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    :D:D:D you're patetic my friend, is very hard to talk with who doesn't want to listen.

    Ok, will fight next server.

    The most important is that we expressed our truth, so whom ever is going to read the thread will make his own idea of facts.

    Balerion , it was said by Paganita you did all calculation, so you should have seen that we would have had more VP at the end of the server, that is why Bohemia were sent against us...... :thumbsup:


    Hypocrisy to the star 🌟

    Yes you’re right you only waited and used your hammers wisely. Also Bohemia’s hammers you forgot to say...

    Ita and Bohemia stole PV and ZLF completed the WW. So well... what did you do exactly??!?! Ah yes waiting and make good use of other kingdoms, right.

    Balerion I don’t know what honour are you talking about. Because we sent our hammers against you only after we knew you moved Bohemia against us, my dear. Is it clear enough? Great ;)

    We’d have won if Bohemia hadn’t attacked.

    Paganita#TR , I’ll keep in mind the lessons learned this server for the whole life. Never trust people like you.


    You are too stupid...I'll explain one last time, so you might understand, or might not..

    1- Bohemia attacks weren't even enough to be ahead of us.... we had to auto-destroy our WW to help you being ahead of Italians... 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th there is no difference.

    2- I'm talking facts base, not like you.

    3- diplomacy is one thing, being an asshole without any honour is another thing. Being just a dog should be humiliating for you...

    4- We feeded Sophist hammer and the other two since they joined our Kingdom. Sophist and his crew betrayed us, do you understand human language? Sorry I cannot bark to translate.

    5- Next server Italians won't sign any pact, I've never seen a Lion discussing with Monkeys.

    With ZLF the only mistake we are aware of is we shouldn't have attacked them, since their hammers should have gone elsewere.

    Cheers Snorry, I won't explain it again. Better you read twice.

    Snorri... if you wanted to end up better than fifth you could have gove to PL or ZLF.
    We have the full list of your hammers, which was shared in private conversations between Ayyldz and Bohemia admins.

    Please, let's talk fact base.


    1. Il Professore (ITA) - Governor Italians - Romans - Crop Consumption 327.821k (without HDT) :thumbsup:

    2. FreeSophist (TUR) - Governor NO KINGDOM - Romans - Crop Consumption 299.746k (without HDT) FEEDED BY ITALIANS :cursing:

    3. TeMBeLKaRiNCa (TUR) - Governor ZLF - Romans - Crop Consumption 235.642k (without HDT) Crashed against ITALIANS :love:

    Dear all,

    I believe you should talk about your actions. And you are too ignorant to understand why we attacked buildings beside the WW.

    1- On ZLF WW we already explained that according to our calculation we would have lost ALL OUR DEFENCES, so we preferred to leave the WW to ZLF and still play for the Victory.
    Not any betrayal on that one. We already explained we couldn't send back the troops which arrived few seconds before the attacks, and also they could have been fakes.

    Com 3 - 25th Sept 18 round

    2- We've NEVER PLAYED TOGETHER ZLF OR PL. We engaged a war with PL and decided for a NAP with ZLF given our focus was to STEAL TREASURES TO PL to close the VP gap with them. And we did well.
    You did enjoy our operation, without moving a finger. So shut up.

    Till here we were playing a fair game.
    We attacked Bohemia according to the plan you discussed with Kyum. And we decided to attack WW + Structures for a strategic reason. To slow them down.

    Against the will of our board, KYUM decided to trust Sophist. WRONG MOVE!

    PL and ZLF attacked you and also us.
    But we were first ranked after this military action.
    ZLF Best hammers were on our WW....…9-02-23_alle_15.47.02.png…9-02-23_alle_15.47.19.png…9-02-23_alle_15.47.35.png…9-02-23_alle_15.47.50.png…9-02-23_alle_15.48.06.png…9-02-23_alle_15.48.24.png…9-02-23_alle_15.48.42.png…9-02-23_alle_15.49.03.png

    So to win the game, you cheated us making an agreement with your dogs, the BOHEMIA, which sent all their hammers against our WW, downgrading it to a point where we lost. Ranked 3rd.
    BOHEMIA WERE MOVED FROM YOU. We have the EVIDENCES and they had NO REASON to attack us, other than helping you to win.

    We never co-op against you. We had an agreement as Paganita shared. Who will be first will win.

