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    You didn't get the point, it would avoid greedy players to split their off to take every camps while others cannot.
    Nobody is inferior than others.
    You (LITA) maybe think that only 24on7 players are important, us(everyone else) think that we played enough to see that it would be an internal war avoided.

    20% of players do 80% impact. It is only fair that more active players get more goods.

    1. When night truce starts on the server my CPU cooler go brrr

    2. Village overview tabs need rework. Managing 20villas is tedious.

    3. Second healing tent affects capacity but not healing speed. How come?

    4. Tigers are weaker than crocodiles, therefore crocodiles should be second from right, not third.

    5. I want to be able to build a statue of me in my capital. It would do nothing and cost a lot. I want it.

    if you are the gov with limited gold, you don't want crop lands, hideout's res pool are benefiting from 4446 and 25&25 more than 50% crops. So your whole argument is situational and mostly wrong

    as a nongold player myself (those 5euro in 5years doesn't count) i'm absolutely agree with everything above, but the middle ground was - gold players has an advantage, that's exactly was the point of my message - having an advantage doesn't mean s**t. just as having easier achievements means nothing.

    + Just to clarify. I have nothing against gold users, on the contrary i'm salute them as they keep the game running. Spend as much money as you want folks, i'll still beat you xD

    Oh I understand why people play the speed servers. I just don't agree with them being eligible for achievements. It is so much easier to get achievements there than it is to get them on normal worlds.

    You can make much bigger armies because consumption is not scaled with speed (which it should). You can get fields easier to lvl 18 cause of bigger storage (bigger storage is a good thing though). Many things are easier there.

    That's strange attitude man. So what that it is easier? Why would you care? If you play x1s you will rarely meet anyone from x3s. Taking away a feature just because you don't like it or think unfair is wrong on so many levels. Like, i never play x1s, so i can't get achievements and prestige now? Not to mention that the game is basically pay 2 win and with your logic that's not fair for any non gold users. You are so bitter about people having easier achievements on x3 so you want to cancel them having it - that's f'd up.

    + Achievements as a feature made for players to track THEIR OWN progress and give them positive reinforcement and they are not influence the gameplay at all. Caring about someone else's achievements is just beyond my understanding

    Thank you for the post... just so I get it right, do I understand that you want a statistics regarding Robbers?

    Regarding who attacks robbers?

    What exactly would you like to see in that tab?

    I meant raiders. I called it Robber because that's how top10 weekly is called atm. I wish there was statistic for a whole round, not only for a week

    I am glad you didn't quit, since we need time to improve things in this front.

    But I assure you that we have this in mind and will keep improving things regularly and constantly.

    How regularly are we talking about tho? 2 weeks? half a year? From the attitude in the community i got the feeling that you guys spending years for minor improvement. Also i noticed that every Community Manager always says something generic but never specifics, much like politicians.

    Dude, just what's wrong with you, i don't get it. We all know what's happened. And you still make it like you are that good of a kingdom. Just what happened to you? Were you being bullied at school? Do you need any help with venting? because i'm all here for you mate.

    on x3 servers the capacity is larger (50%) also travian+ gives you extra 25% so it is possible