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    I also was best defender on a speed server as a teuton.They can pump out defense very fast in both rax and stable so IMO they are one of the 2 tribes suited for defense along with Gaul (yes Praetorian are good but their training time is horrible+ no defensive cavalry).

    Just set troop villages and train 24/7 in both Rax and Stable.Used to do it in every other town.

    However,your success will greatly depend upon your situation awareness and making good calls at the right time.And some luck too.I was blessed to be positioned between two fighting kingdoms.

    I double-crossed them both of course and reaped the def points ^^:D

    What is the ideal number, i mean like every 1hour,2hours etc?

    Accord that requires a larger amount of def troops aswell. I do not think i can afforf that, but it sounds really clever.

    You'll get a feeling as of how often you should send troops.You can time scouts before your raiding party hits for eg.I got to the point i knew each of my reinforced farms..i missed them when they were automatically deleted :) But most of the time i'd do it twice a day-that's every 10-12 hours .It's not easy to reinforce 50 inactive and monitor them...

    Oh,and i forgot to mention the main thing:i was 95% defense.Like ,only 1k TTs per every 50k phalanxes/druids.I started with 10k phalanxes and in 3 weeks i got to 300k phalanxes+druids and 5k TTs.I was training phalanxes in lvl 20 barracks in 9 villages 24/24(as a side effect,i also got to be no.1 by population).Lots of people hated me but nobody wanted to risk losing a couple hammers over it.

    Also i was buying a 700 gold pack every other day.Spent like 400 euros or more on that server.But it was so much fun :D

    That's guaranteed income and you get to piss off sooo many people.And i was alone,imagine doing it with a bunch of friends.

    Or do like i did a couple servers ago on comx:

    -Look for inactives over 100 pop

    -Reinforce them and wait for the resources to pile up(don't forget to send scouts too)

    -Send raids to each reinforced inactive and retreat your defense a few minutes before they hit

    I was doing it with about 50-60 big enough inactives to matter and i was top raider(top 1-3) for a few weeks until i got bored :)

    It's even easier now that killing troops in inactive villages don't give def points..nobody knows what a douchebag you are :D:D

    Do you think experienced players make for good kings?

    I built a kingdom to top3 once just to sabotage it from the inside.I abused the trust of a sited account and sent his army against a short tempered semi-inteligent(haha) guy.Chaos! Shock and awe lol!

    After they weakened each other i kicked them all and killed 900k of their troops on my walls(just to be no.1 defender lol).Some of them trusted and had a lot of faith on me.Not my business - we just had different goals!

    So a few prestige points mean squat.It's a cruel world boys out there.Just pray you won't be abused by someone like me :D:D:D

    Sorry Faust#EN(9) it must be really tough to see that whatever you do there's no chance to win as the game is fixed .

    The game has so much potential yet the staff seems hell bent on ruining it.Everything they do is against common sense and hurts the player base.Such a pity!

    Good luck mate!Who knows,maybe someone will wake up and make this game fair!

    I totally agree...useless and cowardly kingdoms like BM should have no place in Travian.They are toxic and hurt the gameplay and ruin it for eveyone!

    Keep it simpler guys!Don't let the zombies win!


    (Wtf?I smoked some really,really weird shit tonight!I only know BM= bad lol)

    Teutons are the best off-tribe ... if you can feed them, and have a good cavalry defense with spearmen, but can't defend well if alone, due to their lack of infantry def. (Romans can, with legionaires + pretorians, but not necessarily recommended if teutons or gauls are available).

    That's not correct,teutons can out-defend anyone given the proper situation and under good management.

    Below is a teuton account ranked no.1 on a speed server,playing alone against 40+ horrible off players:

    TEST, Round 11 (June 2018 - August 2018)

    Yep,that was me :D:D:D