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    Wait until end of vacation mode, pop zero random, get 50% on oasis back and end the random's server ? Might be a deterrent for similar play on future servers, or on the same server by other randoms who see or are told about the zeroing.

    Catapults: the solution to, and cause, of all Travian problems.

    Delete from vacation mode... is there a thread for that ? Maybe somehow people do need a holiday so they can take the stressful step of putting the account in delete when you put them out of deff, idk. Seems a strange feature design to me. Only possible reason I can see to allow delete while in vacation mode seems to be so farms don't pay their 3 day dues for their clearing costs

    Is vacation mode the worst feature ever implemented in Travian ?

    For every one the handful of times I have seen it used by someone who said they were going on vacation I have seen it used 10 times by groups of players who recently got cleared of defence and it appears to be much more abused than used. Is it implemented on a parameter and will there be any servers run without it ?

    Should I put a ticket in for this ?