    BUT YOU ACT WITH BOHEMIA AGAINST US to kick us out.…9-02-24_alle_08.13.14.png…9-02-24_alle_08.13.36.png…9-02-24_alle_08.14.01.png…9-02-24_alle_08.14.23.png…9-02-24_alle_08.14.42.png…9-02-24_alle_08.15.02.png…9-02-24_alle_08.15.19.png…9-02-24_alle_08.15.36.png…9-02-24_alle_08.15.56.png…9-02-24_alle_08.16.13.png…9-02-24_alle_08.16.38.png…9-02-24_alle_08.17.00.png…9-02-24_alle_08.17.16.png…9-02-24_alle_08.17.34.png…9-02-24_alle_08.17.56.png…9-02-24_alle_08.18.49.png

    Also SOPHIST AND HIS CREW after us having feeded them for about 40 days, betrayed us.
    THEY OBEYED TO AYYLDZ ORDERS INSTEAD OF OUR ORDERS, EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE IN THE ITALIAN KINGDOM. I'm used to pay the bill when I go to restaurants, but apparently in Turkey you don't.

    So what are you talking about?
    Stop Bullshiting, we all seen you watching other teams actions all server, except for few attacks on Bohemia in the beginning of the server. We also supported you with DEFENCES when asked, so SHUT THE F**K up.

    True we destroyed our WW to favourite PL at the end, because you DIDN'T DESERVE TO WIN.
    You won without any honour.

    I agree with your strategic decision. But if you play for win, why wouldn't you slow down both kingdoms when you can? This is just a stupid part of your strategic decision because ZLF can beat you just as much as ILOVEPL and you just denied slowing their WW building by couple of days which could be crucial in the later stages of the game. So either it was purely stupid or you aren't saying everything or maybe you didn't realise that it's an option too :)

    We already slowed them down over 24h.

    That's enough. Last WoW is getting 0% bonus, this spot should be reserved for PL, not ZLF.8o

    If you don't like it, I can understand it.

    I'm giving you our reasoning.:saint:

    I read a lot of bullshit in this thread.

    Just to make one thing clear, Italians are great strategist, believe it or not.

    WoW was conquered with a great military operation on ZLF :love:. They can confirm.

    Having clear in mind ZLF will come back, we made our military move.

    ZLF was good enough to make a perfect come back early enough. 25 sieges on a village without Water Ditch, made by WOW's hammers...

    Was unstoppable, and we play to win, not to make a stupid non-sense fight, and give the victory to PL team for free. We are not their buddies! X/


    - We decided not to defend on ZLF in order to keep our defences and play to win.

    - We didn't destroy the WoW because we don't want to slow down ZLF WoW, but PL instead.... as we did! 8o

    Italians and ZLF just understood that to win there is no sense to kill each other now..... maybe later.:D

    Regarding the Population that you mentioned TheSimon#EN ,

    stop bullshitting!! Do not try to ask for merci...8) but fight with the rest of world...

    To win a server you need PV (not population) and currently PL is winning..

    1. ILOVEPL - CURRENT PV - 5,894,737 2 WoW:!:

    2. Ayyildiz - CURRENT PV - 5,336,268 1 WoW

    3. ZLF - CURRENT PV - 4,374,290 1 WoW

    4. Italians - CURRENT PV - 4,082,729 1 WoW

    5. Bohemia - CURRENT PV - 3,829,151 2 WoW

    Only a Reign can win the server, not a coalition. and PL is leading right now BY FAR! :thumbsup:


    I will be there.
    Sicilliano which sector are you going?

    Is there any active kings / governors playing, and in which sector?

    I'm going to start with the Italians.
    Sector EAST.

    I'll start with the nick GodOfDeath, please PM me in game on the 25th.

    Heard russian friends want to lunch on this server

    I heard the (K)night are going to start this round. Not sure about the Russians (Nasdaq & Co.)
    Would be great to have them as well, I heard good things about.

    Ottima idea!

    Questo sistema sicuramente incentiva un maggiore coinvolgimento della Community che per Travian è vitale.

    Inoltre credo che un sistema del genere sia semplice da implementare tecnicamente. Il MH avrebbe certamente meno "e-mail" da leggere e riuscirebbe ad essere più efficace.
    Magari un sistema di feedback sulla soddisfazione della Community sarebbe un'altro argomento di non minore rilevanza per Travian.