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    Yes, it totally make sense to have a cropper as first village and settle it next to a WW or next to 150% oases.and with the upcoming update your king can easily move you to the perfect spot. and that just ruins the game. what happened to the good old days when you had to destroy a enemy cropper's residence to conquer it?!!

    The new relocation on test will not let you relocate a 15c to replace a non-cropper tile unless that tile is a 15c.
    And no, the cropper is not your first village, it is your second. You destroy your first village in the strategy you have mentioned.

    Stop chucking a hissy fit because you've returned to the game and it is not 100% what you remember. I'm from pre-legends too and I didn't come to a whole new game expecting it to be 2006 still.

    There are ways to not suicide your first village and settle a cropper close to you even quicker than is in the guide.

    Multiplayer right , but that multiplayer's have to be different not the same each time .

    Huh, says who? You??

    Let's say someone you make friends in the game and they invite you to another server.
    Then Travian says "No, need different friends each time".
    That sounds 100% stupid right?

    I know this is going to sound strange but team games generally have teams form in them. I know it's a wild concept.

    If you think it is unfair, go and find friends and get the same "advantage". It's a skill we learn as 3 year olds, I'm sure you can do it!

    I'm sure you would play with your friends too if they invited you to play a server together.

    That is really all that is happening. It is called playing a multiplayer game...


    1) You are breaking a rule right there,by insulting me.You won't get punished but of course you won't mind the unfair treatment.Like i said,some people get away with pretty much anything while others get abused just for fun sometimes. I've got a forum ban for having a ''negative attitude'' -no insults/swearing at all.

    I'm talking broadly about cheaters, which I assume you would put yourself into that category if you feel so insulted by what I said.

    Yeah I'm not going to have sympathy for a player with your record AT ALL. Come in here with crocodile tears about how you got what you deserved is a huge laugh. Finally one time where they got it right.

    You weren't using a ban for an advantage which is the actual problem being discussed. The OP is specifically talking about using it to their advantage not airing some make-believe grievance.

    Your revisionist history has been pretty wild before so you'll have to accept not being taken seriously about "being done in on purpose by Travian staff".

    Yeah Accord we aren't here to discuss how trash that break rules and get banned are "unfairly treated". What a joke this post is.

    When you are silent on an issue for 3 years you are complicit in it devs.

    The abuses from being banned and it being a good thing for the person being banned has been a revolving issue and just about nothing has been changed for this entire time.
    -Invincible treasuries.
    -Gaining far more resources from multis then when punishments imposed.
    -Securing multiple 15c/9c with just 1 player.

    You have to make punishments that hurt the player more than the cheating action gains.

    Sadly, we all know it and this is hardly a new topic at all.

    As a big gold user I would play this server.

    I don't know how much of the low/no gold users would play, but maybe the promise of a level playing field would bring more of the ones that don't really contribute to play.

    This idea isn't new though and I know it's been knocked back loads of times before (even pre-TK).

    And Ammanurt is right, the best farms are active players anyway :)

    Hi Rexx,

    There are several factors when it comes to scouts.

    To start it fairly simply, the scouts have an individual battle like an attack, but where only the attacker can lose troops.

    The level of the scout does assist for both attack and defense of scouting.

    E.g. 100 scout V 100 legati = 43 scout deaths if no wall and level 0;
    - 70 deaths if the legati was level 10
    - 100 deaths (all died) if the wall was also level 10.

    The ditch also has an impact.

    You can check these stats in the combat simulator by getting them to attack each other.

    Apples to apples - they are the same strength at base level, but they do scale differently. The key differences being crop and speed.

    For standing idle def scout is preferable due to the crop cost.

    Fancy word for "I step down as king".

    Correct, a very different word to what was said. I didn't assume it was a misspelling straight away as it could have been a mistake in translation (or similar).

    It's a multiplayer game. Of course people are going to form teams, that's the entire point.
    Just because some are a bit more social and get more coordinated with it all doesn't mean the rest should get some sort of handicap.

    How the hell do you suggest to police it anyway.

    Beginners aren't quitting because they can't win, beginners are quitting because they end up joining up with terrible kings that ruin their experience.
    They realise up front they aren't dominating a game they are brand new to and don't track the standings. So let's not talk about the new player victims as if they wouldn't still be victims even if all the experienced players split up.

    It's players with a few (or many) servers in that know a thing or two that don't make friends that feel this way (e.g. @Accord=God).