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    how on earth did you think of that ?? great thinking . thanks for sharing .

    thank you for your time sir and i would like to ask you kindly to read my statement above cause all the info you need is there . just please answer me that . do you find it normal that players after 3 days from starting the server gets only 2 hideouts a day ?? and i read in another thread that from the 3de day tell the 15th day of the game a player gets an average of 2.8 hideouts every 24 hours ? that is almost 3 every 24 hours ?? NL1 started a week ago i assure you that for the past 2 days i,m getting 2 every 26 to 28 hours ?? and i clear hideouts within an hour from appearing .

    why don't you admit that there is something wrong with hideouts and camps ?? i stopped playing this game more than a year ago for that reason , every time we fill a ticket we get the same answer "" nothing wrong "" we are in the game , we talk and send reports to each others so we really know when there is a difference and we play in different servers so we can see that there is a difference ?? i started more than a week ago in com 6 ,, thought it would be fixed by now . starting my 2de day i only get 2 robbers hideouts a day , after 2 days i filled a ticket they asked for screen shots which i gave then they told me nothing wrong with your hideouts ?? but after it i start getting 4 hideouts a day till i deleted my account 5 days later , "" nothing wrong "" . now i play in NL1 , on my 3de day i start getting 2 hideouts a day , i waited for 2 days and then complained , i got this lovely answer " hideouts are related to the kingdom size and your village growth " ??????????????????????? and camps spawn in most kingdoms every 3 days , but some kingdoms doesn't get them for 5 or 6 or 10 days ? is this fair ?? or this is a way of controlling the game ?? why don't you put a ticker for the hideouts and camps ?? like the hero's adventures , so that way everyone knows what he get and when they get them ?? or what do you expect from governors who are still in PP ? to stare at the screen the whole day waiting for the hideouts or camps ?? cause other than that they have nothing else but robbing oasis , which also is a joke and i already asked the question and filled a ticket with screen shots and didn't get an answer for it . why when i attack an oasis with my hero to clear the animals first and right behind him my horses at the same timing and i repeat they both fall in at the same timing , sometimes i got the resources and sometimes not ??