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    That is not a very reliable way to show defence, it is used and killed all server unlike hammers that save for the end. All it matters in the end is the amount of def points you get.

    This is from com1x3 in early 2021. My estimate is about 1.4 million crop defence trained for the server - phalanx + druids + heduans. I also had over 300k crop def left after server ended.

    So maybe the average off and def points per player in kingdom can be added, not only the full amount of points. For example last round we had 10M def points with less than 100 players, whereas the top kingdom that won had 150 players and had around 6M.

    So you can literally say the same for player off and def points...why are they there then ? Doesn't make sense.

    Almost every type of statistics can be tempered with, so why should there be Hall of Fame on the first place ?

    Kingdom VP can be temepred with by 10 small kingdom wings feeding treasures to big wing for VP, Top hero can be tempered with by scrolls, literally real life money, does that deserve fame ? If you have this logic, then none of the statistics there deserves to be in Hall of Fame.

    I think its fair to have top 3 kingdoms for off and def points in the hall of fame as well. Last com1x3 round our kingdom was top 1 defender by far, as well as top 2 in off points and out of top 3 in the end game by VP so it is not mentioned anywhere.

    Can anyone give an accurate time of how long it takes to demolish level 10 residence with level 10 main building on x3 server ? If I start demolishing while 3rd settler is training and miscalculated so it would get demolished before the settler pops out, can I cancel it at the start at least ?