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    Hello Everyone

    It is feedback from players that Travian needs and wants to continue to mold this game. You can give positive feedback even if complaining about something but there is no need to fill it with curse words and threats.
    It is better to list your likes and dislikes and then offer possible solutions.

    Let's also stay on topic of the original poster and refrain from making personal or insulting attacks on those who do give feedback.

    It is game!! :)

    Hello Everyone

    Instant build will not work for the palace, residence or treasury buildings even if it is under the 5 minute mark


    Hello ChillingEffect

    Each wave has a different amount of troops in them to defeat. The first wave has the most and the number of troops are reduced in the lower waves.


    Hello iribuya

    If you have put that account on deletion then it will disappear from your lobby account once the deletion is final.
    If for some reason is does not then send Georgi or BridgetB a PM here on the forums and either of the 2 can help you get that sorted out.


    Hello xplay

    This subject has been talked about many many times before and there is actually a few threads concerning it.

    Maybe find one of those and add your ideas there as the more who do discuss ideas like this, the better chance of bringing change.


    Hello Razer

    Any gold that you purchase will be transferred to your lobby account upon deletion of your account or the official end to whatever server you are playing on.
    Once it is in your lobby, you are free to transfer it to any server you are also playing or are getting ready to play.


    It's a systemic problem on COM, which means it's somthing Travian themselves need to address at a high level, perhaps by specifically having English and none English COM servers, and pro-actively enforcing the rules, waiting for players to report the issue is not working, and fro my perspective, when even on a none speed server I'm clearly far out numbered as an English speaker pointless me reporting, as I would be reporting 3/4 of my own alliance.

    This is where the problem lies. It is left up to the players to report and unless you do then the rules cannot be enforced. So if you as players allow it to happen and turn the other cheek then not much can be done unless someone from TG stumbles across it. The .com's are Englsih only so you as players should report even if it means you are reporting your whole alliance. Inaction just breeds more problems to occur to where it's gets to a point where the game becomes almost unplayable.

    So do not sit by and allow rules to be broken. Many have left Legends due to the same problem. It is very easy to do as well. Just click on that little box to report the conversation. It gets sent to the Help Center who will then handle it from there.

    Well it's problematic as they write in cyrlic, ok i can read cyrilic (if i really try), but still it's kinda silly talking trhrough google translate whole server, especialy as translates are sometimes same as if you'd just read it in russian, got no clue what other's trying to say :)

    The .com's are considered English only. So if you are finding yourself in a situation where it is not, then send in a ticket to the "Help Center"
    They can handle it from there.


    I see now where we have confusion. You were assigned into an alliance and one where you were not part of being in the borders. This explains why you can see both.

    So this makes the answer a bit easier.

    The camps will always spawn inside the kingdom borders and nothing you can do to change that. To make it easier on yourself get a village settled inside those borders and build a robber army there to attack them.

    The above descriptions about how and when camps do appear though are correct.

    Glad we finally figured this one out. :)

    I wil also add that some new features that are showing have not been implemented on the server I am presently on so the duke title showing on a profile is new to me even. Thanks for pointing that out.

    That I can categorically tell you that is untrue, I have 2 villages, 1 inside another kingdom/alliance entirely and the other not in any kingdom area at all.

    Since you are not a member of the alliance where your village is inside then you will still not see them. They only show up inside the borders of your king. If you have no villages in your kings borders then you will not see them.

    If they were in your alliance then for the first 3 days after they leave your alliance the game will not let you take many resources.
    There are also restrictions if you were a sitter.

    Some warnings continue if the villages are inside the alliance borders you reside in. That is also normal game play and not a bug.

    Hello ChillingEffect

    Kingdoms is a new game and many questions you are asking are in various threads thruout the forum.
    Keep in mind that this game is still in beta, so many things get changed and as you have found out the Wiki
    has information but not fully written out yet. So expect the Wiki to be in much better shape as this game draws closer to removing the beta tag.

    As for learning, you may find it faster to find and befriend someone ingame who has played several servers already. That will make the learning curve much more easier on your soul.
    As for borders...kings and dukes spread the border. As a governor you have no options to do so. That part of the Wiki is pretty up to date and correct so that section can help you learn much.

    Good luck and when you get stuck on something just ask ingame or here. Someone will give you an answer.