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    Unfortunately, If you have resource production as an elective would be too easily abused. Controllers may give it to a friend or may have more malicious intents if its an unreputable controller.

    Still, in my opinion population based is the easiest and simplest solution Travian could institute for oasis control. If i found a 150% 15c....I would have no problem setting up a few villages right around these 50%wheat oasis for pop control....would add an additional layer of village planning to the game, while eliminating the most annoying aspect of them currently...which is players sticking thousands of troops into them for control.......nothing worse than seeing you have 5000 influence on a 50% oasis only to notice you are only receiving 40% because someone with 500 influence decided they would stick 5000 troops into it for better production.

    I agree too...i have a thread about this too. people in the Kingdom get into little pissing matches to get that extra 5% bonus....when those troops would be going to better use in treasuries instead of guarding some weeds or rocks ; )

    I thought oasis ranks should be just solely population troops needed.

    Just be careful who you merge with .....the system is badly broken. You cant break a union once merged. You cant dissolve the union/Kingdom once merged, BUT (and heres the broken part) Your King or Vice King can DELETE, without restriction, WITH TREASURES!!!!! So again, be careful who you merge with, make sure they are in the game for the long haul.

    Sadly, im not sure how a fix would work. Kingdom Unions was meant to establish strong ties between smaller kingdoms and entice diplomacy, but all ive seen so far is that its encouraging strong groups to merge together.....basically 2 separate strong core groups join the server at the beginning....on day 30 those 2 groups merge....thats the end of the server.

    Travian is going to have to thoroughly refine this Kingdoms Union to prevent such mergers or get rid of Unions all together....cause in my opinion it will be the doom of this game.

    The fortunate thing about those troops is that they are extremely weak against only a few thousand cavalry would kill them, other than that, a high wall and some defense from your kingdom would stop their attack, but i do sympathize, in my last server i had a similar situation, except mine was around a thousand rams, but yes some building will be zero'd. As far as a i know robber hideout cats only target 1 building.

    I agree something should be done....especially with the advent of a friends list, more and more players will be grouping together to join servers, so we will see more and more "super groups" starting servers. I think limiting kingdoms to a certain number might be detrimental, but perhaps a system of "revenue sharing" of sorts when a kingdom exceeds more than perhaps....double population(or another measurement) in which smaller kingdoms would receive a benefit of some sort.......might be a better route to go.

    Additionally, I understand Deacon's position as i am also on Com7....and im sure there will be a mass exodus of deletions to other...more competitive servers shortly.

    What about a mercenary additional building that allows you to build foreign troops at a much higher cost. not sure how it would work, but thought i'd throw it out there.

    just thought of this.....what if every 24 hours there are 3 different types of troops....and you have only that 24hours to build as many as could fit in those 24 hours....and each day it cycles through another 3 random if you were playing a Roman, and wanted to build'd have 24 hours to build them....and then you might have to wait another 3-4 days til they popped up again, so that it keeps people from overloading on strong foreign troops.

    I have started to notice the robber hideouts keep spawning at what im guessing is maximum distance from my capitol. In the past they used to spawn a square or 2 away from your they seem to be constantly spawning at 6 or so squares away, which is a pain since once i have the troops I always siege robber hideouts....which at 6 squares is about 3+ hours....again pain in the ass

    I certainly hope i'm not the first person to ask or wish for this, but the attack panel is the most frustrating....seriously a WAR game is the default setting DEFEND?!?!? I would bet that EVERYONE here has mistakenly sent troops accidentally as reinforcement AND lost troops as a result of it. My suggestion would be; 1) move the reinforcement button out of default, and 2) perhaps color code them for easy attack would be red shaded, and raid yellow, scouting blue, and reinforcement green.....just suggestions, but PLEASE!