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    Some good calculations you have there bro but I dont't think you can call it a guide - you haven't clearly laid out a method for players to achieve this, instead only stated the endgame values of a developed village. Since your guide seems to be aimed at beginners I suggest to show them how they can work towards this goal with a clearer path to develop their villages and cities from the beginning of a server.

    TEKILABOY I understand that English clearly isn't your first language, however in every post I have seen from you I have yet to understand the point you are trying to put across - perhaps if you had a friend with a better grasp of the language they could help you to articulate your points more clearly, because it's hard to debate when you don't understand the other side's argument.

    Honestly I dont think most players would be happy to see this feature, instead of trying to add stuff like this why not work on ideas that the playerbase actually want to see implemented - or even just put some work into advertising the game? As of now googling travian will take you to legends not even kingdoms, if you put even a few days into advertising then you would massively increase the playerbase and make the game overall more fun

    This is not going to improve the game at all, any player by browsing the forums/internet can find a fast settle guide. Fast settle can be achieved using the starting 40 gold - so taking a 15c is not a P2W feature in any way. This change would severely nerf off players as they would have even less time to build a hammer/army throughout the game whereas def players can build from the very start. Most of the complaints are probably from people who are too lazy to just learn how to play efficiently - I discovered fast settling on my own within 2-3 rounds of travian and it's not hard at all and I completely disagree with the changes listed here.

    please bring back the web brower version, I remember when I traveling last year, the browser version working fine for me, everything is ok.

    But with this new mobile app, no... can't do anything :(

    The Web browser version for phone still works by the way, they just don't put any work or officially "support" it

    No - the loyalty gain only works when the residence is built and not a retroactive effect that can remain without the building - like smithy upgrades or academy research.

    Also, the WW cannot be chiefed while you have a Wonder of the World constructed in the village so if you have a few levels on that it is unlikely you will lose your WW Village to an opponent.

    Devs - ie the developers or people who made the game. I can see that you like supporting but if that's what u like just play defence, if u don't have a lot of time to invest u can always ask for a sitter to help run your account or just accept that you will never be a top player.

    i said only 3x speed for a "qualifier" round as i feel like regular or 2x speed would take too long just for simply "sorting" players out, i think the actual championship would have to be 1x,2x

    I think it's a decent idea - similar to the original tournament worlds from the travian of old. However it would need some serious changes and work to implement what u are suggesting. Personally I think something like this could work:

    Run a "qualifier round" server - 3x speed, 2x troops - in order to gauge who will be invited into the main server (top 50 off, def, pop) or something like that.

    In order to prevent the players just forming big kingdoms beforehand, add a limit of 25 players per kingdom (roughly 150 players, works out as 6 kingdoms), allow the "teams" to be formed beforehand and maybe give them something special, like custom building decoration or city aesthetic on map to distinguish the "teams". then run the tournament round and the winners get a special medal or something (or a large gold sum as well).

    idk that's just my thoughts if anyone has anything better let me know but i would love to see something fun like this, I feel like more ppl could get invested in the game if there was a goal like this

    New Test Server

    there is already a post about this

    you are wrong, that post was for the previous test server which has already started.

    To answer the actual question, it is likely the next TEST server will begin after the new year, probably in the first week of january (it should be announced within the next week or two)

    I think it would be a nice aesthetic touch - maybe with an option to turn it on or off, but the active effects I don't think would be that good.

    probably not for a while, com2x3 just started recently, 1x3 is ongoing i believe and so are the test servers, most likely next ones will be announced in 2-3 weeks looking at the current trend.