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    I am playing on the new server, and since the first 2 camps i have not had another one spawn, this has reduced the speed of my settle and probably means i cant get the cropper i need. What will the team do to rectify this?

    Are you genuinely ignoring what is being written here on purpose or were you hired to simply annoy the community so much that we all quit kingdoms and they can focus on legends instead ? ;(:D

    Throughout this thread people have mentioned many different examples of abilities/drawbacks, types of tribes etc.. In addition while it's great to interact with the community and hear their ideas - the development team should have ideas of their own and not just rely on the players to do their bloody job for them. If an entire team of people who have worked on this game for ~10 years wouldn't know how to roughly balance 8 units for a tribe before going into the TEST server to refine details then I don't see why you even have them working for you

    Going back to the first day, why is this enourmous lag in the first hour and a half still happening?? This has been a problem in travian kingdoms for years now surely after all this time you understand the strain that will be placed on the servers in the early steps of the server and you are able to combat this. During this round my 2nd village settle was slowed by almost an entire hour due to the lag; since I was having to refresh the page almost 5-6 times to complete just 1 action. Please fix this for the next time!

    I think you guys are really overestimating the effect it has. While people using MA's do exist a lot of the time they get found out and even though they get to keep the main account winning through cheating is no win at all. In terms of speed settling - there are guides all over the forum on how to do it (Be2's speedsettling on steroids comes to mind) perfectly and you can even find that article from a google search. There is a down fall as well to speed settling in that your first village is gutted bare and more often than not you will have to delete it if it is too far from your team's chosen location. This is also why u see a lot of def players going for a slightly slower settle to maintain the first village and relocate to friends. I think the menhir function is super useful as it allows friends to play together without having to wait for 2nd village settle and also lets players escape from bad kings into the territories of a better one. I think a removal of this feature is out of the question it is extremely useful as a tool in the game: cheaters will always find a way to abuse a system and the correct solution is to implement proper punishments for these cheaters rather than destroying the mechanics which benefit the honest community.

    Hi, I am searching for a dual for my account for this upcoming round of TEST. Going to be playing with my premade kingdom "The Wall". I am an experienced off player and looking for someone similar to help run this account since x5 servers a lot can happen in a short time.


    US/Eastern Asia timezone (to cover my sleep)

    Experienced offensive player

    Able to play at least 6-8 hours during the day (or at least check in regularly)

    Unlikely to happen, since the game comes to a conclusion with the reveal of the World Wonders and the ensuing fight to reach level 100 first. I don't really see the incentive for an indefinite world since there is no goal to work towards and nothing to bind players as a Kingdom.

    Any bigger premade kingdom looking for members ? bit late to start organizing my own and i just want to be part of the endgame action :)

    I'm a very experienced off player returning to the game, won a test server last year with The Wall and looking for more success!

    Maybe I can explain better.

    Travian Kingdoms has unlimited options, specially on large worlds.
    None player can utilise 100 percent of the options, it is not possible, you would have to have some kind of bot or AI.

    If there would be Professional Players, we would see what is really possible to do via script.

    what do u mean by "professional" ? are u just asking for people to dual with you xDD

    Hi there,
    does anyone know why the robber hideouts keep respawning at my old village's position?
    I fast settled and destroyed the other village after it and now i have this problem.
    It is really annoying because my troops have to travel 2:30 every time to get there.

    Thanks in advance ^^


    probably a bug, try post it in bugs section rather than questions - are u sure you deleted the village? because hideouts always spawn near the capital

    Fast settling strategy should be removed all together and I cant wait for the new 15c that are controled by Natars to be introduced. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    800CP quest is really BS. It devolves the game into who spawns first and clicks faster (with minor luck on the place you spawned). Which the game should not allow. I should not get punished for joining the server half an hour late by having all the 15 crops and 9 crops in my 30x30 taken away from me.

    I hope they never introduce that system it is dogshit, also in my opinion u can easily just build an army and chief the 15c u want later once u have chiefs - u can do that in a few days on speed no problem if u raid nicely. Anyone who can't get a cropper simply isn't good enough at the game and need to accept that :) I play teutons and romans regularly and have no problem taking 15c with either tribe using the fast settle guide or waiting to conquer one.

    you realise, anyone can make a multi acc, ask to relocate near an enemy target and just forward from there it would be ridiculous dude.

    Which would make off weaker by relativity.

    Why? Why would it be stupid? Cause it's different?

    You can already land your def before off hits so forwarding troops won't change that much, but it does change the game from having static def stationed in treasury and waiting for end game into more dynamic movement of troops and region control. Which in my opinion is a great change.

    First of all, you just disproved your own point - you said it wouldn't make off weaker and then said it would just then - make up your mind. Secondly, it would make an enourmous difference - there is huge difference between being able to see an attack incoming for 2-3 hours on a treasury and being able to respond and having like 5-10 mins to respond - it cuts the def they could receive massively

    How is it making off weaker? You can just create village closer to enemy kingdom that will act as an off forwarding base from which would all the attacks would be send.

    It would give securing regions and areas much more importance.

    We didn't say it would make off weaker, just that it would buff defenders massively - also your point is an example of why this update would be stupid, there is no need to add troop forwarding.

    The coding itself isn't what's taking so long. It's all the other stuff connected to it: Planning, game art, quality assurance, gamedesign, localiization, ...

    Also, TG has other games too, and for sure they don't have one dev team for each game. Your friends should know this, if they have any experience in working in IT professionally.

    yeah that's my bad I didn't even know TG had other games to be honest xDD. But even if some of my point is stupid u can still agree that they don't advertise their games at all and even a small amount of advertisement would go a long way