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    I agree with the many other posters.....this would be horribly abused by multis.

    I still think the best tactic to improve kingdom cohesion...would be to implement kingdom quests....much like a players personal quests.....
    with goals for the whole kingdom to attain and rewards from those that benefit the kingdom.

    My group and I are looking to play next in September. We're hoping when the September roster comes out, there will be a COM x1 option <3

    If i were to hazard a guess.....I would say no Com 1x in Sept.
    Travian has been running 5 Com servers.....and with 1,2,and 5 just restarting recently...that leaves Com3...which starts Aug 30th
    Com 4 would be the next to end....which it will not til early Sept.....Travian needs time to scrub the slop off the field and reboot it.

    I wonder if there will be a 1x Com server in Oct. with all the Halloween events.......time will tell.

    That will lead to new multi age as then they can make lots of multies. part of them makes troops to clear natar and res is feeding main with rest so s/he can take it in record time and make it capital to lock it down

    Definitely true.....

    Perhaps the type of troops you could build was limited to a few .....perhaps an offensive troop, a defensive troops, and the spy
    Or further limit what types of buildings you could build. Making it only be able to build a select special Natar only buildings

    Travian could also add a new building one could a Natar Embassy ...where one could build a few select Natar troops.
    Another building to add might be a Nature breeders cave/building.....where you could build a few select troops also.

    Just an idea

    All worlds

    Birthday cosmetics

    On all Travian Kingdoms game rounds, you will be able to see the new Birthday Bash hero cosmetics. Please update your app to see a special Birthday App icon and the party hats on your mobile devices, too. Unlocking the new cosmetics can only be done on the Birthday Bash worlds BBash1 and BBash2.

    By igniting Super Fireworks you will get a chance to unlock a birthday cosmetic.

    So.....All worlds get to SEE the new cosmetics.....but still cant unlock them?

    Whats the point?

    And this is the most interesting point I think we can take something forward... do you have any specific goals in mind?

    If anyone else has any in mind that we could study, please let us know!

    I have mentioned this before.......

    But one thing to make Kingdoms more cohesive and engaging.....would be to institute kingdom quests/goals.....much like personal quests....
    Like; "Have X amount of troops in kingdom" and some kingdom-wide bonus for the reward.
    "Reach Rank X in offense/defense" .....for some reward

    Having Kingdom quests/goals will keep more players engaged...and give newer players incentive when on slower servers....or during a slow time.

    Wouldnt necessarily have to be a HHunt 1x servers are 5 months long.....thats a long time to celebrate Halloween ^^
    But, yes.....a special server for 1x would be nice.....
    I should note that this special 1x server should have a timely announcement ahead of it......meaning...that it should be announced well ahead of its start that players currently in a 5 month long server would have time to finish their current server and get into the special one.