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    Eq imperatoris are better early on, but caesaris excel later in the server, when atk per hour is the main factor. When you train troops everywhere 24/7, and you either have enough EI to keep raiding or stopped raiding altogether, EC become more interesting.

    Sorry guys, my calc was based on info in wiki, where the training time is listed as 44 min EI and 58:40 EC, for stable lv 1. To you speed number, this change the ratio of training times from 0.75008 to 0.75269. so in the final EC is trained a little bit faster with high level stables.

    Well, this topic is about if has or not benefit in unlock Eq caesaris at all, because some comparisson can lead us to conclude they are same, if not Eq Imperatoris better.

    With the new building for romans, the Horse Drinking Trough, they haven't balanced units since then. This said, we can conclude this could be good or not to roman players, as I will try to explain.

    Both cavalry units are used in offence, so we are ignoring their def stats for now. The main diference here is they use Imperatoris major in farming, saving caesaris for the real fights late game.

    But, for a comparisson, we have a 3crop unit with 120Atk and 4crop unit with 180Atk, right ?

    This alone can be converted in atk per crop, as it: 120/3 = 40 and 180/4 = 45

    So, without the building, we have a slow Caesaris, with an atk/crop compared with an Theutatis, and an Imperatoris who is worse thar Teut Knight and Haeduan in atk/crop.

    But when the romans have that building full updated, things come to be better.

    The caseris now has 180/3 = 60 atk/crop

    The Imperatoris now has 120/2 = 60 atk/crop

    quite same hun?

    as the wiki says, with a lv 20 smith, caesaris can have 232,4 atk and imperatoris 157,1 atk

    the magic occurs when we compare then after the crop reduction from that building

    The caseris now has 232,4/3 = 77,466667 atk/crop

    The Imperatoris now has 157,1/2 = 78,55 atk/crop

    Last, we have the resource cost. Being Caesaris iron hungry, Imperatoris can be a better option to be trained with Imperians, because their costs can be balanced, the cav consumptin less iron in training mean more iron to inf, so less trade or gold to keep balanced.

    The training time is important too, Imperatoris can be training in more or less 3/4 os Caesaris training time, so the final difference will be see with that building and smith levels. Unnecessary to say we can get that bonus much early with imperatoris.

    as you can see, Imperatoris can be better in offernse than caesaris late game. so researching caesaris can be a waste of time and resources.

    Maybe if in future updates they give some def to caesaris, they could be more useful, give to roman defenders a cav unit compared to haeduans. good with the Horse drink building, but worse to reinforce non romans, but still a better defender than offender.

    So - I'm trying to figure out how this would work different than how they currently work.
    If you don't clear out a Robber Hideout (or the Kingdom doesn't clear out Robber Camps) they will attack after a certain amount of time.
    You can attack them before they land, however. But both the Hideouts and Camps have a timer for attacking if they aren't cleared.

    Are you suggesting that they would be an aggressor first? So - they couldn't be attacked before they attack you and you would have to defend before you could attack them?

    Exactly! Before the robber hideouts spawn, or at same time, they will target you village in one atack. this way you cannot avoid be atacked at least once. even if not a big deal, the feel of been atacked is a new thing to all.

    The way of they atack after a while if not raided continue the same.

    Robber camps still the same, because their forces are more challenging for some players and they cannot target all players in that kingdom, so this could be somewhat unfair.

    But for hideouts, each player, king or governor, need to deal with then alone. think in this feature like a reality thing. Our cities and countries are daily raided for bandits and the police need to keep then in their place. In a kingdom, each ruler of a territory will need to protect their people from bandits, in a less scale from the king defend de all kingdom from other kingdoms or players.

    Alright - I'm trying to mull this over and want to make sure that I have the general outlines of your idea right.
    I'm trying to figure out if this is a suggestion for Hideouts or Camps (or both).

    It seems like you're suggesting camps that would be in a Kingdom that would eventually attack if they are not cleared out? Or maybe that they grow in size before they eventually attack?

    Could you maybe offer more information on what feature this would be related to Hideouts, Camps, both, or something entirely new?
    Are you suggesting that an NPC is more active and behaves more like a real player it it's attacks and frequency?

    Yeah, it will be more like an active NPC, as you say.

    They can lauch atacks once a day before become a hideout (time adjusted in speed servers)

    So, if not defended, the player will need to beat a few more soldiers per hideout.

