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    It would be cool if this were actually a feature......being part of the independent Natar empire.....join, and be a governor or Duke under the automated Natar King...who by the way would launch periodic OP's on nearby kingdoms. The automated Natar King would have his own treasury...making it intriguing on how to defend it .....would present a nice challenge.

    PS....Is there actually a Natar King in Travian Kingdoms lore?

    I agree with the above.......crannies are fine!

    What does need an upgrade is the Gaul Trapper....that poor thing only has usefulness for the first few weeks of the server....than most players especially teutons have enough troops to overcome the traps issue.

    I think Trappers at level 20 should be 1000...and the resources required to get to 20 should ramp up significantly the last few levels...sort of like the treasury.

    Just my input

    I'd love to get resources over and over again.....apparently you havent had the "Nothing Valuable Found" 5 adventures in a row.....or get 200 silver mid/late game.....THAT is a travesty.

    Hey i even tried to encourage some players around me to move to another corner of the map so they wouldnt be mercilessly farmed.....they did listen ?(

    Since maintenance....system map messages have all popped back up.....mostly "Village was abandoned X hours ago"...but treasury messages, settled villages.....
    Usually they disappear after 24h.

    The hidden treasury for a governor just protects a very small amount of tributes in your village.

    Not worth it for a governor.....hidden treasury is expensive for what it actually does....better to just raid yourself for those tributes...and build crannies if your worried about incoming raids

    As a governor you will not be able to activate it....unless you become Duke....or King.

    The only way the kingdom would change to a Duke would be if he goes inactive, deletes.....or he (the King) abdicates

    You can destroy all his villages, but that still wont remove him as King because you cannot delete a capital...only knock it down to zero.

    Your only option is diplomacy if you want the old kingdom back.

    There is no way to dethrone a long as he wants to be King he can continue to play as one.....You can keep attacking him and catapulting his treasury...essentially making his life miserable, but thats about it.

    Unlikely.....If a Kingdom owns an oasis when they deactivate their treasury....the oasis will remain theirs until another nearby Kingdom conquers it.....or if there are no troops in it....until the nature animals re-conquer it.

    The only delay would be if you have not refreshed your browser.....that can happen if an oasis changes hands.

    A city gives less CP over all than a new village.....and slightly less resources.

    Having cities or new villages is a play-style decision.......If you do not care about CP or expansion cities will help in terms of less villages to focus on making it easier to plan out village uses (offensive/defensive/support)

    Conversely....more new villages means more CP income....but more time needed to build and develop these villages.

    Again....its a play-style choice