case the phone application regularly bugs the chats (although this has been improved).

    This forum is full of extremely bad guides. This might be the worst one.

    A couple of the small tips (because this is what this thread really is) are marginally useful information at best but lacking detail needed to explain why something is useful for a "middling" player to understand why something is useful.

    If it wasn't for the title claiming to guide players to be a top player I wouldn't have commented. Consider taking a break from new threads please.

    I will get on board and suggest EC might need a slight def boost, but it's not a big issue.

    EI is a very cool unit for sure, and speed is perhaps a little too underrated by many here.

    Having said that for the best possible roman EGH you would build with ECs.

    Far more affordable as a duke or king though, as going pure EC from early is fairly prohibitive and the crop saving only chip in at level 20 HDT which makes it a tougher early to mid-game for sure.

    If something has the best possible outcome in one important field (attack per time) it is not under-powered - despite the tougher resource cost.

    If you like to farm and attack more EI is far better (personal flavour of course) :)

    Tell me, how will chances of unwanted newbie player improve with lesser amount of teammates? Nobody will want him in top teams where he could learn from the best. And in worse kingdom, he might learn some basics, but more likely will quit because of getting his ass kicked hard even before he learnt something. Just my opinion :)

    In current situation it's all about communication, if any newbie player is trying to be active, talkative, loyal, etc then you shouldn't be worried about him being a spy. If he wants to play a teamgame, he sure will. Majority of us started as no one, without experience and yet we worked our asses of to the higher places, which means it's possible for every single newbie too.

    From what I've noticed most kingdoms with more than 100 members do nothing for their bottom 50 players other than tell them when to send def.

    They are a resource/tributary.

    That is not the same as what happens in kingdoms with 30-60 members.

    I understand you wanting to protect at all costs your play-style that you think you require but this is closer to the reality than you might be willing to believe.

    Metas have 5 greys in a week and nobody batters an eye lid.

    I know Renuo. You won despite the server largely being allied against you too. I simply wanted to state the fact that there was not a 150 man kingdom in either of the 2 servers BM played. I not putting any judgment in this fact all. Just pointing out the different server dynamics that have been.

    I didn't take offense just wanted to mention that despite a couple kingdoms losing lots of players we have fought the types of kingdoms you are trying to compare against.

    obviously who voted yes for this poll never playd travian legends and have no idea that there were wings cuz of the "alliance limitation". So making limitation won't change anything just a worthless thread and starx who spamming evrywhere trying to get attention.

    I voted yes to see this progress to a TEST server and how it plays out. Fully aware of the potential cons but it might play out differently to what we start assuming.

    But I guess my records of wins on pre kingdoms Travian and several hall of fame entries means I have no idea.

    You can call me anomally, but saying new players are food... I think is wrong, I believe any legends player, who is a hammer builder there, will crush in Kingdoms.

    If a legends leader comes King, if he gets a player to teach him the basics and to guide him a little, since our wiki is misarable (we should be creating threads about it), I very much believe, not only we won’t be food but he will also give metas a hard time like me.

    I don't really consider classic and legends players new to the game. It's way too similar.