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    The COM1x3 starts tomorrow (January 29th) at 2pm and we go there to make sparks.

    Insane, known on FR servers as Les Aliénés, therefore recruits players wishing to join the Kingdom and experience the adventure alongside an initially French team but open to the international community. Hey, hey, hey.

    I would like to warn you that we will only take players who are really motivated, this is not a test or simulation.

    Have a good game and maybe welcome to our home !

    Le COM1x3 commence demain (29 janvier) à 14h et nous y allons pour faire des étincelles.

    Insane, connu sur les serveurs FR comme les Aliénés, recrute donc les joueurs souhaitant intégrer le Royaume et montrer que les français savent aussi ce qu'ils font. Héhé.

    Je tiens à prévenir que nous ne prendrons que les joueurs réellement motivés, ceci n'est pas un test ou une simulation.

    Bon jeu à tous et peut-être bienvenue chez nous !

    Je corrige juste vite fait, le dernier speed a duré 57 jours. :)
    Le temps de chaque type est relativement équivalent.

    Ce qui change fondamentalement c'est le rapport de consommation de céréales et la production de céréales. Le seuil d'autonomie est 3 fois supérieur sur un speed, ce qui change tout pour la capacité de recruter une grande armée de défense ou d'attaque.

    You can add another disadvantage:

    Organized groups will be able to duel against the other kingdoms with disconcerting ease, since the latter will not be able to compensate for their lack of efficiency by a greater number.

    Organized groups will only have to be more strict and farmer each player who does not have the strength to play with them, without any more diplomacy. I am not sure that this is one of the objectives.

    Sadly, I'm using an old version of Photoshop and... copy and past isnt one of its options.
    But I really wanna read your comment about it. Me or you will need to to an effort (I'll appreciate if that's you since I'll need to make it without images and it would takes me few hours to do it XD)

    I'm teaching things to people so yes, I'm talking like people dont know those things.
    someone who played gauls in a classic serv cant be ready to play it speed. Even he's good. He'll miss things.

    As an off player, I can assure you that yes, I play the travian gods. In my immediate environment I decide who lives or dies. It's not a shame, it's the logic of the game that is like that. If the players around me are profitable to loot and don't have the strategy to get by, then they don't get by and end up disappearing after fattening me up. The looting is based on that.

    Beyond that, does a player with a few hundred inhabitants after several months of play really deserve a special place in the kingdom and to hinder sites for more invested players? No, I don't think so.

    I say all this and yet I am committed to helping those who wish to master the game and accept the advice. But someone who doesn't have player time in Travian has to play another game. Because on Travian, space is a resource and wasting it is a luxury that we cannot always afford.

    Neoflex wrote:

    If you limit the amount of players that can join a kingdom, it means that the smaller weaker players will remain without kingdom, since Kingdoms is based on your location of the map.

    I agree with this sentence.

    We cannot complain about the kingdoms that make it difficult to make way for novice players and, at the same time, complain about the overpopulation of the big kingdoms.

    Especially since a successful kingdom will interest new players who will say to themselves: "it's probably there that I'll learn the most". Many good players have been trained by big kingdoms.

    Otherwise, the big kingdoms are also a necessity. Let's face it, only 10% of the players in a kingdom are able to build and maintain an off. As a general rule. This ratio is also very different between casual kingdoms and pre-existing groups. A military strategist will want a little more than 6 armies to organize his operations, don't you think?

    Players repeat it to each server: the mass does not do everything, far from it. Moreover, wouldn't size also be a means like any other to achieve its goals? Compensating for its lack of experienced players or a larger population is a strategy like any other and can be viable.

    While the possibility of creating wings makes no sense to me. Why create a system of wings that will do much the same as the current kingdoms ? If not to divide the groups, without bringing anything more in return ?

    It's an idea with potential, but I can't bring myself to embrace it. Indeed, if the unit transport limit changes, it would unbalance the very potential of the troops. Let me explain:

    A soldier carrying 50 resources will reach 70.

    A soldier carrying 25 resources will reach 45.

    The second increases from 50% of the transport capacity of the first to 65%.