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    Hey guys,

    thanks for the last update, but i think the thing with windows wasn't properly deployed or so.

    there are some glitches i have

    map > detail of village/oasis > dropdown not shown

    market > cannot select any village except first three...

    + in logs (battle report ?) is supper annoying that i have to scroll to see what opponent has

    i forgot to mention troubles with chat. whenever i send message, chat does not scroll to the bottom + few time scrolled like 2 days in history

    thanks for the fix!

    - kdyz mas pivovar a zaple slavnosti v nem, kecal neni tak presvedcivy (aspon dle wiki a bere min)

    - jednotky kterou jdou s nacelnikem zustanou ve vsi jako podpora, tak bacha at si treba nerozbijes offku utokem za :)

    co se tyce prebrani, tak kdyz preberes ves hraci s mensi pop, klesnou budovy o 1 lvl, kdyz ma popku vetsi, pak zustanou na max

    Hey Georgi, based on announcement

    • Worlds with active WWs as well as those that will have them soon(COM3, COM2, TR2, RU1, ES1) won't receive the VP changes.

    CZ2 is not listed there even though it gets WW in 2 hours.. what the "soon" means then ? :D

    also to clarify, CZ2 will get VP changes ?


    quite simple question, but due lack of my experience, i'm not sure.

    Lets assume I'm a king of kingdom #1 and i want to invite king (+ all governors) of kingdom #2.

    What needs to be done ?


    Zdravim, dostal jsem mail (po nahlaseni jineho hrace) ze muj ticket byl vyresen a ze jeho odpoved najdu v help centru. Tam se bohuzel nemuzu dostat, muze nekdo poradit ?

    V help centru vidim jen moznost zalozit novy ticket.

    diky, T.


    Is there some info how EXP distribution works in case of defending village ? Are the exp distributed equally between all heroes in village, or are number of defending troops involved ?


    Three players are defending a village.
    1st player has 700 troops and hero
    2nd player has 300 troops and hero
    3nd player has just a hero

    Will each hero get same amount of EXP ?

    thanks for answer!


    Just found out if you have brewery, catapults will hit just one target even though you have rally point on 20.

    Where the hell is info about that ? Both, ingame help and wiki says "and Catapults can only do random hits", not you will not be allowed to hit 2 buildings instead once.



    Whats the real benefit of building city out of the village ? Just read wiki + ingame help, but i'm more curious in real cases. When and what village are you converting ? In what situations is it better then build just another village

    E.g my case. Started to play kingdoms after while and atm ~1k pop (3 villages) Teuton.

    Edit: can i have build multiple villages into cities ?

    Thanks for all the answers :)