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    The only reason I use the app over browser is that it is slightly more convenient to send farm lists from it while away from a PC... but even that lags horribly. Chat never seems to be synchronised properly at all which kind of gets in the way of a very big part of the game, or at least a big reason for going on a mobile app.

    It looks a tiny bit nicer, but I'd rather have a black and white text based app if it was functionally solid without the sluggish performance.

    Let's face it; nobody plays travian for the cool animations, graphics and sound effects. :D

    You will also notice troops have 2 defensive stats. One is against infantry and the other cavalry.

    When checking whether it is a good idea to attack with just cavalry you might want to consider if the target will be good or bad against cavalry.

    For e.g. Praetorian are very strong against infantry but fairly weak against cavalry. On the flip side spearmen are strong against cavalry attack.

    It's not about winning (tho still has some chances) but about building a top 3 kingdom with 80 people from scratch so i can spike unpunished.I wanted to prove i can spike and get away with it and i did it(hope you checked defenders tops too).I've built myself a kingdom that can put millions of defense in my villages when people try to punish me for spiking.

    I know it's hard to accept different and give credit to it(it's hard for me to see why are you so proud of being a part of a 50 preformed team,no challenge) but try for a change to build a top 3 kingdom on a server starting from scratch.You'll see for yourself if it deserves credit or not.

    As for winning this game is kind of poorly designed so those who win are forced to play the most boring and unfun game.Maybe this is the reason this game is bleeding so badly with player numbers smaller and smaller every new server.People have better things to do with their lives than secure a ''win'' on Kingdoms...

    My first two servers on kingdoms when I was returning to the game (because the kingdoms idea sounded interesting) I formed with randoms around me and came second and then 3rd with a tiny kingdom (that time as king).

    I have more fun playing with BM because now they are all my friends, you know one of the best things about playing in a multiplayer game - working in teams and making friends. I know it's a rough concept but I'm sure you might be able to imagine if you try hard enough :D

    I don't understand your obsession with the past - don't care I only called you out on not being on a server you quoted, that's it. I don't care how you were 10 years ago compared to now. You won't find a quote from me asking for your resume.

    I despise preformed teams,they contribute to the player dilution since you don't train new members anymore(I teach a lot of newbies on the test server right now trying to raise the level of my future opponents).Closed preformed are the most toxic IMO..

    We don't train new people? Not even close to true. You don't seem to know anything about us despite all your stalking.

    We will have to agree to disagree, I think spiking is toxic, you think premades are toxic.
    Your kingdom doesn't seem like a shot at winning despite your boast, so I don't understand the bluster about coming and looking at you. Can I get my 5 minutes back?

    Yeah com8 is dreadful, dead, busted - and that's why I'm calling for fewer servers. This is the first server BM has played that is like this.
    It would have been just as bad if we weren't there as there were not enough players anyway.

    For a vet like you to play your "style" I find incredible to say the least. But to each their own.

    Hey as I said Accord you can have all the speed servers in the world if they remove more normal ones ;)

    I don't think it will be good for you guys who are enjoying speed at the moment so I legit was thinking of you guys - fans of speed - on this one. But go ahead and just down-vote my opinion because of my kingdom tag etc. :P

    And yeah you've probably got some name of servers wrong or something so I will give you some benefit of the doubt - although you have a bad track record bs'ing me (probably just pulling my leg since that's your main hobby here!)

    there is no revenge, i pity normal servers and your tastes :) i can never play those normal servers with the noobs all over the place

    Dude you were 10 when most of us were winning our first servers take a seat. You came in and claimed you would beat us then deleted (just like accord did). If everyone is so beneath you, I'm sure you could have dominated right?
    You just told me in personal messages elsewhere how your little group of 8 dominates, where is it??

    And accord I know you 100% lied (so that makes about 4 lies now) about your claim of greatness as CWM didnt exist on that server nice try giving stats before getter tracked them, unfortunately there are other places that provide these stats.

    The key point still stands that there's way too many servers so stop asking for more servers!
    You guys can't cry cry cry about us having little competition and then ask for more servers in same breath
    And your big claim to fame about being competitive with so few players is an obvious indication that you are on servers with TOO FEW PLAYERS.

    u shld try out the speed rounds, there is never one team dominating any round and has many challenges :) dilution is for normal servers which many active players find boring :)

    I'm not disputing how good or bad speed is, but your healthy server competition will be split in two if you open another speed server, no?

    I've probably played more Travian speed rounds than anyone currently playing speed rounds so I don't need an education on it.

    I'm all for 2 speed rounds if it means only 5 .com servers!

    @spinix I was using you more of as an example of a more common issue (even though you have done everything you can to ensure that this doesn't affect others) not everyone is so good with this as you are.
    Kings and Dukes' vanishing acts have a much deeper impact on the overall playerbase, yes including totally casual players. This stuff doesn't impact me at all because I'm with a premade with completely stable leadership. So I'm not just talking about these issues from my own perspective all insulated.

    The problem is that this is hurting more than helping the overall (and significantly diminishing and diluting) playerbase.

    For every player like you giving the heads-up and just having a test run where nobody is being left in the lurch there are dozens more just wasting people's time and money.

    Then there's the side where this is just being abused. Sorry you are getting the ability to protect your troops and also can rebuild and so on? Of course it is going to be used non-stop tactically. Way to many protections in place for it just to be holiday protection. Invulnerable key locations at the end game of a server is ludicrous.

    Yes, I am aware of the limitations of abdication, hence talking about this in the I/W/S forum. There should be more ways to control this (even for more amicable occasions not just for AWOL players).

    Preferably for me, yes this game would be less casual friendly as I would prefer that, but I am reasonable enough to notice that many players are more casual and will take breaks so should have something in place for them - but this system has way too much freedom and benefits for simple holiday protection.

    I have brought up this topic a few times without ever* being personally affected by it, so this is not about me having some issue then whinging here as you suggest. I think this is causing more overall problems for the game then helping and is being abused too much.

    *OK maybe save for the time Accord relocated next to us and immediately went on vacation and delete.

    Nice, you totally ruined your kingdom. Will you even have a player left on your return? How many gold users will be dissatisfied with players doing what you are doing?

    Kings need to be available and that is something you should have taken into consideration when joining a server. Have any idea how poor this is for your team?

    To enter any sort of vacation mode you should abdicate first and allow someone active to take the reins.

    Pandering to players like spinix is why we are in this mess in the first place.

    the main reason this thread was formed though was that MA's were relocating croppers into an area & then deleting the MA account and another was taking the empty slot for themselves. But if a restriction was placed on them, then this would fix that.

    For mei feel a decent account only needs one cropper anyway

    Instead in the future it's now going to be that you either choose between cropper or kingdom, as not everyone will be able to have both inside borders

    Nooo I want more than 1!

    Agree with Jallu, even as someone who has benefited amazingly well from relocation feature it probably shouldn't be so easy to abuse.

    But I want my multiple croppers to stay, not everyone gets king's treasure bonuses :P