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    No, this is a terrible train of thought truly believed by far too many in the community.

    Troops are critically important from your first village.
    I keep seeing it everywhere, just building villages up and have no army - you're just building up someone else resource gain not your own (or not providing enough def for your team, and once your kingdom gets cracked you're all farms anyway).

    And if you intend to play pure offensively while also not significantly raiding you're already making a huge mistake.
    Beginners aren't having small armies all round because they didn't sim properly. That is last in the list for sure.

    There are very good reasons to limit your population.
    Population is honestly the most useless statistic in this game, and the fact that it provides you your key rank in-game leads to a lot of wasteful efforts and misleads beginners entirely.

    Simming is certainly not the most important aspect of this game.
    Building the rights things at the right time, particularly early is important yes, but building for population and CP alone is wasteful.

    While it is not the same to ruin a whole village, it is still insanely damaging.

    Taking out a bunch of level 18s alone can be enough to completely diminish the effect of a key enemy for the end game.

    You kinda answered your own problem.
    You can't stop people from teaming up even if you stop them from joining under the same name.
    Many of us might recall one infamous server with TONKA1 -> TONKA∞... I'd agree that was a bit cancerous.
    Having said that, top gov numbers rarely win this game, always down to quality of players and having enough of them.

    Pointing at groups of players and blaming them for playing together in a coordinated fashion is just plain dumb. That is the main draw-card of Travian since first release.
    It is only in these dying days do you see threads asking for it to somehow vanish (which is a laugh).

    The real problem is dilution of quality players/teams and there is only one solution - less servers.
    There is not enough competition or players around for the amount of servers there is.

    The other elephant in the room is players are walking away from the game.

    Yes, it totally make sense to have a cropper as first village and settle it next to a WW or next to 150% oases.and with the upcoming update your king can easily move you to the perfect spot. and that just ruins the game. what happened to the good old days when you had to destroy a enemy cropper's residence to conquer it?!!

    The new relocation on test will not let you relocate a 15c to replace a non-cropper tile unless that tile is a 15c.
    And no, the cropper is not your first village, it is your second. You destroy your first village in the strategy you have mentioned.

    Stop chucking a hissy fit because you've returned to the game and it is not 100% what you remember. I'm from pre-legends too and I didn't come to a whole new game expecting it to be 2006 still.

    There are ways to not suicide your first village and settle a cropper close to you even quicker than is in the guide.

    Multiplayer right , but that multiplayer's have to be different not the same each time .

    Huh, says who? You??

    Let's say someone you make friends in the game and they invite you to another server.
    Then Travian says "No, need different friends each time".
    That sounds 100% stupid right?

    I know this is going to sound strange but team games generally have teams form in them. I know it's a wild concept.

    If you think it is unfair, go and find friends and get the same "advantage". It's a skill we learn as 3 year olds, I'm sure you can do it!

    I'm sure you would play with your friends too if they invited you to play a server together.

    That is really all that is happening. It is called playing a multiplayer game...


    1) You are breaking a rule right there,by insulting me.You won't get punished but of course you won't mind the unfair treatment.Like i said,some people get away with pretty much anything while others get abused just for fun sometimes. I've got a forum ban for having a ''negative attitude'' -no insults/swearing at all.

    I'm talking broadly about cheaters, which I assume you would put yourself into that category if you feel so insulted by what I said.