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    I am closing this thread, it is not a healthy discussion, we value our community & won't tolerate actual threats on our social platforms (even if they edited out)

    Thanks for confirming, I had a vague memory of it being mentioned years ago, when relocation first started

    I wasn't sure if it ever became a thing or not (apparently not) :)

    Has anyone managed to get this achievement?

    Can anyone confirm if this is maybe .....

    "Relocate your village 100x in a game world", "

    rather than

    "Relocate your hero 100x in a game world"

    I love the sound of these new changes/features and can see the reasoning behind a lot of it :thumbup:

    One of the things I've noticed (which hasn't been mentioned) is that Kings/Vice Kings can never delete and get no fealty rewards after abdicating. I think this is a great move in discouraging Temp Kings being used throughout the server.

    (putting my "Player" hat on)

    My wish is to take these changes 2 steps further. :)

    The 1st step .......

    I would like to suggest, that a longer delay is added to Gov's deletion, as I think 3 days is too easily abused & if the time period were 10 days or 14 days it would discourage those "Multi account makers" from benefiting from menhir abuse as much.

    • Because it would take them longer to recycle the same account.
    • The account would be on the map for longer, so there wouldn't be as much room to accommodate them all, making it harder to keep repeating the process.
    • The Multi accounts would become a lot more obvious on the Map, making them easier to spot and report, leading to more investigations and possibly bans?

    But also if the player deleting had to stay for longer than 3 days, "The 3 day rule" may have kicked in and they may have calmed down & reconsidered their reason for deletion and could cancel and stay.

    To further add this if a player did have legitimate reasons to delete, his villages could be chiefed by his own team, rather than there not being time to allow this to happen and the villages being lost completely. If they are deleting, it doesn't really make much difference if it's longer than 3 days, as they gave up anyway.

    The 2nd Step ........

    Is to totally discourage those who are still abusing the menhir.

    Please consider Not removing Fields when menhiring, some will not agree with this as they say it will stop them speed settling as fast, but it would only be a few hours slower and menhir was never introduced to be a tool to speed settle with anyway.

    It was possible to speed settle before menhir, it will still be possible to achieve without fields being reset. ;)

    Without menhir abuse the battlefield would be more balanced as there would be no quick turnaround of resources being farmed, which is why menhir is being so heavily abused at the moment.

    I think whilst we're making changes, lets address what is already being abused as well. Then players will be happier overall :)

    Thanks for bringing us some new features, cant wait to see how they play out ^^

    Sorry iribuya

    But lets be respectful & keep this discussion out of the forums completely, as per our rules, topics like this are not for open discussion here & would create far more upset than is needed at this time.

    This is in no way meant to minimize the situation that is happening in Ukraine right now, but this is a subject that does not interact with the game well. There are going to be people that have very strong opinions, rightfully so, and it will flare the conversation.

    It’s impossible for some to interact with this subject without a political lean or without bringing politics into it. This is explicitly against the forum rules.

    So lets keep our focus here on the game instead.

    There are some big changes coming to the game tomorrow. Keep your eye out for them. We look forward to your valuable feedback.

    Sorry Everyone, it was posted in the discord a day early, the announcement & the threads are due to go live tomorrow.

    Stay Tuned ^^

    If you decide to move and accept a menhir from a King.

    Your buildings will all stay as they are.

    Your fields will go back to zero, but you will get most of the resources back in bundles in your hero's inventory.

    Be careful when spending these bundles though that you don't overflow in your warehouse & waste them, some will be 8k amounts and you might need to split them down before using them (there is an option for this)

    You can then re-build your fields and continue with the game, having found a team to play with.

    Wolf(22) I'm following you now too, make of that what you will ;)

    I'm not about to justify myself as to why I would follow certain people on here. But please don't start to accuse me of underhand things.

    I can assure you I only support fair play & my role here is to make sure people follow forum rules & if someone is found to be breaking forum rules, they will have their posts removed regardless.

    I will leave the rules here for you all to read & then you can be more mindful before you post in future

    Hi everyone, good to see you are all as lively as ever ^^

    Thanks for your feedback

    just wanted to clarify, the "Art team" are separate to the "Dev team" & both departments are currently working on different aspects of the game simultaneously.

    Voevoda as mentioned yesterday, I'm not sure what you think I can or cannot comment on here. But I have no more information than you have on the matter.

    My role here is to make sure threads like this don't get out of hand, I have no access to anything that happens via the support center, the CSR team & the Forum Moderators are totally separate teams.

