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    I really have to admit that the Sliver kingdom is the best kingdom i ever saw. Spiking the hell out of the server, defending newly chiefed villages, denying that they are doing that stuff. The word honor is written really big in this kingdom.

    yeah but you are FnF and using spies and shtit so dont talk honor! - "Sinjin"


    something happen to us (not the same cause our "king" - Ventsi.... delete only after he abdicate so we manage to return the T but still). its a shitty move. not cool at all.

    sorry for all the work you put so far but i am sure you guys can get back on the feet and try hard to fight.

    so our spy told us that paul is going to cata down Sar village in thier territory. or in the new territory of them. or in the new kingdom they made trerritory. or #$%!&$#@%!*(^@^ .

    so he sent 9 waves at him and just because of our 100+ players and premade group and spies everywere we manage to kill around 900 cata of his with almost no a small village...

    good work spy!

    ohh...wait....this has nothing to do with our spy....could it be that Water is ust making wiered moves.......

    cant wait to read the cry about this :-)


    madcake - nice splash on ppch village.....

    You are named after a scientist and yet lack to find the mental building block that solves the puzzle you dont seem to understand (or act like you dont to be provocative).

    I don't think I will ever have the time to play a game world to full potential again, as that's propably only possible if you work in IT, go to school or have no job.

    Anyway we are yet to see any Avogadro meme, how about it?

    no need for full time playing, just good coordination with other leaders and a litle bit of caring.

    here is one, just for you....

    if you guys had put the efforts to coordinate better and motivate your players more instead of investing them in crying in forum and blaming everyone your kingdom would have done a lot better.

    stop blaming everyone for your doing.

    we can write here all day about you doing and what i personally think you are not doing good by your kingdom but its a waste....just the first point:

    your king and dukes has 4-5 56...its just sad.

    its our fault? my spy ( which i said from day 1 i had) is preventing you guys from making more villages?

    and dont worry about your spy in my kingdom. we like him.

    waiting for the next crying/not soo good meme/BS from you...

    after the server is over, i think i can tell you who spy was and all those other crazy things that happened in this round (think you will be shocked by some of them...i was)


    In regards to PPCH, the guy was insufferable. Congratulations on having him. Everything Sinjin said about the guy was true. Also do you really want this guy when you are a 100+ people kingdom with a huge lead already?

    I just think that FnF antics are pretty poor from what I have seen. That is fine you do you and il do me.

    we do not NEED him. but if you didnt get it yet - we are enemies in the game....

    when a player come to you, saying he was kicked from the enemy kingdom (regardless of the reason) and he is under attack, so after a quick sitter check to see he is no lying, why not def him to hurt some enemy hammers?

    look at that report - your duke lost much more then the 3-4 players we had defending him.

    i stopped reading after the bolded sentence. if we are going to have words exchange, lets not lie at least.

    since its too quite here, and in game...maybe its time for another little story about whats going on...

    first, anyone know whats the deal with Eoskingdom, Silver king? still banned.....

    socond, after Sinjin#EN cried about us having a spy in his kingdom, here and in game... how shocked was i when i found out that Water has spies in FnF too.....SHOCKING.....

    for some wiered reason, water is kicking players from the kingdom....actives/inactives....

    funny story - one of the kicked active players was kicked for critizing the instant attacked and cata from his old kingdom, driving him to ask help from no one else but yours truley :-)

    to cut a long story short, he lost some pop..i lost some px, and water duke and players lost some nice bige OFF numbers.... great work sinjin :-)

    since feeding troops is getting very hard for some, we luanched an OP againset water...wiered that the spy didnt reaveal the true target cause they def the wrong vilalge once again (poor feeding hammers) and a duke village has lost some treasuries, and got down from 1400+pop to around 300.

    our spies at Water chat rooms/discord channels/Whatsapp rooms are sending out the word that the members are pissed and leadership is spinning some of the OP results... great propagande guys.....

    if the next few op wont be deffed good, we might just have to tell you the real target before we lunch...

    on the sad side of things, some WARDEN dude just passed me on top10 def and i dont like it...

    if water guys wont do better, i might just def them agianst our own OP to gain def point.

    till next time,


    Jesus, i am missing my spy.

    And i would very much appreciate it if anyone can help me find him.

    Go go go, no time to waste.

    Every time Water is planing something, my spy comes to the rescue.

    Really not cool he is disappearing like that.

    WATER guys - did you do something to my spy?

    If we are asking for a spy, then clearly we have no spies right? :P

    And I am mostly trolling about the spies.

    Although I do believe there is a strong possibility you have at least one spy in our kingdom, I do not have evidence, only suspicion.

    not cool to troll players about that. not cool at all