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    In the group asked possible points in the group to mention in the thread I was creating, scroll up and you will read what I asked for.

    Round moderation point was added due to the comments in the group.

    However I believe major threads were created regarding what you just mentioned, and I did wrotte in the group I was not adding it on my thread, but you are free to add if it concerns you.

    Hello everyone, my name is PIREX, altough not playing at the moment I have been trying to keep myself updated with all the new features and changes.

    Each and each day I see more and more of our Elders and best players giving up our amazing game. After multiple chats with multiple players, I am creating this Thread to appoint what I believe to be the major problems of our game.


    Multi Accounts


    VM abuse

    Rounds Moderation


    Multy Accounts

    As a player multi accounts are the biggest and most unfair fact of our game.

    I dare to say that teams can easy make between 25 to 50 to100 multies between their players, someone who has nothing to do can even make dozens alone.

    Worth mentioning that 1 multy is not a normal account, is an account that multiple persons can logg into, so in a OFF or DEF move this account will be accessed and may not be the case for a normal played account.

    This is the biggest cause for:

    -Our elders and best players to leave us

    -Unbalanced rounds

    -Ruined game experiences

    -Players giving up Kingdoms

    As a Company multies are no good for you or your product and is in your best interess to erradicate it as fast as possible.

    Multies are not a client, multies make you loose clients.

    Players who do multies dont buy gold, if they do only in main account.

    Your true clients will invest less against lost games from the start.

    With Multies, players would be looking to replace that unfair advantage buying gold.

    I am sure you can finish with all or 90% the multies as well as most Kingdom problems why don`t you?

    How could you end multies?

    -Make it harder to create an account

    -Phone number text code verification

    -Ask your comunity for advices, actually hear your comunity suggestions and complains

    Be2-e4 I am sure your comunity genius would be able to tell you the best easy fix solutions for 95% of your ingame problems.

    Pls my comrades, discuss and improve everything I just mentioned, I am no expert.



    Altough I ain`t playing at the moment, I am spectating several rounds, so I saw exactly how it looks.

    The base concept you guys created is not bad, populating WW surrounding with the mehnir was to say the least highly unfair. Stopping players/teams from doing so :thumbsup:

    However the aplicated solution as flaws that require change.

    -Highly unpleasent for the eyes.

    -It makes map overview, village and center village worst

    -Consume more graphics (a report was made by some players saying the computer struggled on in mist villages)

    Why not just change the floor/base colour to grey? It would not be a new colour to travian


    Guys as I ain`t playing pls do discuss this one alot in the coments, do say if you like the mist or not.


    Vocation Mode abuse

    On some servers teams are abusing this feature, I do not know the deatails on how they do it, is not a feature i had ever considered using myself.

    What I know is, royal members abusing the feature, go in and out vocation mode meanwhile producing VP`S.

    This happens on a daily basis on TEST server as is a clear exploit.

    Denying being attacked meanwhile managing to cancel VM and producing VPs...

    Guys could you further explain the details of this abuse?


    Rounds Moderation

    How easy is it to find a computarised loggin and or a computarised farm list sending? A easy program would launch flags on all suspicious accounts.

    Why once a multi is found, multi is deleted and main account not?

    How come Multi hunters play for a Kingdom? (A player reported)

    Bot users shoudl be banned automatically once a program proves computarised actions.

    Penalties should be severe, resulting in BAN from Kingdom for a certain duration like you see in other games.


    Kingdoms take so long to apply complicate changes, that could be made so much easier.

    Multi numbers continue to grow and grow

    Players continue to leave

    No one complains, when they do no one listens.

    I wish we could see more from this game and not less.

    We as players should rally and ask for more, asking for fair gaming is asking too much? I think not, and if you are honest so do you.


    The endgame. WW-villages are already on the maximum 100th level and they will be unlocked after 5 weeks. After conquering, you just have to activate them. For the 7 remaining days — 72 hours are required for the activation. Every kingdom that has conquered a WW-village will have to gather their defensive troops there, because many rivals would try to deactivate it by a successful attack or reconquering, or some other way that you think is the best. Natars should attack WW-villages as usual and they should be strong.

    Absolutely loved it.

    Supposing WWs coming at lvl 100 and there is that activations period.

    I would like to suggest:

    That at activation end, Bonus is applied considering the level of the WW. A WW catapulted to lvl 50 can`t be compared to a WW lvl standing at 100.

    shorter building construction time and cheaper levels
    troops more faster

    No one would say no to those 2 XP

    We could hand out quest rewards in the form of building levels as we already do in a few rare cases

    The whole quest system is a bit broken to say the least, specially if you would to focus on begginner players.

    Thinking in Begginers Quests should be different for those who choose OFF and those who choose DEF, same bonus in the end, but giving all begginers some basics on how game should be played.

    If they do not get to do a nice troop numbers they will probably go grey xD, quests could really help them tho inserting them in the game.

    A begginer option at start sounds awsome tho, but make it possible a few days after server really started, so that a begginer account is not worth for a pro player to take advantage xD

    decrease troop training times and costs over time,


    I don't think you can put enough effort in a 6 week server to care about winning or loosing.

    A speed server is not that much more than 8 weeks and believe me, you feel it.


    Finally have the time to give this thread a propper look.

    I see some good ideas, I see some great ideas, I see too many ideas.

    We as community should be able to hand developers a community answer.

