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    Where is your tolerance? Ah, Yes, hypocrisy has replaced this trait

    You cheat and abuse = I will begin to dislike you

    You whine about you cheating and abusing = I dislike you even more

    You being Russian, just confirm a lot about you and your countrymen - Prove me wrong and I'd gladly say sorry

    I dont think 50k def is significant considering 8 dudes from TTT that landed into same target in the same minute with you by coincidence. Im fine with excuses but this one is really suprising to be honest :D

    There is no excuse here my friend. I just find it funny that you and Trinity are helping each other when in fact, you are probably the only ones that could actually hurt them. As we even said in our discord, you guys are way better than we anticipated and respect for that..

    I just don't understand why you bother picking on us :D But hey, whatever. Grats with serverresult and killing our caps :D

    I like how the russians/turks cheated and abused all server and when it didn't work out, they suddenly get xtra mad at poor BM for stealing the win.

    I mean what did BM ever do to anyone beside some bantering on this forum and shrug discord.

    Keep it real ladies,

    Yeah we all know who the real winners were!

    You remember wrong ;)

    "This being said, they came in multiple times, over and over, damaging us, but in counterpart they took lots of damages as well. We started deffing better and preparing better every time we were attacked."

    Surprise surprise, BM propaganda is based on facts

    Nevah Mayo. We both know that BM propaganda is based upon the imaginary world "Lylai"

    Ok! I just did not find it fair statement to say that Trinity was formed to "make sure to get a server win".

    All the best to Shrugg (many thanks for last COM2 together), and all the best to Trinity.

    If you read some of my other posts, you can see that I like a lot of the players in Trinity - There are no hard feelings at all but we should still mange to have some banter on the forum.

    But I do remember seeing a message on our discord from XXX to XXX that they wanted to know how many people Shrug would bring as they didn't want Trinity to look bloated.

    But in all fairness, I rather want around 100 people from Trinity winning a server fairly than some of the whack russian / turkisk cheaters on com2. AND for me personally this has been way more fun than some of my previous Shrug servers, as we have been way more aggressive (I know we got walled at Hive) and I like that style a bit better than doing 300k deff and wait for endgame.

    please look at the reports above Where I show the cleaning of WST treasury.. But we dont splat on Hive like other teams tend to do😂💩

    Im aware of all those reports :D You need to remember the forum is for bantering :D

    Im sure that with +40 more off players we could also siege Hive' ass back to the stone age but as I stated before, this round, we didn't merge up with several other good teams to make sure we got a server win :D