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    For anyone who thinks the offer to join Justice kingdom is tempting, let me tell you some information about these guys :D

    Last round (Com3x3), they are known as the kingdom BORU. They abused multiaccounts to boost their farm, having at least 30 accs banned throughout the round. Despite all that extra farm their offensive plans failed miserably time and time again and they couldn't even hold the WW. In this kingdom they have a rule - Only the leaders are allowed to farm the robbercamps :rolleyes: If you think that is stupid then you might not want to join these guys. My recommendation to all guys in the middle is to join some other kingdom and fight against these cheats to make sure they don't enjoy the round

    I am playing on the new server, and since the first 2 camps i have not had another one spawn, this has reduced the speed of my settle and probably means i cant get the cropper i need. What will the team do to rectify this?

    Are you genuinely ignoring what is being written here on purpose or were you hired to simply annoy the community so much that we all quit kingdoms and they can focus on legends instead ? ;(:D

    Throughout this thread people have mentioned many different examples of abilities/drawbacks, types of tribes etc.. In addition while it's great to interact with the community and hear their ideas - the development team should have ideas of their own and not just rely on the players to do their bloody job for them. If an entire team of people who have worked on this game for ~10 years wouldn't know how to roughly balance 8 units for a tribe before going into the TEST server to refine details then I don't see why you even have them working for you

    Damn, tonight BORU lose all their hammers, looks like even if you farm your multies you still cant beat good old fashioned teamwork :)

    Since this server start I have been having a lot of fun, managed to start a medium sized kingdom and making some new friends, on the same WW as us is the BORU kingdom, couldn't wait for some early war!! I heard the other day that BORU claimed that Templars are a bad kingdom, thrown together and it wouldn't take them long to destroy us. For that reason I am here today to share the first shame of BORU and hopefully the first of many :thumbsup:

    At the end of the day, while it has been the worst here on com3; this is not a NEW issue at all. Every single server I have played on in the past 2 years or so is plagued by lag during the start which often can impact players looking to secure an early second village - How can a dev team be so bad at their job they are unable to fix such a longstanding problem which is most likely caused by simply having bad servers.

    If you are looking for a kingdom to play with in this upcoming Com3x3 server then reply to this thread or send me a message in dms so I can add you to the discord server. Looking to build a permanent team to go into future rounds with so if you are interested be sure to message me.

    You can also directly message me on discord at Crioliix#6146

    Looking forward to a fun round! :thumbsup:

    anyone else getting the red disconnect error. Ive had this all day i cant invite ppl to my kingdom or make anyone a duke, need to refresh to finish every order whats going on?