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    First you guys teach us manners and tactics and stuff say destroy us and stuff then making mega packs with all kingdoms in server then even that dsnt help decide drop game coz u are FAILERS. And even giving treasurys to random ppl not own ones but own ones sending to us :) funny u are Such a LEADERS. :) il see you on any kind of server first enemy will be such a people with same names of yours LEADERS to demolish and put in them place again to run like RABITS :)

    Im pretty sure your trashtalking works in your own head. But wow, just wow. If you at some point in time, learn to construct a decent sentence then EVERYONE reading these posts will be happy :D Jesus Zap

    And you are more than welcome to find me on another server and battle my team. Just look for "Shrug" or "Twisty" if you can manage not to misspell it.

    (By all means, my English is far from perfect but I mean you actually live in the UK now..)

    Do you like to win easy?

    merge all server kingdoms into one and call them "Warriors" without winning a treasure in battle.


    Who are you?

    If you give it a little more thought next time, im sure you will nail it.…3610471112713/unknown.png…3774904737832/unknown.png…695701/604989056442695705…4088080572417/unknown.png…4322626052106/unknown.png…4375726202891/unknown.png

    I do agree that it was a big win for you. You are slowly securing your way to the wonder in our "possesion" by eradicated every village in your way.

    But you know what Sissox, I dont feel bad about asking people for help when we are 40-45 active people in Astrates / water left. We have no troops left after we killed the two most impressive hammers on the server (seen hammers).

    I just dont understand why you constantly feel the need to talk down to people, even though some of us actually decided to stay and fight until we lost everything.

    But then again, grats with the win.

    very nice, i see you put you kingdom def in the picture too. its somewhere in the background i think..not sure...its...its......unspottable....

    That was actually the most hilarious comment you ever made on this forum - These comebacks are far better than your normal posts - Please keep those coming :D

    I play from like 5 years and never hear about water for example :P

    strong freak core players ... im just use short cut words :) some are travian freaks , some are trong players ( good = strong ) some are both :P im just core xD

    Me2. I never heard of Sinjin as well until a few months ago - EVEN THOUGH HE CLAIMS WE PLAYED A SERVER TOGHETER BEFORE. I only ever heard of like 5-6 kingdoms.. but I did not really follow the forums until like a year ago :D

    You need to clarify who you are talking to.
    I've never heard of fnf before pinky mentioned you in com2 thread (or shrug discord), so I have no idea what history you have with our Water expert Sinjin.

    Fair enough
    I had you down as a long time member of BM from previous posts, my mistake.
    As neither one of us knows the others strategy, lets just assume that was your plan - So even though you got some new friends you are still classified as bloated - Almost GGG caliber (mhm* almost :D)

    I know you don't really listen to Sinjin, but I've only played with madcake and paul before - but yeah, we did form our discord channels before the server started so I guess Super Duper Pro Elite premade team can be used, nothing less please.