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    Before our merge with Robbery

    Wargod 96 account + 23 from wings have 40-42k treasy nothing was obtained from attacks

    Deadserv 76 accounts 34k treasy. 3k lacky from Turkey man King of kingdom,1.5k from weak kingdom from attack, and somewhere else 2k let it be from the story that you are talking about which I do not know anything. total 28k treasures from tribute

    Misfits 84acc with wings start carry treasures from wings and catch up with Wardog 40-42k and still leave 3 thousand at the wing = 43-45k treasy. About 4k from LionTD and aniother weak kingdom with attack. If you still mined through attacks, tell me from what other weak kingdom did you do it. Total 40k Treasy from Trubute

    Dominoin about 83 accounts 32k treasy nothing was obtained from attacks

    RobberHQ about 76accounts about 30k treasy nothing was obtained from attacks

    And now, based on the number of people and the amount of treasures obtained through the tribute from the governors, we conclude who has the most active players.

    If someone does not agree, I will answer only to reasoned messages

    Yeah and I used to respect you. But now you two are pointing fingers at us because you closed some of your wings 20 days earlier than we did. Impressive.
    Hey I have a story I wanted to tell for some time. I used to have a teuton account right? It was not associated with any kingdoms and managed to be top attacker and farmer accidentally. I got my hands on some treasures.
    You wanna know which kingdom's duke messaged me out of the blue without any prior communication asking for those treasures? :) If you can't guess it maybe Bugai can help you out.
    But yeah tell me how you only acquire treasures by fair fighting and don't rely on wings and other kingdoms' forfeited treasures at all

    when I thought I did not consider what we got through the attack and just like that. And you, like a vanishing turd, could not count it once you know all the stories =)

    what I thought only says that your savings through tribute are much more than anyone else's, given your number of players, this suggests that you have a lot of active players, more than the rest. It is a pity that this has to be explained. But unfortunately I have such an interlocutor

    Deadserve also got a big chunk of treasures from mordor...

    This is really dissapointing. I thought a kingdom such as deadserve, having such great players like garaev, bugai, and others will not feel the need to be double our size to make a difference in the server. I don't know robber players but I know garaev/bugai and others and I know they are really good. Robber are nobodies so far, of course they need to be double our size to fight us....but garaev?

    which means we got it, we united, and did not capture them, they got an even fatter piece from us =)

    what a substitution of concepts, it sounds vile. Then you got even more from your wings.

    Sure you don't. It's all about fun and not VP. We can see that on the map.

    ^ just like a certain kingdom whose only aim is fun fights and not victory.

    You all claim you don't care about winning but then you still (try to) hit Dominion. Literally the only kingdom who (at that point in time) has lost defence. If your aim is fair, fun fights and not VP you are doing a horrible job this server :( you used to be better. Maybe Empire influenced you too much recently?

    but you just can't get fun when you're not lucky with random players from the map, having 5 offers that can build something worthy for the operation. and about the fact that you stole more than 4 thousand, whom you attacked besides the two small kingdoms near us. One operation against vargods was not successful, and what other actions did you take?

    dude i see that you are new to the game and do not understand what you are writing. It is very difficult to discuss something with a person who lives in his own world and does not see real facts.

    when i win with Swedish kingdom Vikings we did it with 40 accounts. Destroy 2 kingdom with 100 account each. They delete kingdom on 80 server days. Number account in kingdom nothing. Ask bowsi, we are then were together in this kingdom, if you don't believe me


    are you really trying to tell me that by sitting back and doing literally nothing for 65 day you had the hardest job this server?
    (Except for Mermer, he actually defended once or twice. But the rest of your kingdom.... their hardest fight was against a natar village and even that required 3 players)

    that's actually true and I never denied it... in fact I encuraged most other kingdoms to do the same (not robbers though I'm not on their discord

    Wow, cognitive, philological, big words... translator misfired?

    Of course robbers are doing something, they are merging with deadserv, because big bad misfits were a bit over 80 players, and deadserv or robbers with 70 each was not enough for a clear win ^^

    oh you collect about 50k treasures with 80 people. You Rob about 4k, so you collect passive 46k. Roberhq collect 30k. We collect passive 28k. Hmmm.

    it's stupid classic thread about number accounts. We can kick all people who have 2-3k troops and stay about 20 account on deadserv:)

    Considering that robber and deadserve are merging we are the smallest group on server.

    oh yeah okay to be poor, everyone has + - 10 accounts now. Please count your wings too

    all players perfectly understand it is not the number of accounts that is important, but active gamers

    Com servers used to be 30k people when I started playing.

    ps. can Mr Garaev remind me I'm sort of short memory how many operations Deadserv performed apart from the one they hit the wall so we will know for next time how many operations are needed for certain kingdom to be considered as active before day 60

    who are you?=)

    Yes, it's boring when Kindom #1, Kingdom #2 and Kingdom #3 having an Non-Attack-Agreement until the end game.
    Maybe Misfits could start some action, but I guess they're still boring.. German Travian-Players are mostly Boring (change my mind!).. maybe because they fear to lose a war against American and Russian Players, like in good old tradition, like there Grandparents told them.

    Sorry, we're still waiting for Rogue to finish his 3k Troop-Quest! Maybe after that, the fun will begin


    I didn't say it was bad to def "weak players" (meaning: other kingdoms). I didn't say anything 2 days ago either when you tried to do the same thing at a governor's capital.

    BTW Garaev I seem to recall Deadserv had no problem hitting Templari.... 1 second before our attacks were supposed to land on them. How did your noble heart survive that day? Hitting weak kingdoms? Especially those who were under attack already?

    our people there had lost troops the day before, and I understood that right now someone would come there first to pick us up. I was just looking for a spy after you came in a second later. I thought someone knew the time of our attacks. By the way, we would have arrived in one second if we had not shifted the time a second later due to an error of one player =)

    and I would not compare with the kingdom where one king is active. The Templars had a lot of protection and we knew that. We spent another week kneading the governors by killing the troops. So here only you went for a freebie, and we did a week's work before the attack on the treasure