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    Wiki has soooooo many problems, this is just 1 of them. I wish travian would hire/assign someone to fix the entire site. Easy job, just time consuming.

    The celebration doesn't need to be sped up. You will get a bunch of culture points for certain quests (celebrating itself gets you 800 as far as I remember, plus the cp it gives you because it's a party).

    Just a little correction, building the town hall gets you 800 CP from a quest, having a party gets you 500 CP from a quest + whatever your current cp/day is.

    The very simple solution to this would be that once deletion starts, you can no longer send troops at all, just like in BP (old BP system)

    I disagree with the solution you stated. They absolutely should be able to still log into the server until their account is gone and consider stopping deletion.

    Considering tributes in the beginning are basically worthless and a king can get a 2nd village settled within 3 days and open a 2nd duke slot, I don't think 2 dukes right away is changing anything, to me, that part is changing politics more than anything.

    I also agree with you that it would be nice if a king had a way to level their hero too, but there are pros and cons to every position, gov, duke, king.

    For a king

    pro - lots of tributes later in the server, they do get to be a bit excessive

    con - no robber hide outs or stolen goods = harder to level hero

    But with this new update, it may prove that tributes were slashed too much for kings and they will either need to change the system again or provide kings with an added pro, such as hideouts.

    We won't know though until a server or 2 is complete with the new system.


    I and many others were very confused about why starvation was turned off for a few hours. I came to the forums expecting an answer, but there isn't a single thread/post from travain that explains why this happened.

    When making sudden rule changes on every single server (even if they are for a few hours) I expect to know what's going on.

    If this happens again, can you please give all of your players an update as to why.



    Kings will now only have 2 dukes to collect tributes from instead of the normal 4.

    This impacts the king's tributes.

    Kings and dukes will both have their tributes cut with it being 10k for a new treasury.

    Was this taken into account with the rebalancing?
    Were king and dukes too over powered with their tributes or was this a necessary fix to combat metas?

    I understand if sacrifices had to be made to kings/dukes in order to combat metas, just would like some clarification since a lot of income will be taken away from kings/dukes.

    "This isn't about com7"

    I just went through your post history, how come if this was such a big deal before com7, you never tried to change it or let everyone on the forums know about this huge bug?

    Sounds like someone is just salty they lost their hammer. Time to rebuild and come up with a better strategy of attacking instead of mob mentality attacking. So many wasted hammers, RIP.

    liking your own post is literally pathetic :(


    It is severely affecting the forums.

    See, now i sound like you :) lol

    The only way to combat you automatically disliking every single post is to like my own post.

    Just like the only way to have a perfect offense plan is to take all defensive strategies into account and MOVE YOUR HERO

    or you can realize that this is another great strategy attackers have to take into account and move you hero!

    Trying to change things to make the game easier is absurd.

    I'll let you know again and make it bold for ya so you can read



    and don't come to the forums to cry and take away defender's strategies.

    Defense playbook is much much smaller than the offense playbook.

    I will absolutely not go through and read all of these posts. This isn't and never should even be a discussion.


    Let's say a kingdom does perfect fakes and everything when attacking, then the defending kingdom literally has to play a guessing game on where to defend.
    This scout thing that has been in the game forever is the defending kingdom's only chance to possibly figure out where the attacks are going.

    If the attacking kingdom wants to be sure it's fakes are flawless, move your hero.

    STOP COMPLAINING about a great strategy that kingdoms have to use to try to find the real attacks.

    It's not a bug.

    Finishing buildings early, even for free under 5 minutes & with finish now cards is considered potential 'gold use' so it's blocked.

    I think they should change it, but it's probably easier said than done since the gold, cards and 5 minute finish are all tied together.

    Yeah... she told us she didn't want to be king anymore and abdicated, so we were like oh okay, but then it turns out she was deleting the entire time. So when she got demoted to a duke, she was then able to delete... Dukes shouldn't be allowed to do that!!

    We just had one of our dukes delete with 10k treasures, now we are screwed as a kingdom, this needs to be fixed. Dukes should have to abdicate from their position if they want to go into deletion, just like kings have to.

    Hi, I recently attacked a robber camp on com1. The camp had over 300 troops and a hero. The sever is only 17 days old and a robber camp shouldn't be this large yet and shouldn't have a hero. Is this a bug or did someone from my kingdom reinforce it?