im experiencing some trouble following up this guide:

    -" Build a Granary lvl 8. and Hold a small celebration "
    (Small celebration requires 9500 crop)
    -Your Granary does not have enough space for the required resources.

    i think its lvl 9 granary, because it can hold 9600 crop, maybe lvl it up to lvl 10 so you have 12000 resources and then do some npc to fill the remaining resources

    i think also you should lvl up some resource fields, because with the +24 resources/hour each (3xspeed) its getting difficult to gather the resources, even with npc

    also the hero should be lvl up in the resources attribute to maximize the income, robbers hideout are NOT showing up

    i am testing this guide on the TEST server (3x speed - 40 days after server started) i started playing like 20 hours ago, i have 3 settlers and almost everything dismantled and still cannot settle my second village because of the low income on resources and excessive cost of the celebration

    finally the culture points for the second village were given by the production of the village itself about 24 hrs after the account started

    A lack of guides is a lack of in depth thought on the game. Travian tends to bring out the teamwork and idea-sharing in gamers; and if you're not seeing it right now this game might be in trouble.

    the lack of deep thoughts depends on each player: do you want to play and discover the game for yourself or do you wanna follow instructions and guides?
    the best guide you can think of is practice and knowing the game and its mechanics, creating your own thoughts about what is the best thing or strategy to do in any given case. Also if you are in a good alliance they will always teach you something, that is teamwork
    you think good players follow guides? i think they have experience, because as you wrote: there are no guides

    in-game you have a lot of information about how things works, there is also this forum to answer some questions or to take advice, and also the travian wiki wich is VERY explanatory , so you got plenty of info on how the game works and actually these are the game's original guides

    what are you exactly looking guides for? being a top10 player? not being farmed? being the best king? maybe a follow-up and what-to-do guides? maybe you need tips, not guides.
    for example, it would be very hard to copy a playstyle from a player who is 24/7 active with duals (wich are generally the top10+ every week) because you need to sleep and do other things, so you need to think by yourself what is best in your case, like sending your troops away while you sleep so no one kills them while you are afk, or selecting wich buildings are you going to use and wich not so you dont waste resources and queue time