    Like compiling all the great coments and clearly checking wich ideas the community liked the most. It would made our lifes and the devs much better and easier.



    let`t get back to the point.

    1- "To achieve a shorter playing time,..... build it up to level 100 for weeks

    2- The speed will be 1x

    3- The duration will be around 6 weeks

    1. You want to reduce time, specially the WW development weeks and removing that you can remove everywhere.

    2. It`s a slow server

    3. 42 Days

    Do you like the idea of 6-week game worlds?

    Yes. (Not sure if not speed but nvm Im a speed player)

    Would you play such a world?


    How do you imagine the game-play experience?

    Hard to say when there are no ending suggestions.

    Which parts do you think could be cut short?

    I think moving end game to be sooner, you will already cut shors everything else automatically.

    Which should better stay untouched (e.g. early-game, Wonders of the World)?

    You cannot tweak one without changing the other.

    Would you want the world to end as soon as all Wonders of the World are conquered?

    Assuming 7 WWs, NO.

    Or would you prefer a different ending for these short rounds?



    EARLY GAME sometimes can be very boring and unclear for most players. I believe cut short this period is a must.

    Giving the possibility for all players to actually starting playing on day 1 (I mean able to pop troops and such) sounds a bit excessiv, altough begginers would love it.

    And so I believe a cut or big cut would do. like starting with lvls 5/7 or maybe 2 villages, or simply 3 village Slots.

    I would definitely not go past lvl 5 lvls and give village slots instead, even for begginers it would show the importance of settling. I bet most insta citty everything...

    As much as you give the shorter you make Early game, the funnier it is for everyone specially begginers.

    MID GAME This is the period I believe you want to be the longest, but I think you shouldn`t.

    Mid game nowadays for most Kingdoms is the most boring period.

    Thinking on what you can do about it.

    You have to spice it up here.Either WW appearing here somehow or put in artifacts :P whatever.


    I did love that Russian Activation idea, with some tweaks it could be perfect

    You guys know Veteran teams like (seriously, only good team examples) Vandals, Vicious, Wic, Shameless, Amigos, Doom, Phoenix, WST, Egotrip, BM, rfr and so on.

    This Teams have loads of players in common, this happens mostly because if one of this teams don’t play, Players will play with another of those.

    So there is always a big group of Veteran players changing banner from one team to another. Most new teams will not be up for the challenge.

    Here is where The Wall differentiates from the other teams, we are considerable new (today we only played 3 rounds) but we have something special going on.

    Our first rounds 2 years ago, The Wall started as 1 player, me as King; on that very same round The Wall grew from 1 player, to a team capable of Victory fighting that server.

    The round that followed, we once more proven ourselves to be Fighting material.

    Finally after 2 years, 97% of those players played with no other team, The Wall summoned available formers for our comeback.

    And after a 2 years brake, we blew away our expectations, outstanding performance and no doubt our best and funniest round ever.

    We were just insanely active, I have no idea how we manage to do so many ops, looking back I am thinking how was that possible?

    Even defenders, we were always under fire.

    Never saw such a server as this last Test server.

    Outsiders may all think we are a very large group, a meta, mostly because we always end up having a large number of players. But we really don`t, is much easier for a Veteran Team to gather a good group of players, than to a considerable new one, like The Wall.

    Before any of my Mass messages, on each server (pre-start) we were always under 30 Formers and that`s being very nice, not accounts, persons.

    You guys tell me, is that enough to be competitive in kingdoms? Are those the premade numbers required to be competitive and challenge Veteran Teams for the Victory?

    They ain’t and we know it, and so I was always forced to recruit pre and during server in order for us to become competitive.

    Just because end server we may have a competitive amount of players doesn’t mean those are in fact players, they are mostly beginners, with only a very small % of players actually giving a players contribute.

    And this small % of players, this are the players, those have all the fun, leaders don`t get to enjoy the game so much, for them is all about commitment.

    But this guys do, Warriors, that under the right leadership, this players can unbalance, shake and smash any round.

    In all our servers it was always 30 to 50 players making 85% of The Wall Team, are 30 to 50 many players? No.

    But then if those 30 to 50 players do the team why have more?

    The Beginners or low time players, end up giving their contribute and even those, we do our best to guide their way up the ladder, to become better players, some do, eventually becoming Top players and even Leaders.

    That’s why we do it, not because of tributes or treasures/VPs like most would answer, because we want to grow as a team, finding or making the right group of players.

    I am sure we will, eventually we will have no need for recruitment

    The former Walls didn't play for 2 years until our comeback, they know the hours leadership puts in and that there is nothing like it.

    And so, players stay around, and they find The Wall to be a committed and open Team, where you can grow within and always be heard, even if it is to ask for some Oxygen.

    The Wall is not the best team, we ain't the best players, we don't have the best leaders, but we stand and grow together as 1.

    Read our words and bear witness to our vow.

    Night gathered, and our watch begun. It shall not end until our death.

    We shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children. We shall wear no crowns and win no glory. We shall live and die at our post.

    We are the sword in the darkness. We are the watchers on the walls. We are the shield that guards the realms of men.

    We pledged our life’s and honour to the Night's Watch, for this night and all the nights to come."

    The Wall

    Hyping Everyone for next Test round, May 21,

    Winter/The Wall is Coming

    Hi everyone,

    It`s stil unclear to me this Birthday Bash servers.

    Will there be a main COM speed server or not? If yes when does it starts? And dont tell me the main COM special server has night truce............

    Thanks in advance,