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    I do agree that it was a big win for you. You are slowly securing your way to the wonder in our "possesion" by eradicated every village in your way.

    But you know what Sissox, I dont feel bad about asking people for help when we are 40-45 active people in Astrates / water left. We have no troops left after we killed the two most impressive hammers on the server (seen hammers).

    I just dont understand why you constantly feel the need to talk down to people, even though some of us actually decided to stay and fight until we lost everything.

    But then again, grats with the win.

    Im sure if you reread this forum thread and our discord server - You also get the picture of BM having the only way to play travian

    Sure you haven't said it DIRECTLY, but pretty close.

    And yes, you had almost noone deleting and you have my respect for that, that is really amazing. But 95% (if not more are premade), GGG is like 50% (if not even less) and we were probably 70%, to just set things into perspective. (The percentage might be different but this is just quick off my head, correct me if im wrong)

    Indeed, I've won with BM 5 servers so far, and each time we had enemy leaders joining us for next server... so yea, we don't have the other side perspective ^^

    I would invite Mint or Lylai to talk us through their experience on the other side of BM, if they would like to do it...

    Again you seem to just ignore the fact that is is possible. I won servers with Shrug, with random team and with german teams on german servers. I also finished in various positions with several other teams and I had fun on all servers that I finished

    I played with Mint on the same server and I didn't join (I know I was not asked, but that is not the point here :D) because I dont think it is fun that one team has all of the top players. Me and Mint had a blast, and now he is enjoying to play for / with you and I enjoy playing for Shrug.

    I do think it is fun to find ways of winning against you because you guys are good.

    I just don't think it is fair that you claim to have the "only true way to play travian".


    The point is more that you only accept your way of playing aka your way of having fun. We also had fun this server (we also had downs) but noone in BM can understand how people other than themselves can have fun. And that is probably the most annoying thing in the whole world.

    It is just like those damn Barcelona fans thinking their tikitaka football is the shit while Juventus sucks because they like to have a solid defence base....

    If we could actually just agree that fun is not one special thing, but can be a numerous things then we came a long way :D

    You know there are several hours, almost a day between some of those attacks. Seems like a well coordinated attack.

    BM logic is killing me. Just finish the server so we can play com2 without you. Was way more pleasant without all your personal attacks on people here and on our discord channel.

    Good sir, are you drunk? Because you are not making any sense at all.

    Reminds me of those people who keep talking about how big their prick is but never show it :D We have posted all logs here..where's yours? :D

    my prick?

    Taking away your super massive and impressive defence points - We are 2nd. Im sure we both know those didn't come from killing your fakes in your op against us, so stop being a prick. I never show reports without acceptence, so you need to ask GGG as it was their hammers (which also makes your comment so much weirder as you are implying that im saying ggg has big pricks... I might be stupid and bad at travian but im no freak good sir)

    Who in their right mind thinks that WW level defines how good they are at this game? ;P

    If BM wins this server this will be level of God as we fought entire server with exception of only handful of people. There was not a single decent hammer that crashed so far on anyone but BM. And this is what defines META. 9 out of 10 top kingdoms attack one :)

    If BM does not win this server for some reason..well we still will be better players than Shrug :D

    Pardon me for interrupting your orgasmic selfesteem trip - GGG did send some pretty good hammers our way early on the server. I know you think the universe is centered around the "pobby account" but frankly it doesn't. We also sent some hammers on rainbow that were decent.

    Im soo tired of you people and your breaking meta shit, single accounts, no duals, no trebles ego trip.

    Having recruited "70"/100 of the best travian players in TK is really good - but running around afterwards screaming like a little girl because you think it is too easy is just plain stupid.

    very nice, i see you put you kingdom def in the picture too. its somewhere in the background i think..not sure...its...its......unspottable....

    That was actually the most hilarious comment you ever made on this forum - These comebacks are far better than your normal posts - Please keep those coming :D

    I play from like 5 years and never hear about water for example :P

    strong freak core players ... im just use short cut words :) some are travian freaks , some are trong players ( good = strong ) some are both :P im just core xD

    Me2. I never heard of Sinjin as well until a few months ago - EVEN THOUGH HE CLAIMS WE PLAYED A SERVER TOGHETER BEFORE. I only ever heard of like 5-6 kingdoms.. but I did not really follow the forums until like a year ago :D

    You need to clarify who you are talking to.
    I've never heard of fnf before pinky mentioned you in com2 thread (or shrug discord), so I have no idea what history you have with our Water expert Sinjin.

    Fair enough
    I had you down as a long time member of BM from previous posts, my mistake.
    As neither one of us knows the others strategy, lets just assume that was your plan - So even though you got some new friends you are still classified as bloated - Almost GGG caliber (mhm* almost :D)

    I know you don't really listen to Sinjin, but I've only played with madcake and paul before - but yeah, we did form our discord channels before the server started so I guess Super Duper Pro Elite premade team can be used, nothing less please.


    I find it hard to understand the logic of BM / fNF players (or is it only you)?

    So on com2, you are a small elite team (yes I said it) and you do your thing and destroy everybody and call them noobs - Fair square

    On com4, you decide you go bigger with a 100+ player kingdom and when a smaller kingdom then tries to make a move on you they are bad, you ask them not to delete and you have "strong freak core players" (whatever that means)

    I fail to see how it all makes sense. I for one thought you BM guys loved action - We are giving it to you


    "strong freak core players"
    Who are these freak players? I like to hear about them, is it the tribute people in fNF? Because even a monkey can get troops with tributes, trust me, I know.