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    The forum software (Burning Board) is not developed by Travian Games. Adding interactions between the forum and the game might not be possible, and if possible, way too hard to implement to be worth as it's just a really small Quality of Life feature.
    It's a nice suggestion though, but you will have to keep two tabs open to see game and forum notifications ;)

    I meant the in-game forum, the kingdom mass group messages you can send.

    We desperately need to pin certain kingdom threads since being a duke/king, you'll end up chatting with a lot of different people and that makes some kingdom threads which you might access daily drop at the bottom, making them more difficult to access.


    My suggestion is that every time someone's profile is linked on kingdom forums or something which the player has viewing permission over, he gets a notification that he was mentioned somewhere. Pretty easy, straight-forward and extremely helpful.