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    well, on the server i currently playing i'm play as a roman deffer.. and i saw a bunch questions about roman deffer.. just want to say that.. playing as roman deffer is the worst compared to other tribes. why? let me explain it to you

    as a roman deffer, the main troops you need to build is praets since it was the best anti infantry troops in the game. but what about anti cavalry? you got legionaire but this guy is very weak if you compared to gaul phalanx and teutons spearmen.. so i suggest you instead of making legionare, just go ahead making praets.. and ask your friend from other tribes to reinforce you with stuff.

    well, another truth that need to be said.. as you already know, your main def is praets and you produce it with a barracks.. as a deffer you dont make def with great barracks. it's much better to develop another village, and make def from it. so what's the point of this? if you compare romans def with another tribe, romans got no cavalry that can be used as a def. so the main def production is only from your single barracks.. while other tribes can make from barracks and stable 24/7 and you only got a barracks... so, to counter that.. basically the only thing you can do is only make more villages.. make more lvl 20 barracks plus lvl 20 smithy and level up your praets...

    and for other stuff... as the only main def units of romans PRAETS ARE WAY TOO SLOW... when you're reinforcing others, praets are too slow if you compare it with another def units... praets is a turtle.. but, there's one thing that praets good at without mentioning as the best anti infantry def. they're way too good as a standing def. since they're way to slow "cough"

    now maybe you gonna ask me about " how can you clear hideout without legionaire?" the answer it just simply dont use your praets for clearing.. use your hero and make EIs for it. so you might wondering why EIs instead of imps? EIs is faster, so when there's no hideout you can use EIs for plunder inactive, they way more efficient than slow imp

    so basically if you want to play roman def, i dont suggest it (even thou i think i still doing a great job playing as a roman def).. since you need a lot of villages for it, a lot of time for it, a lot of investment on it .. so here's a bunch of questions.. as i said, romans need a lot of villages to build def, can you make at least 4 def villages or more active 24/7 with max lvl? 4 villages is still small tbh.. that much only can produce 1450 def a day.. and if you compared to other tribes, they can produce more with the same amount.. so basically if other tribes got 4 def villages, to compete with them or to be at the same production lvl you need 8 def villages maxed and going 24/7. are you sure you can do that? if it a yes then go for it :)
    so for the last things that its way better to play def with other tribes in my opinion.. or just play offense, roman offense is a beast!!

    btw there's a lot of def advice up there that i dont need to say it again here :)

    so yeah, just thinking about this. when we got on the top 10 as we already know we got a medal for that. and we can put them in our desc.
    but as we know.. every week is different, sometimes there's action on that week sometimes there's nothing. so i've been thinking, the medal only said the rank, andthe week it's happend. why dont we add the point that gained on that week? so there's more thing that you can show off? its just a random idea, but i'll be up for it since with that we can know what happend on that time as a small memory of achievement :)

    or maybe they can hide after " , " numbers from hero exp,for example your hero has 120.467 exp, the game can show this as 120k.
    there will be always solutions if they want to fix this bug.

    well some players that like the detail wont like that.. but that still can be worked out.
    why you just mention that now :p remember that your idea can be considered by the developer xD
    and also another idea of mine of your idea
    with removing 3 numbers means for early game the strat will work out so well before you even reach 1k points.

    In travian kingdom in war time travian veteran players abuse game mechanic where hero gain xp when killing a scout (one scout). This way people scout players only by using one scout as in war the only information you need to know is: is hero at home or not. My suggestion is to add 2-6h. delay on travian statistic. In my opinion statistic should be used only to compare players not to scout heroes.

    nah, i dont think the idea is quite good.. since if you use farm list and you on the top robber you'll be pump up by the points.. and its for sure that you want to see your point increasing like crazy while leaving others on the list.. and this gonna make the game more interesting!!
    well you can say that the delay only on hero.. but 1st developer will need to work hard for it since all the updates on statistic is on the same delay (maybe) and 2nd.. 2 hours is too long.. just imagine that you on the top 10 hero of the server and you want to be 1st and lastly when server ended the game put the statistics on wall of fame.. and with 2 hours delay you cant see all things that happend on the last 2 hours neither the top 3 hero or others and need to wait 2 more/less hours for that.. so i dont think this a good idea