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    Keep your farm lists updated.....daily if possible......there are always new inactives daily...I always scout new they may not be clean.

    Keep sending out your farm list every few hours....paying attention to villages that come back with yellow or especially red reports.

    It may be.......I have yet to start a new server with the new changes to it is possible there are robber hideout delay thing you or anyone can do is to report it to help center.....if enough people think this is a bug.....Travian will look at it

    How about just revising Natars for the special server to be playable......and then make just 1 WW at 0/0 with misc. troops to be a king of the hill type server.........or no WW and just have the win determined by VP......or have the same amount of WW's but the one at 0/0 is the only one that can be leveled and the others are held for certain offensive or defensive bonuses that dont need to be leveled.

    Its not stated whether you were a Duke or not......If you were then the robber spawns for Duke are slower than those of governors.

    I get that people may see this as a bug....but before they fixed/changed Menhir hideout spawns.....people used to be able to get 6 hideouts quickly with Menhirs.....but im sure Travian will state that they just returned it to what it is supposed to be.....hideouts spawn very quickly in the first few days of the server......only Travian knows the time frame.....but it'll be different for everyone.....Player A may have one spawn 2 hours after killing 2.....while Player B may have to wait longer.

    Like i said its a random time for everyone......with governors getting them quicker than dukes

    Robber hideouts for governors spawn at a rate of 1 per 24-48 hours for each hideout (so 2 in a 24-48 hour period).......early on in a server they spawn quicker (usually within 24hours)....but as the server goes on they spawn less frequently falling into the 24-48 hours range.

    Dukes have them spawn less frequently overall......not sure of the time frames for Duke.....

    and Kings dont spawn any hideouts.

    Everything you build will add a small amount of culture points to your daily can check travian kingdoms wiki for how much.
    There are also some quests that add culture points.

    You can build a town hall and throw level 1 you can throw a small party, and at level 10 you can throw a large party.

    You can also use artwork....they award culture points based on your can get artwork either by finding them on adventures or buying them off auction.

    I have never been a big fan of International/Com server "Night "Truce" they only benefit 1 time zone....and since Com servers are global spanning......alot of players "Night Truce" times may fall during their afternoon....or evening hours

    I'm not Georgi, unfortunately, but I can tell you the COM1 started really not long ago and they give you a start about 75 golds, which is already a good thing. This server was opened precisely right after the announcement about the covid19.
    So I wonder aout what you complain exactly.

    Not speaking for LovëGood, but a few players from my group couldnt make com1 because of prior constraints.....but we were planning on starting in April. Outside of my group and LoveGood's group there is another group i know of that was going to start in April too........

    So hopefully Travian takes note of this and adds a 1x Com server to April.

    Do your 2 Dukes have an active treasury? Do you have the necessary treasures required to open another treasury?

    You cannot open another treasury until after your 2 Dukes have theirs active.....along with having the necessary treasures required to do so.

    Yes...the King and Duke can already attack robber camps.....but only once per camp........allowing the King and Duke to attack a camp multiple times opens up a whole new can of worms in terms of exploits that this game doesnt need.

    Bottom line, i think robber camps are fine in how they work........Travian has far more important bugs/exploits and issues to focus on first.