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    Do you have some additional insights for me? Does it correct itself after you do something with your hero? (e.g. changing resource production or stating an adventure)
    Could some of the experts provide me the output of the following line in the browser console?

    Unfortunately we can't reproduce that. Did you already try another browser? Is there something in the error console of your browser? If not, can you right click and inspect the element and send a screenshot of the HTML? (In case there is some wrong transparent element in front of it)

    Regarding your forum problem: You can't register in any forum. There should be a "login" button that creates your account in case you don't have one.

    It works, but every few seconds there apears to be a "lagspike" in which you can't do anything. It only does this for about 0.5 sec every 5-10 sec or so. But it's very very very annoying.


    Currently FF is using between 1-5% of my CPU and 700 MB of ram. Which is a lot for a browser game.

    These are just normal numbers for this game and I don't see a way to optimize that. But the game should run smoothly.
    But you are right, whenever something happens in the game (like troops are arriving somewhere) there are several calculations running (e.g. updating your rallypoint, updating the list on the right side of the screen, updating map markers and several other things). We always try to optimize those (there was a huge improvement on exactly this topic in the last update), but there are limits to this.

    Auch bei diesem Screenshot sieht man, dass nicht alle Dateien korrekt geladen werden. Diese sind aber natürlich korrekt und vollständig auf unseren Servern. Daher weiß ich keinen anderen Rat als dir zu sagen, immer wieder den Cache zu leeren und neu zu laden, bis es funktioniert.
    Hast du denn eine sehr schlechte und instabile Internetverbindung?

    The CAN be a requirement set by the game. The founder of a secrect society may chose those (and several more) requirements to make sure that you really want to achieve the goal of the society.

    Also ich finde die Vorschläge gut und sinnvoll. Was sollte denn dagegen sprechen? Dass man das gleiche auch mit Mehraufwand erreichen kann? Ich denke nicht ...

    We are working on TK the whole day. But sometime it's just something you won't see, but is really needed for the internal structure. Or sometimes we concentrate on bugfixes. So it may happen that you don't get new features for a while (but I guess you will, at least in some weeks).

    You still have several much older (from april ...) messages that are unread. Unfortunately there is a bug that you can't load older messages in your account. Did you know that you have 539 conversations? :)
    And sorry, I had to bump the one that produced the "1".