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    Why is there so much lag on the comx3 server all the time??

    im running a 300/300 fiber and tryed doing speedtest on the net to see if it was me, but it aint, :S

    anyone els have this problem ??

    I sat and thought little of Stats about the troops you may have lost or trained.
    It could be really cool if you could follow how many troops you have made in total and how many we have lost in battle, so you get a sort-table with stats on it. :)
    for example, the mission where you have to make 30,000 units. i still need to make 6000 before it is finished, and I was like WOW, I really made 26,000 troops: O
    so you can see what you have made, such as: spearmen 10,000 Clubswinger 25,000 axemen 5,000, etc., and the same with those you so lost in battle :)
    so visually it would be a good idea with that :)

    Hello there

    could it be possible to add some kind of way to have link or put the farming list out, just like we jobbook and that in the left site. like under here mby,
    and mby one for combat simulation to. ?

    would be so easy to get to with just one click :)

    and I find it too expensive to change resources 5 gold is abit over kill :S