    So whilst we can understand your frustrations & sympathize with you, we (the forum team) cannot do anything to solve your problems. This is why we ask & keep asking that you have this kind of conversation directly with customer support, because it's a bit futile bringing it here when we can do nothing about it, except forward you onto the correct department.

    so again If you are unhappy, you need to take it up with them directly, but they will not talk about people or accounts, as they cannot.

    There are privacy laws that protect every player, they cannot pick & choose their ways around these laws, They have a duty to respect everyone's privacy in that regard.

    I'm sorry, I'm not part of that team

    my only role is to try to keep peace in the forum chats

    I do understand your frustration & especially on the timing of it happening

    but we need to not discuss any kind of bans here

    so remember :-

    no accusations

    no insults

    a lot of things can happen between now & the end of the server

    stay passionate, rebuild your troops your server is far from over yet :)

    I will not try to change your mind
    but Please keep reporting an issues you find, so that the CSR team can take action on them

    we aren't able to investigate them from the forums, this has to happen via Customer Support

    DEAR ADMINS, are you able to launch so many attacks with your hands? Likely yes. It's easy. But what if I will say they all arrive to the targets in exactly the same hour, minute and second? Little bit harder for human being, right? Especially those three on the left side - they are so close. Just a very high professionalism :D

    Hey Zalivoin this is indeed quite normal to see happening from experienced players.

    although all these villages are close together, the travel times will be minutes apart, leaving plenty of time to sync all attacks to the same second, even multiple waves on the same village if you are sending from a far enough distance.

    It takes a bit of practice & some patience but it can be done just using "hands"

    Think about it though, why do they cheat (they cheat to win) if you take away their ability to win & all they gained by cheating, then a ban/deletion wouldn't be necessary, everyone on the server would know what had happened, because their VP status would disclose it, they can get vocal/avoid that team in the future.

    it's true, The Governors would also be in a losing position, but their account would not suddenly be border-less & vulnerable.

    The punishment has to be big enough that these players don't risk it, but as so much is placed on so few accounts, it should be those accounts & their reputation that suffers most & not the whole kingdom.

    Excellent - make players accountable for their team.. give them an incentive to report and deal with cheaters.. and we will have a much cleaner system and less cheating... Hi Player, you are at risk of having 5 months of effort destroyed because you turned a blind eye to the cheating being run by your team. Next time, be more careful in who support and play with.. and then good kings and leadership will earn their right to be leaders in this game.

    I think maybe you misread what I was saying, how do you determine as a Gov (especially a new player) which teams are corrupt & which aren't?

    The punishment needs to affect the team, but without affecting the individual account, so by reducing/removing VPs it takes away their chances of winning, without directly impacting on the players acc or safety & feeding of their troops.

    I am all for stronger punishments, but if you delete a Duke/King account, then every player in the influence of the Royal is immediately affected as well, which is unfair for the innocent players in the kingdom.

    Actions have consequences, but it would be very unfair to make the Governors directly suffer at the hands of corrupt leaders.

    King: Placing a menhir

    As king, you have the power to place up to three menhirs at the same time on a map tile within your kingdom borders. Apart from the sheer weight of the stone, a druid’s rune makes it impossible to move the menhir away by anyone other than it’s designated owner. As a result, the field is reserved for those in the king’s favor who wish to relocate to your kingdom. You can only place up a menhir directly on the map. Picking a player is only possible using the avatar name search. As soon as you have invited a governor, they’ll receive an invitation. Of course, you can withdraw an invitation.

    invite a player on the Travian Kingdoms map

    Place a menhir: First, click on the tile on the map, then click on the little crown on the bottom right of the navigation circle.

    Pick the player for the menhir

    Pick the player to invite, search for the player’s name and click on “Invite”

    . Governor's relocation notification

    The governor receives an invitation notification.

    Governor: Claiming a menhir


    You started as a governor and a king wants you to relocate and join their kingdom. Now, let’s see if you fulfill the relevant requirements.

    • You have only one village.
    • This village is outside of this king’s kingdom borders.
    • You aren’t yet a member of a kingdom.

    Restrictions and general rules

    • Menhirs cannot be placed on fields with 15 or 9-crop fields.
    • If a governor was already in a kingdom within the last three days and left, they cannot relocate again to their former kingdom.
    • This three-day-restriction applies to a membership in a confederated kingdom as well.
    • Relocating is only possible until the first Wonder of the World has reached level 50.
    • Owners of inactive village (gray villages) cannot be invited to relocate.
    • A governor can have multiple relocation invitations.
    • Governors must play on the same game round as the king in order to be able to receive a relocation invitation.