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    This this and so much this. The mobile "gaming market" is huge missed opportunity, and if people try travian on mobile with the app (which is to put it nicely flaming pile of dogshit) they get experience of buggy game with horrible UI and where the notifications come when ever they please to come if they come.

    E: As it stands the app is more likely to turn players away from game than bring them in. A WORKING "companion" app would be nice where you could get quick overview of your villages(on iOS app you can't even see who is attacking you...), attacks, troop ques, warehouse/granary levels etc.

    I cannot agree more. The App is just plain bad. Nothing is working properly, until this day you can't see incoming attacks within your kingdom (x years after the release)..I am not even surprised the game is not attracting new players anymore. Especially since they use the game only to "milk" money out of those who stayed committed to the game.

    I am more and more accepting the fact that the current com1x3 will be my last server...

    Exactly. A new player will most probably not rush 3k of clubs during the first 2 days, "avoid" upgrading buildings, or not follow the tutorial. I think that the difference between an abuser and a new player is a matter of 5 sec on their acc.

    I really like the idea of having a troop limitation connected to the menhir rules. It would simplify the whole process and most probably reduce the number of abusers by a lot.