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    You won't see a single experienced/seasoned player building legionnaires for offense.

    You got a very very basic and fundamental thing wrong.
    There are OFF and DEFF units. You attack with offensive units and defend with defensive units.

    That there are some units that kinda form a bridge between the two does not mean that it is good to build them. For defense build pretos, for offense Imperians. Nothing in between.

    Why? Because there are specializations in this game. Once you play in a Kingdom you play either Off or Deff. Hybrid approaches don't work. And by hybrid I don't mean the off player that builds a small deff for emergencies or the Deff player with a little farm off.
    You have to play a role in your kingdom. And that role is playing Off or Deff. For Off you should be experienced and using gold actively. It is very difficult to play Off successfully without any gold usage.

    Coming back to your Legionaires: They have 85 defense value. By that they are one of the worst single crop defense units. Pretorians have 100/crop and are by that the best single crop defense unit. Followed by Spearfighters. Gauls have Phalanx which is still okay, but not good. Gauls strength is mounted defense and by that they fit whole different roles.

    Also at the beginning you need to protect against Teuton bash raiders. Those that willingly kill some units to get the juicy ress. Legionnairs are more expensive and have less defense value vs Clubs attack value. Usually those players have far superior troop counts and can kill your legionaires with little losses.

    The only use is at the very start for hitting robbers and if you have no deff partner to exchange units to get a little anti cav defense into your preto defense.

    A lot of mini guides covered many aspects already, but many also cover strategies that only matter for single players / casual gamers.

    Regardless of the faction: Get a team.

    For Romans specific: Build as many troops as necessary to make yourself unattractive. I am one of those Teuton players that raids little romans when too many ress are in their storage. Main weapon for this are clubs. Pretorians with a medium sized wall at the start + a hero skilled on combat is something I won't attack.

    So look for a team, make a minimum defense to be unattractive for attacks and build up. Romans need to go heavy on culture production and settling new villages. Upgrade ress fields primarily, then cheap CP buildings, like main building, market place and academy.

    Expand quickly and scale up ressource production. To go on heavy troop production in early midgame is a good advise. if you expand properly you can have 6-8 villages in early midgame and a crop village. With that combination you can start building in a lvl 20 Barracks and pump Pretorians. Legionnaires fill a niche which you don't really need. In the very very early game you can hit robbers with it. But later on you are much better off building just pretorians and exchange deff troops with a teammate. Pretos work very well with Phalanx and Spearfighters.

    Off Roman: Farm inactives. Scout first and make farm lists. Equites Imperatoris are preference for farming, for a bash hammer you want to take Equites Caesaris - they have a shorter buildtime. Imperians build slowly, but are the most efficient infantry off unit in the game. If you build a hammer you want to build those at all times. If you use no gold, then Equites Imperatoris can be a good alternative to Caesaris as the ress consumption blends better than with Caesaris. When you calculate the ress consumption please also take into account that Rams are vital. You need them and you need a lot of them. They cost a lot of wood, so you might end up with too much wood consumption.

    As a beginner I would do the following for the very beginning:
    Look for a team to play with and make sure you find a Kingdom that is strong in your surrounding. The very start is the part of the game where you need to be the most active. Rush through the quests and get your ress fields up. After 48 hours on a normal speed server you can have your village 2. If it is later than that it is no problem, but you should have it before the end of your newbie protection. Then build some troops at the end of your newbie protection time and make sure you are no attractive target.