    Example: Today I cleared a hideout with 4 clubswingers and one Paladin. This could be an atack force, and they have one more paladin defending the hideout. If the player sucessfull defend against the atackers, he need to beat only one more paladin to get the stolen goods. If he evade, or fail, he will face a full troop of 4 clubs and 2 paladins.

    If necessary the proportions of atackers and defender could be changed, but at least a little bit more than the actual size, and someway distributed on atk/def .

    On robber camps, because they already lauch atacks, have a bit more troops and need to be cleared by more than one player, I think this could not be changed for once, but hideouts affects just the players so each one will face yours.

    I appreciate it. was a mess write all in one post. sorry for this

    I have a suggest about robbers.

    I think they a fantastic feature on T:Kingdoms but they are not that challenge. How about we can put then an steroid to make things a little interesting?

    My idea is simple.

    Actually, they come as static hideout waiting to be raided, and camps who can or not raid people on that kingdom. but, at some stage, the governors are more offense minded than def. because when robber camps come to be an issue, we just launch a preemptive strike as siege on then to minimize losses before be atacked.

    The new way, robbers can lauch some aleatory atacks on all accounts and villlages. maybe sending stealed resources to an hideout and forcing the player to deal with it to get back. this way some pacific get a bit of change of pace, because things can be bored sometimes when you dont have a target on you back.

    Balance can be adjusted if this is a too much, like limit atacks to you capital, make that more easy, and if a player was raided and suffer losses that day, the robbers dont show for a while. give to the weak a chance to rebuild before be atacked.

    Hi. How can we apply to voluntary help translate the game? I can put some time a day to translate the wiki to PT (portuguese)

    On UI options both from game and wiki sometimes we get the wrong language, by example the annoying auto change in wiki from english to any other language when the page updated. anyone has experimented it? If yes is there a call to be fixed? I use EDGE browser on win10 setup, cannot say if on Google Chrome this occur.

    A game with low prestige players? maybe if in future the game can offer some rewards to winning kingdoms, we can tray this idea. a system of league to filter experienced players and who goes up until gold or platinum league. even better, a minimum finished servers ( play until end) can filter even more the experience and let only the new or "play for just few days " players find you way.

    ok.. let me explain and elaborate better this.. not a task from the tasknote to get a reward, but a ingame tutorial to force new players to do the interaction. This need a dialogue included explaining how important this could be. It is a rework job, but could be great if well done.

    Send a message is a old task from the early travian version, if I am not wrong. we just need do a special touch to set this to kingdoms system.

    Let the player know this is a teamwork game, and we need to be part of a group in order to survive and have any chance. How about after deal with robbers the council say to the player who we need a king protection? maybe a new wave of robber atacks, and because they feel not ready this time they ask for allies help. we can force a situation here... because many newbies ask for help about farmers, so this tutorial atack need to be in siege mode, maybe just one ram to put some fear is enough and ensure the help can be good enough to not let the player lost more troops, because at this point they just have about 10 units hero included.

    Reinforce a player is alread a task ingame. it will just be more elaborated. maybe in the tutorial the robbers are going to steal the treasuries who we sell to our king and we are asked to defend the king. the player already learned how to atack using hero and offensive troops, now he are asked to select the def troops and the hero and go reinforce the king. Explain in this task how good is to a kingdom have a well guarded treasuries to grow and exerce inlfuence, and so on.. many players just do know this in a hard way.

    How about secret societies? this is so much unknow, just a way to traitors do the expert job inside a rival kingdom, and others undertable hide things realated. so why not set a new tutorial moment here? maybe a npc character are inside the roobers group and want to share some vital info to you, and you are asked to join they society for a while. after they deliver some info, you are kicked from this society, finished the tutorial.

    Regarding the general thread theme, it is difficult, yes they had a joined start, one was the "child of the other", but, as iribuya well mentions, they are very different in feel and play style.

    It allows you to choose one or the other, play them concurrently or just jump from one to the other when you feel a different play style.

