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    will your brother be able to afford his own phone/PC at any time in the foreseeable future ?

    Seems strange that a family offering gold payment for spies and spending so much silver in auctions cannot afford a device for each family member - just sayin' ;}

    Ah, the old "it was my brother dualling the other king acc from the same device" excuse. If you were not pushing res to the other one this time and registered for same ip usage I guess that is all fine then - for some very trusting people.

    Yes I am still playing your account on com1 and we are crushing the Francs there

    NOT Valinor I would think, as they appear to have a double king ban and other associated accounts banned.

    I guess you can expect one account to get unbanned after the old "sorry, it was an honest mistake, I logged on from my friend's/daughter's/brother's/cousin's device and forgot to register for same ip usage" explanation.

    Still not exactly what you want in the week of kingdom union. Much better to happen before union than after though - you always want to know before kingdom union if you have 2 kings committed to playing by the rules for the length of the server.

    Some kings do have histories of quitting servers and leaving their governors behind if the going gets a little difficult

    Wait until end of vacation mode, pop zero random, get 50% on oasis back and end the random's server ? Might be a deterrent for similar play on future servers, or on the same server by other randoms who see or are told about the zeroing.

    Catapults: the solution to, and cause, of all Travian problems.

    Delete from vacation mode... is there a thread for that ? Maybe somehow people do need a holiday so they can take the stressful step of putting the account in delete when you put them out of deff, idk. Seems a strange feature design to me. Only possible reason I can see to allow delete while in vacation mode seems to be so farms don't pay their 3 day dues for their clearing costs

    Is vacation mode the worst feature ever implemented in Travian ?

    For every one the handful of times I have seen it used by someone who said they were going on vacation I have seen it used 10 times by groups of players who recently got cleared of defence and it appears to be much more abused than used. Is it implemented on a parameter and will there be any servers run without it ?

    Should I put a ticket in for this ?