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    Do you think experienced players make for good kings?

    I built a kingdom to top3 once just to sabotage it from the inside.I abused the trust of a sited account and sent his army against a short tempered semi-inteligent(haha) guy.Chaos! Shock and awe lol!

    After they weakened each other i kicked them all and killed 900k of their troops on my walls(just to be no.1 defender lol).Some of them trusted and had a lot of faith on me.Not my business - we just had different goals!

    So a few prestige points mean squat.It's a cruel world boys out there.Just pray you won't be abused by someone like me :D:D:D

    Sorry Faust#EN(9) it must be really tough to see that whatever you do there's no chance to win as the game is fixed .

    The game has so much potential yet the staff seems hell bent on ruining it.Everything they do is against common sense and hurts the player base.Such a pity!

    Good luck mate!Who knows,maybe someone will wake up and make this game fair!

    I totally agree...useless and cowardly kingdoms like BM should have no place in Travian.They are toxic and hurt the gameplay and ruin it for eveyone!

    Keep it simpler guys!Don't let the zombies win!


    (Wtf?I smoked some really,really weird shit tonight!I only know BM= bad lol)

    Teutons are the best off-tribe ... if you can feed them, and have a good cavalry defense with spearmen, but can't defend well if alone, due to their lack of infantry def. (Romans can, with legionaires + pretorians, but not necessarily recommended if teutons or gauls are available).

    That's not correct,teutons can out-defend anyone given the proper situation and under good management.

    Below is a teuton account ranked no.1 on a speed server,playing alone against 40+ horrible off players:

    TEST, Round 11 (June 2018 - August 2018)

    Yep,that was me :D:D:D

    Yeah Accord we aren't here to discuss how trash that break rules and get banned are "unfairly treated". What a joke this post is.

    1) You are breaking a rule right there,by insulting me.You won't get punished but of course you won't mind the unfair treatment.
    Like i said,some people get away with pretty much anything while others get abused just for fun sometimes. I've got a forum ban for having a ''negative attitude'' -no insults/swearing at all.

    2)Now it's me being abused and it's all cool.One day it might be you or your friends but by then it will be common practice and nobody will care or feel something is wrong.I didn't mind being punished it's the way it was handled that was unfair.
    And yes,the people that couldn't handle me in game took credit for it and boasted about having the admin in their pocket.

    3)Even the OP mentions that some people are staying banned for weeks/months on end while others are being unbanned very fast.You are so blind in your hate you just don't realize it.Unfairness and abuse is widespread and calling it out is not a joke by any means.

    I don't believe any player should have their account trashed(by coordinated banning/unbanning) over an insult.-my case

    I don't think it's fair that some players can get unlimited crop via banning abuse for weeks/months while others can't.-OP's case

    I don't believe banning at will should happen-Curtain's case

    I don't believe people should insult others in the forum and get away with it-Renuo's case

    I have been banned for calling names.The admin -speaking the same language as the attackers- banned me just after 20x waves have been launched on me so i couldn't defend/snipe.Actually i was online and saw the waves launched and the ban a few seconds later lol.

    Subsequently he unbanned my account(but left me unable to write messages for the rest of the server) when i was sleeping so i got another round of 20x+ attacks in and my account trashed.Without me opening any ticket/any conversation with the MH.

    Dreaming of transparency or fair treatment is just that..a dream.The admins do interfere and take sides or simply abuse for fun(after all they are not paid so the power feel is all they get).

    In this case the OP brought up some people are allowed to use the banning benefits and some people are not.Fairness is not gonna happen-you just gotta be lucky and hope you won't be abused(by the admins or their friends).

    Seems to be an important thing to inform people before they lose troops.

    Well the loses are not likely to impact your account in the medium-long term.

    And it only happens once in your Travian career.There will be harsher and costlier mistakes to learn from along the way.

    Welcome to the game btw :)

    Don't forget you can reinforce the camps.I had lots of fun doing it especially when i reinforce same tribe/same unit types.

    Noobs are like ''second wave has 10x more troops than 1st wave wtf'' or ''i scouted first and when my attack hit there were so many troops'' etc. Nobody figured it was me to date since i blamed either other players(and staged a riot lol) or a game bug when i got called out.

    Been thinking about this noob today..he's a 5 expansion slots,722 (out of 1000) ranked player that wants to dictate Travian Kingdoms game rules :)

    I see he has been freeloading with BM for 3 servers maybe his BM masters will show him the way?

    Mayo,Jak,Renuo,Ly can you please educate this noobie? :D

    We'll see about that...

    What you gonna do?

    Looks like another noob discovered spiking and is in a mission to make it have any real impact.

    Spiking was around for years,many people tried it but unlike farming inactives(that HAS impact on a server giving farmers a big edge) it's just a side gig.By the time you set up an account,even kingdom,for spiking on a paid server you will be burn out.

    Good luck on your mission tho :D

    Do you think it's fair that some people can gain free resources from inactives and build huge hammers without any risk/cost?

    I'm glad you spiked a bit but you are overestimating its impact.I spiked too and you get bored very fast and lose more troops than you can afford fast,too.

    I spiked 90k troops too on test then got bored and decided to annoy a bunch of noobs instead.Killing 400k troops defending myself was much more fun(that included a WW hammer 120k+).Truth is very few people farm server wide and nobody cares about your spiking and you can't sustain long term spiking server wide to make any impact.Get over it you just can't ruin servers and decrease travian income by spiking.Been there,tried it,spent about 500 euros building a rank 1 account only for spiking.

    And implying everything in Travian is about "the frustrated off players that try to make nice hammers by farming inactives" is ridiculous.

    You are quite funny tho in your short sighted tilt :D

    Register an acc on any other server, purchase the gold there and delete right after. The purchased gold will be transferred to the lobby. Also deletion only takes 72 hours I think, so you should be able to do it before com6 starts.

    You cannot just ''delete right after''.

    You can't start account deletion for 7 days after you've bought gold.So the earliest you can transfer gold is 10 days after purchase.