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    I think the Scout is telling the truth. If he does this would lead to:

    Pathfinder: No attack on number 1.
    Equites Legati: Attack on number 2.
    Scout: No attack on number 1.

    So I suppose treasury number 2 will be attacked :)


    Du meinst, dass eine Anzeige sagt "Tribute von Zeile 1 bis zu dieser Zeile passen alle ins Lager", sodass man weiß, ab welcher Zeile es überläuft?

    Könnte man natürlich auch so lösen. Ich persönlich sammle sie allerdings nie "von oben bis unten" ein, sondern je nach "Füllstand", sodass ja nichts an Rohstoffen verloren geht :D Sprich ich sammel Position 2, 17, 18, 35 und 67 ein und sobald ich über den "Einsammeln-Button" von Position z.B. 88 fahre zeigt mir das Tooltip an, dass das Eisen, das ich hierbei einsammeln würde, keinen Platz mehr in meinem Lager hat (unter Berücksichtigung des aktuellen Lagerstandes und der bereits am Weg befindlichen Rohstoffe). So wie es in dem Tooltip ganz unten bei dem "Einsammeln für Gold-Button" ist.

    Hi ^^

    Ich ärgere mich schon etwas länger darüber, darum wollte ich mal eben fragen, ob jemand eine Antwort dazu hat:

    Nach welchem System sind die Oasen in der Dorfübersicht aufgelistet?
    Es gibt die Spalten:

    Dorfname Truppen Koordinaten Rang Rohstoffe

    Allerdings kann ich die Sortierung nicht nachvollziehen.
    Ich persönlich würde hierbei eine Standardsortierung nach Dorfnamen bevorzugen, aber vielleicht könnte man für die Dorfübersicht allgemein eine Art Sortierungsoption einbauen!?


    Was ich nachträglich noch gerne erwähnen würde:

    Wenn man insgesamt 100 Tribute einsammeln kann, verliert man schon mal schnell den Überblick über die Menge an Rohstoffen die da verfügbar sind. Ich denke, dass es hilfreich wäre bei dem Tooltip bei jedem einzelnen "Einsammeln-Button" eine Anzeige einzubauen um anzuzeigen, um es mal schlicht zu sagen, ob die Rohstoffe aus dieser Position noch ins Lager passen :D



    So I've asked:

    Hey :) In the thread about the roman-percentage tracking you said that the new customizations will be available to all romans which register before march 15th for the rest of the round. I get told be Georgi already, that I can change for example the haircolor on com2 and all my "other" avatars will also change into white-haired. so far, ok. but what happens when I delete my acc on com2? for example, I got the achievement-badge, got my new hairstyle and colour but can't enter com2 to change it because I've deleted the acc already. And as we know, it doesn't work on other servers to change the hairstyle or color. So is it only a customization for one round? Or will it get available to me again after the server ends in the general hero customization?
    sorry, many questions :/

    And yes, she was right telling me to post this here :whistling:

    you can actually ask these questions in the forum so that every player can profit from the answer. I bet others have the same questions :)

    Short answer: We have a global avatar image: that means when you stop playing and start a new round, the same image you have in the lobby is your default image on the new world. If that includes the new haircolor, it is included. If you change it however and want it back afterwards, that is only possible when playing on com2.

    kind regards,

    So there is only one question left for me now: What happens after com2 has ended? Let's assume there will be other hairstyles and maybe colors (like half-promised by making special events for the other tribes in future) and I change my avatar into a golden-brown long-haired gaul hero (just for example :D) on that special server, will I loose my white hair I got this time for ever? So what's the point in giving away new hair colors/styles when they wont be available in future anymore?

    If somebody else got some questions, I invite you warmly to ask!!! The more we know the better...

    So the idea is, to disable settlers and senators/chiefs so each player can have ONLY SPAWN village and that's it, no new villages no chiefing etc.

    ...and there'd be much more kingdoms wanting to get ww...

    I like this idea as well but how would you get a WW village, when no chiefing is allowed? Or do you think about some system like the one of oases? A mix of influence of troops and population in an area, let's say, 20x20 around the WW? These would create a total new strategic way...not only the WW villages would get targets but all "spawn" villages around it to, as they influence it. And what to do about all the inactive villages around a WW?

    Would love to here more ideas about this...

    If the Romans are the most played tribe by the Ides of March on COM2, everyone playing there will receive a special and unique reward, only available in this game world! Details about this reward will come soon!

    So if I'm not on COM2 but on 3 other servers at the same time I won't get this one? Or are you talking about the new COM2?

    Raid with a settler? I dont seem to have the option to raid when I select a settler...

    Just attack with your regular troops and send at least 1 settler with them...should be enough ;)

    I have a couple in the works right now. :)

    I'm glad to hear that. Will there be one for 1000 holded back stolen goods? ^^ Just saw a screenshot of a player that actually managed to do this.

    Further: Can someone explain the "A zoo of pachyderms"-achievement to me? Does it realy mean 100 elephants in 1 village on 1 server? Rarely saw someone over 40-50 of it in one how is this possible?


    I don't know how many it was mentioned already, so please be tolerant if it's already an old topic around here.
    I didn't expect it to get that important but since a few months I hear players around the world crying about their choosen tribe. Many players, especially new ones, are used to play the gauls because of lacking experience and the recommendation while the registration. But as you know it can get boring very quick. So they try playing the teutons, failing because of lacking time, or the romans, failing because of lacking tactic (don't say you don't need both, but you know what I mean). They often get inactive due to their failure, even if they won't to. But be honest: It's easier to start on a new server than get to know a new type of playing or, in the worst case, stop playing the game at all (I'm still talking about beginners). And as I said, it's really an issue among many players I've talked with. So what about an extra option to change your tribe during the game? Of course there should be some (or even many) restrictions and rules to this, so experienced players don't have any advantage out of it. But let's say, like the relocation of you start village, a player could change back from teuton to gaul (or whatever) until he hits 150 population once in the beginning of the game for free and another time until he hits 1000 or 2000 population for some gold (let's say 40-50). So one time for free up to 150 pop and one time for some gold up to 1000 or 2000 (or whatever). Of course there are many differences between the tribes, so I would suggest something like: After that change all villages you already had will stay but loose population and level like a conquered village. Further, since you can't exchange them that easy, all troops get killed and you start with a full warehouse and granary.
    I hope I explained it the way I wanted you to understand this :/
    Do you get the idea? Just wanted to discuss this. Many of you sure know more about the game than I do, so speak out all you know :)
    Like getting more (new) players with the shorter servers of 6 weeks, mayber this would also increase the amount of players .



    Mir ist aufgefallen, dass einige Spieler in ihrem Profil färbige Rahmen um ihren Helden haben. Manche Silber, manche Gold, es gibt sogar welche mit einem violetten Teil im unteren Bereich. Wonach richtet sich das denn? Konnte dazu nichts finden.

    LG Achnael