    About they are now so different, we could play servers with different versions, as they already do in legends.. join the players in one community, for example here, and in one plataform the players can choose with version they preffer, not two different websites.

    about the app thing.. how about complete forgot the use of this to play in mobile and just focus in build a real companion app instead. It obviously not going well, at 2 star rating and many angry replies.. the app could just try to open a mobile browser ( who many people already preffer than play in the app) to do specific tasks like put units to train and start a building.

    on the gold balancing.. many things affect this.. for example here from Brazil, the price to buy gold is expensive.. 300 pieces cost about near 8% of my salary. sometimes players of other countries could affort buy gold much easier and so others can feel injustice, but economy is this. Maybe if poor players can "Farm gold" ingame, they can have some chance, even if they play other servers to gather gold to play seriously in the next round, but it can easy unbalance the game, the gold cost of many things will go up and so on... not a easy call.

    To finish, I want to be gratefull for listen me and let here your opnions. thanks anyone for discuss it with me

    A problem with "fixing the app" is that I think many players have given up on it at this point. Many prefer even just mobile browser, which is sad. Their development rate is too slow to fix it quick enough.

    One creative way that legends gains income is "watch this ad and get 10% off building time."

    The strange thing is that many of their ads are just for their own games. But there are other ways for income if the company agrees there is too large of a discrepancy.

    About the app problem, at this time this is more a companion app than a game app. I am just using this to receive notifications. no way to play in it.

    the way to get income from legends are cool, but annoying. sometimes I preffer to not use this just to get away to the video ads. they create it to compensate the mechanic of auto finish in less than 5min of the kingdoms, but it only worth in 1x or late game, when time goes up to more than 4 hours. and why not introduce some of this in kingdoms too?

    Kingdoms have a major issue with their app, so it is a great start to fix the kingdom problems .

    The new civs introducted in legends have a good impact in maintain the people there ( and maybe, because this they have so many excuses to do not drag these two civs to kingdoms)

    I dont care about gold limits, because it is a income base for the creators, so they could put more options with gold cost in kingdoms to maximise their profit here and start do some attention to their players.

    I dont like slower server, but totally agree with more midgame goals.

    If I am not wrong.. the tutorial system finish with the decision to become governor or king. Many new players could try the king for curiosity, or choose be a governor and not search for a kingdom. Maybe if have new tasks to encourage then to chat with other players, invite players, and other kingdom related, and why not, the most important... tasks and tips who include send reinforce to a ally in danger ( king or governor), and to become more offensive even as governor, because many newbies choose a pacific way as governor and forgot to train troops or train just deffence and in some point are incapable to deal with robbers. For then, we need more instructions to how to play in a hope to keep then motivated after the start.

    I am just thinking.. if travian games own kingdoms and legends.. why have two separated games?

    You can see the people more and more leaving the game, just bored with the very bored to death Travian legends start, and haters of the kingdom system and the abuses included. So we have two broken games who can be joined in just one. They just need to listen the people, right?

    actually many players of T kingdoms play legends as well, but in certain moment they need to choose one of then to keep more attention ( as well players who have account in more than one server). So we have end games with a few alliances and a lot of death farms, abandon the game, and if newer player, they can not back anymore.

    I remember when in T3.5 they have just one game and the servers are more intense in all levels, with minor players fighting their way even if not competing for a WW.

    I am not demmanding any change.. just leaving the idea to discuss...

    If they aren't teutons then it must be that they are stealing tributes. Robber bag does not increase cranny dip, only carry capacity.
    You can't hide tributes in a cranny. Best thing to do is to build def. Don't let small groups of def die. Stash your def in oases, keep hero home with boots of chicken until you have enough troops to defend against the raider.

    They can steal your tributes.

    Thanks for this information. I was wrong


    Although a Teuton hero can plunder 20% , has an equipment called "Bag of the thief" who can be equipped for any hero. maybe you Gaul friend has one of these equipments. If is that the case, so he can plunder a % of you cranny.



    Aunque un héroe teutón puede saquear un 20%, tiene un equipo llamado "Bolsa del ladrón" que puede equiparse para cualquier héroe. quizás tu amigo de la Galia tenga uno de estos equipos. Si ese es el caso, para que pueda saquear un% de tu queja.

    Do you remember the old system to heroes?

    When you need to train a troop, then go to hero mansion, then retrain that troop to become a hero? He start with double atributes from your earlier version but can become more powerful with experience.

    How about create this , aside a hero system?

    My suggest:

    The champion will not gain Xp like heroes. but they have health like heroes and can die.

    Their level will be determined from barracks/stable or blacksmith ( max lv20)

    Only one champion can be used at time.

    Same crop cost of hero

    no off/def bonus

    predefined health recovery/day

    no item usage ( or get a specific consumable )

    hero weapons will give double bonus to their atk/def