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    If a person's balls are so big that its disturbing his shot a being a career dancer.....that person is clearly pursuing the wrong profession


    I wouldnt mind seeing a bit of an RPG flare to the adventures.....adventures to me...have always been a side distraction from the usual button pushing, but I'd like to see my hero be to speak....perhaps more RPG text to an "settle nearby dispute with serfs" or "something is terrorizing the local peasants, they want you to investigate the issue"......with rewards to the first one might reward a few gold....the second might end up rewarding a few nature animals (you made a few friends ;))......etc.....something like that would be enjoyable.

    More adventures like that would be nice too....maybe 3-4 per day.

    Also a more customizable hero would be nice match his heroic deeds!

    In terms of tier gear....yes...they certainly are in need of an upgrade....starting with the horse....completely useless outside of the mobility....perhaps tier 2 and 3 could add stats like "Increases troop movement speed by X%" or "Increase troops attack by X%"

    Ive been playing this game since its release....and you'd be surprised just how many people have no clue how to use the spy glass.

    I wouldnt mind seeing simple items that instead of having to wear them....when found apply to your the Pennant .....its a very rare occasion and annoying to have to send your troops WITH your hero

    Thats all i can think of at the moment....but you get the general idea.

    See thats the thing......if a game continues to grow/evolve, player decline wouldnt be so huge and actually attract new players......conversely I do agree that no matter how many improvements you make to the game players do eventually tire of the game.

    I do tend to bad mouth the developers, but i guess the reality of it is.....browser games have a short life span.....why would i want to sit in front of a PC when i can sit back and relax and play on my mobile.....problem is mobile app is a far cry from playing this on browser....its terrible, but if there is limited developer time and money to invest into this game......fully upgrading/converting this game to mobile is the way to go....and perhaps one day once that is complete they can add new features to the game.....til then i hope the player base survives.

    I have been making suggestions on how to improve this game for years.....but always seems to fall on deaf ears, but i will mention a few to see where it leads.....


    - Kingdom quests. We have personal quests that grant us rewards for completing certain tasks and achieving goals...why not kingdom oriented quests/goals that rewards perhaps +x% increase in kingdom resource income or +x% increase in troop attack or defense. Kingdom quests like "Build X amount of total troops"....or have X amount of total income for the kingdom. Kingdom quests keep players invested in the kingdom AND the everyone goals to reach

    - Active Natars and/or Robbers....especially robbers, can form independent kingdoms.....launch retaliatory attacks....grow their villages.

    - Mercenary building....can recruit "mercenary" troops....which just consist of different troops from the available pool. Only a few different troops available per day, and only a certain amount can be bought per day.

    Changes to the game:

    - Oasis revamp.......putting troops into oasis for better production AND better influence is a complete waste of those troops....and just leads to pissing contests for better oasis %

    - Fixing Kingdoms Union and Menhir's.....way too many exploits, bugs, loopholes, abuses involved with them. Being allowed to delete as King or Vice King with active treasury AND treasures is just completely atrocious

    These are just a few things i have suggested over the years....

    Trust me....there are alot of great additions this game could benefit from.....some of them in my opinion.....simple additions.....but...its not going to happen.

    This game has MANY bugs, loopholes, exploits......some of which are easy fixes in my opinion.....but very little has changed in many dont expect anything new in this is what it is.

    I have been playing Travian for almost 15 years....and every round of Legends had a SPQR alliance...good to see it make a comeback..... will also have a player named Ragnarok...and a player named Jon Snow.

    How about a simple fix for the disabling the "Delete Avatar" option while you have an active treasury. That would at least spare some players from logging on one morning to find their Vice King has deleted WITH 18k treasures!

    Welcome to the world of bugs Travian doesnt seem to care about fixing .....I have been complaining about this for well over a year! Its a BAD design....and something in my opinion that could be EASILY fixed......yet here we are.......if your hoping this gets fixed anytime soon......dont hold your breath. Best i can suggest....make sure Kings and Vice Kings have duals!