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    I made a thread some few months back, asking on what were the best things to spend gold on, as a new player who hasn't committed to buying gold just yet. If I remember correctly, the answers were NPC Trader and the Premium Bonuses, as long as I'm buying for the entire round rather than piecemeal.

    Now, among the Premium Bonuses, which are Travian Plus, Resource Bonus and Crop Bonus, which one should invest in first?

    Learning about Travian is frustrating. In other MMORTSes, I quickly reached a level of high proficiency by interacting with the experienced players and the veterans. I was eager to learn and they were happy to teach me. The community in Travian: Kingdoms seems a lot smaller though, and I meet only very few players with experience, in the game itself.

    I am a new player to Travian. I have never spent money on this game, though I would love to as the developers deserve it very much. Occasionally, however, I do come across a few pieces of that strange, premium currency called Gold. Those of you who have wiser heads than I might find it absurdly obvious on what to spend it on, but I myself have no clue.

    Should I save and hoard? Should I spend it on the weekly bonuses? Should I spend freely on one time use benefits such as speeding up construction time, delivery of materials and automating resource exchange?

    What say you, good ladies and gentles? What use is there for a premium currency in this marvellous world of Travian?

    Appreciate the advice. I'll need to wrap my mind around some of these calculations and stats. Travian isn't my first MMORTS though and I excelled at the previous ones so hopefully it won't be too hard to get the hang of.

    This one has been the most fun though. Just saying.


    I figured that maybe by end game, purely cavalry units for Gauls might be a good idea but I'm not so sure anymore.

    What army should I, as a Gaul governor, train? Phalanx? Or as I was assuming, Druidrider + Haeduan (and possibly some Theutates Thunder for Robbers and such)?