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    Maybe I can explain better.

    Travian Kingdoms has unlimited options, specially on large worlds.
    None player can utilise 100 percent of the options, it is not possible, you would have to have some kind of bot or AI.

    If there would be Professional Players, we would see what is really possible to do via script.

    what do u mean by "professional" ? are u just asking for people to dual with you xDD

    Hi there,
    does anyone know why the robber hideouts keep respawning at my old village's position?
    I fast settled and destroyed the other village after it and now i have this problem.
    It is really annoying because my troops have to travel 2:30 every time to get there.

    Thanks in advance ^^


    probably a bug, try post it in bugs section rather than questions - are u sure you deleted the village? because hideouts always spawn near the capital

    Fast settling strategy should be removed all together and I cant wait for the new 15c that are controled by Natars to be introduced. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    800CP quest is really BS. It devolves the game into who spawns first and clicks faster (with minor luck on the place you spawned). Which the game should not allow. I should not get punished for joining the server half an hour late by having all the 15 crops and 9 crops in my 30x30 taken away from me.

    I hope they never introduce that system it is dogshit, also in my opinion u can easily just build an army and chief the 15c u want later once u have chiefs - u can do that in a few days on speed no problem if u raid nicely. Anyone who can't get a cropper simply isn't good enough at the game and need to accept that :) I play teutons and romans regularly and have no problem taking 15c with either tribe using the fast settle guide or waiting to conquer one.

    you realise, anyone can make a multi acc, ask to relocate near an enemy target and just forward from there it would be ridiculous dude.

    Which would make off weaker by relativity.

    Why? Why would it be stupid? Cause it's different?

    You can already land your def before off hits so forwarding troops won't change that much, but it does change the game from having static def stationed in treasury and waiting for end game into more dynamic movement of troops and region control. Which in my opinion is a great change.

    First of all, you just disproved your own point - you said it wouldn't make off weaker and then said it would just then - make up your mind. Secondly, it would make an enourmous difference - there is huge difference between being able to see an attack incoming for 2-3 hours on a treasury and being able to respond and having like 5-10 mins to respond - it cuts the def they could receive massively

    How is it making off weaker? You can just create village closer to enemy kingdom that will act as an off forwarding base from which would all the attacks would be send.

    It would give securing regions and areas much more importance.

    We didn't say it would make off weaker, just that it would buff defenders massively - also your point is an example of why this update would be stupid, there is no need to add troop forwarding.

    The coding itself isn't what's taking so long. It's all the other stuff connected to it: Planning, game art, quality assurance, gamedesign, localiization, ...

    Also, TG has other games too, and for sure they don't have one dev team for each game. Your friends should know this, if they have any experience in working in IT professionally.

    yeah that's my bad I didn't even know TG had other games to be honest xDD. But even if some of my point is stupid u can still agree that they don't advertise their games at all and even a small amount of advertisement would go a long way

    Also one thing i forgot to add, i know people like it but why the hell is legends still running? surely they can just scrap legends and move the playerbase to TK, again, fixing a lot of the current issues. It really baffles me how disorganized their company is.

    Yeah I don't have a point to add because i've said my opinion in many threads but I will say one thing which is that TK Devs could fix 60-75% of this game's issues in 1 day. All they have to do is ADVERTISE. Also I spoke to some of my friends who can code and they told me that some of the quick fixes (ie organisation, operations etc could be done nicely in under a week or so).

    Be2-e4 Don't listen to this guy, he is an absolute troll and a braindead moron, changes his name every couple days in the hope that people won't recognise him. I think he is just mad because he is too bad to get the 15c he wants in every server - also he is only 3 bronze stars so clearly not an experienced player unless he is a legends vet. Also my take on this idea overall is that right now the game is already hugely balanced towards def players and this change would only further increase the power of def players. This would be because while defenders can carry on pushing out units from the start as they always have done off players will now have reduced army sizes and apparently also constant attacks from NPCs, if this idea is implemented I can see a lot of the playerbase leaving - honestly i'm not sure how TK Devs came to the conclusion that this was an idea worth implementing. If the issue is that latecomers struggle to get 15c or catch up to players who signed on at the start then maybe introduce some sort of catch up mechanic. Off the top of my head here are a few things that could be changed:

    -Amount of reso received from stolen goods is based on number of days server has been running, rather than number of days you have been playing (ie, everyone is on equal footing regardless of playtime

    To be honest I was going to think of more ideas but what constantly seems to come back around in my head is that if TK focused on increasing the playerbase it would solve so many of the issues facing the game - if every server had 2-3k ppl signing up instead of like 500-1k then there would be more kingdoms fighting for supremacy, more land would open up (ie more 15c, 9c etc) and a few others that I can't remember now but remember discussing with ppl.

    That's the problem. It would be easier. Defenders have it way too easy already. Playing offensively, you're just fucked, treasuries are the only target most people care about (because it's the only target leading directly to victory), so it's already onle 6 possible targets. And there's already tons of def there. If you could forward troops from one treasury to another, in case of attack, it would be even more ridiculously easy to defend. Water ditch, single digit relevant target number, easy def supply in treasuries, ..., don't buff playing passively and braindeadly even more, please.

    yeah having said that i completely agree, i love playing off but its so balanced towards defending nowadays.

    Could i reinforce my hammer next to an enemy kings capital and siege him from 1 square away then? :/ No matter how that's implemented it'd affect the games balance a lot.

    okay yeah when u put it like that i guess, maybe they could change it so u have to request to reinforce a player?? so like the person receiving your troops would have to accept them. I mean multi acc could bypass it but it's best solution i can think of on the fly

    Huge effect on the defence:offence balance is not a reason?

    I feel like it would boost both off and def in an equal amount so the balance would remain somewhat similar, eg if u could launch an attack from a village where ur army is reinforcing and same for def

    It's actually a feature of SE/RoA/PTP only, these are birthday special servers with a special map and settle restrictions.

    Fair enough if it wasn't a feature but it would make sense to allow troop forwarding in the game, it's not like there's any reasons not to allow it

    I'm just going to say one thing, maybe some people will disagree but I tend to find that people who rush for a 15c will do one of two things - maintain their first village with a small raiding army and rush to leave 200 pop in order to start rapidly developing having secured a cropper capital, or, 2: delete the first village, but still rush for 200 pop in order to begin raiding from the crop capital. Both of these things have in common that the player still wants to raid and fight others, if you are so mad at people for being better than you and securing a 15c first then maybe you should first seek to improve your own ability to secure a 15c before you complain that people are abusing mechanics when in fact they are just more skilled than you. Seeing as TEKILABOY especially still only has 3 bronze stars he clearly does not have the experience that some players here, including myself have. If one of the reasons you are complaining is because you joined a server late and all the 15c are taken, well that is just ridiculous - as servers are announced up to a month in advance of them starting so the fact u missed the server is your own fault - even being at work or another engagement should only delay you by 4-8 hours which still gives u plenty of time to secure a 15c. If players sought to improve their knowledge and ability rather than complain then maybe we would see more people enjoying the game competitively, as it should be and not being given a handout

    Some good calculations you have there bro but I dont't think you can call it a guide - you haven't clearly laid out a method for players to achieve this, instead only stated the endgame values of a developed village. Since your guide seems to be aimed at beginners I suggest to show them how they can work towards this goal with a clearer path to develop their villages and cities from the beginning of a server.

    If it isn't for beginners that isn't clear though, the language you are using is suggesting that the reader is playing gaul for the first time