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    Once again I find myself at the end of a server and wonder… Do I want to do this anymore, do I want to spend a lot of money on a game, where some people are doing all they can to spoil the game by using multiaccounts and other lousy things. Some even sends messages to all, offering possibility to BUY ways to cheat, fx. Multiaccounts amongst others.:(

    Why spoil the game for us, who are serious players, and who play for the sake of the game, and who don’t want to cheat using multiaccounts, placing players in other kingdoms as spies, and what ever cheaters can think of.

    Yes, I really want to be on the winning team, BUT not at any cost. I want to win with my honor intact, and in a way I can feel proud about, and I REFUSE to use your fraud. But it is sad that You spoil the game for others. :(

    Can Travian Games afford to lose good paying players over cheaters with multiaccounts, since You allow it to happen over and over again, instead of totally exclude players using cheats as multiaccounts from all .com servers permanently.

    Still stuck with a spawn with 1 wood field I DONT make and this have been since first days. After relocate we should have absolutly no fields build , but i got a wood field so my spawn didnt desapear whan i have delete all village.

    and now the troops are on their way to attack, Waoh it just doesn't work very well at this halloween server