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    Hello MAHLORD :)
    Currently the fastest game worlds available are x3 speed, but we'll consider your idea for the future, thank you very much!

    Kind regards

    Only test world is higher speed than 1x 1x. :(

    Definitely need more variety in speed settings.

    I am completely new to this game and was frustrated at the lack of direction (beginners guide on wiki not very explanatory of in-game stuff, lack of guides in general, etc) so I'm following this.

    Directions are short but not hard to figure out if you read and look around. Now waiting on Residence lvs 4 and 5. Everything above that on the list is done. I am 1h17m into the game so far.

    Playing on TEST, had to restart from COM1 after I found this. Hope I know what I'm doing and that I can benefit from the results. lol

    Update 1: First settler now training 2 hours after start.

    Update 2: Ran into a wall trying to find resources for 2nd and 3rd settlers. How? (I think was supposed to use NPC option to 'buy' the settlers with max warehouse/granary)

    Update 3: This is a really intriguing game but after looking around I'm gonna try Travian Legends instead. I'm looking for a fast paced game with an active player base. Most likely will be back here when v1.0 is out.

    There is a guide in the german forum written for new players, explaining some basic playstyles and best practice.

    Travian BASICS

    But the kingdom system changes like every 6 month, so every guide written would be mostly outdated now with the new kingdom/alliance merge update ;)

    That looks like a good guide but Google translate mangles the grammar so badly that it's difficult to follow. Anything similar in English?