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    Having the app is great, but there are critical things that are missing (I apologize in advance if this has already been said somewhere) I know people who can only access the game from their phone at work and don't play because of some of these short comings

    1. Their is no access or notification of in game messages

    2. Reports
    A. Filtering is limited. On the browser you can easily filter for farming losses on the app it's impossible for a heavy farmer to see anything.
    B. There is no way to act on a report. You need to add the send again, click on a player and also be able to go to location in the report.
    C. On scouting reports, when you scout for defense you don't show Res/Pal , wall or water info - *** This is a huge problem ***

    3. Stats window
    A. There is no WW screen. App players can't see the end game
    B. No top 10 for Kingdoms
    C. Very slow to swipe to change view. It would be nice to click to jump to a view like top 10
    D. You can't click on player shown

    4. Farm list
    A. What does the sword with the + do?
    B. The color system doesn't match the browser
    C. When you go into the list I have no idea what you are showing there, but the most important thing to see would be if troops were lost or not.
    D. It lags have sometimes and you send out the list 2 times by accident

    5. Tributes
    A. Doesn't have the collect all button
    B. It shows all the villages not just the ones that actually give you tributes. The only way to tell if it actually gives you tributes is to click on the collect button and see what happens

    well the first duke of the premade team would just settle in the area of the king, get an invitation and become a duke.

    while when you dont have a premade team you would need to convince good possible dukes to trust you and settle in your territorry before making them a duke, and in most cases they would preffer to try to go first for a cropper.

    wouldn't the dukes in the premade kingdom also want croppers?

    I agree that it would give pre-made teams too much of an advantage if it was in place from the start, so it could be changed to only kick in after (say) 30 days.

    would't it make it harder for pre-made teams? Now they do the duke thing and suddenly have a big kingdom and everyone wants to join them. With this and the randomness of start locations it would make it hard them establish themselves so quickly

    if you remove the top 10 rule have anyone who loses treasures to a higher ranked kingdom still lose the VP points even if the higher ranked kingdom doesn't get them. They still need to have a reason to defend them. ideally they should lose points at double the normal rate to make the effective loss the same as before. Personally I think a better change is that once the WW comes out nobody can steal VP and everyone loses them at double the rate.

    on abdication doesn't their ability to get tributes go away now anyway? Am I missing something?

    I would allow a treasury in the WW so they can collect tributes to build the WW, just don't allow it to hold treasures or cap it at 4,000.

    Although I'm not sure "adding players who are outside your kingdom's area" is that great anyways. We theoretically want players in a kingdom to be connected geographically as well...

    That would be an interesting change, just limit Duke promotions to people in the Kingdom already.

    By the "top 10 rule" I mean that you can steal VP from any kingdom in the top 10, no matter your position. With that change you'd only be able to steal from higher-ranked kingdoms again.

    I think you still need to add a VP loss to the team that losses the treasures, otherwise the lower ranked team has no worries when attacked by a higher ranked team

    So, to prevent the instant king/duke/governor rotation to dodge victory point stealing, we're thinking about adding an abdication timer based on the number of treasures the respective player currently has. So players with no or very few treasures wouldn't be too affected by this change as their abdication timer would be very short. Players who own lots of treasures, and are thus relevant in regards to this dodging exploit, would take way longer and in most cases not be able to dodge an already incoming attack.

    We're also thinking of getting rid of the "top 10" rule for victory point stealing to prevent metas from shifting all their points to their main wing in the endgame ("VP boosting").

    With regard to the timer just leave in something in so you can quickly bring someone in and drop them for adding players who are outside your kingdom's area. Something like if there is no active treasury they can still be dropped immediately.

    Which part of the top 10 rule are you thinking of getting rid of? The 10x/25x or that you can only steal from a kingdoms with less points if they are in the top 10?

    Are you considering anything like this? No stealing of VP after a certain time (ex. WW come out), but you the loser still loses the points (or double points to keep the effect the same)

    One more thing, I think 12 hours to activate a treasury is a long time for a server that lasts only 60 days.

    It's logical, but it does move things even more the defender's way. I'm not sure that's a good thing right now, I feel 99% certain that defence has too much of an edge currently. If that was corrected I wouldn't be opposed to your suggestion.

    a quick fix for that would be making helmets even better for increasing troop production or just allow the bonus to stay when you switch helmets. Another would be to just reduce training time for offensive troops or increase there strength. I agree that the defense has a big advantage. Also I would love to land 4 attacks in the same second again.

    I like the idea of delaying the effect of a duke abdicating from a treasures stolen perspective, but the need to stop being a duke instantly.

    I would say the once the WW come out VP points should not be able to be stolen, but instead they can be lost at 2x the normal rate. So the kingdom that steals the treasures no longer gets the points , but the kingdom that loses the treasures still losses points. The reason for doubling the rate is it would have the same net effect, but not allow the free transfer of points.