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    40 days of server for an answer like that !!
    it's a total lack of respect towards the players who have invested golds on this server!
    more than 30 days late for such a vote!
    shameful !!!
    10 years that I play travian (legend then kingdom)!
    I have never been so disappointed by the lack of seriousness and communication on the part of the administrators

    what a shame !!!
    the wonder is in 3 days and still no fusion !
    you made fun of us!
    what a waste of time with this server!
    we ask for the refund of the golds
    it's a hoax!
    you didn't respect your commitments !!!
    moreover you don't answer! what lack of respect towards the players!
    can be that if we groan on facebook it will work better!

    it's been a month now since we suffered all the inconvenience
    a server that doesn't work !
    we invested gold and a lot of bug!
    the merger is still not done and the players find themselves stuck in kingdoms that are struggling to grow
    any communication by TG, to tell where this is !!!
    players delete one by one !
    it is unacceptable
    I ask TG to refund our gold !! this server is uninteresting
    we don't put a server in place until we are sure of its proper functioning