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    Since Robber Camps are a part of the Kingdom and most KIngdoms set rules about the Robber Camps it should be very easily solved as programmer to put in a code to see the amount of incomming attacks on a robber camp and not allowing any furthur attack automatically ones the last attack has been send, this way people can not snipe the camps in front of someone who s running from an hour in advance.

    If developers don t care to add these simple things to the game then it s very clear we all just good for our money.

    I disagree. someone 20 blocks away from me sends attacks on all the camps. I who have a camp next to my village and the 5 minute duration of the attack should be * disabled * This is not fair. They should prevent robbery attacks on the camps.

    I'd like for there to be an option or just by default, a way for Kings and Dukes to see all reports for Robber Camp attacks.

    This is especially pertinent for the last attacks on robber camps, since you can't ever see who made it.

    I guess just more granular information regarding this gameplay aspect would allow for more effective kingdom ruling.

    This is not necessary. Leaders take your time and send to each camp for each wave 1 unit in def position and you will see everything.

    hELLO ALL.

    I have a question: com3x3 when the holidays start, do the units defending other settlements return home for the holidays? (LAST TEST SERVER RETURNED)

    I don't cry, you are not concerned by this because you open account in every single servers, no matter local or so, only for prestige and annoy players everywhere. It's why I'm sorry for your experience about the game, but of course you are the only one guilty about your own situation.

    it was nice to play devoutly until I overlooked that one king (kraghdan) opened a kingdom just for their governors to be farm for the friends and jumpers.

    Play king*?

    Where did we come from? Big kings attack the little king to take 250 treasures for him. When this little king starts attacking them with 1 unit, they cry.

    What will the Travian team do for them? Will it make it difficult or even impossible for one unit attacks to keep them from crying?

    Poor great kings.

    if you don't stop sending those attacks, all your villages will be catapulted from existence.

    Attack to me.

    Today | 00:52:45

    Boots of the Chicken: Your hero evaded the fight together with 10 units.

    You have freed 137 of your own troops and 89 allied troops, of which 103 own and 67 allied troops have been rescued.

    Resources were recently delivered to this village by someone who shared the same PC with you in the last three days.

    Why this? Nobosy play my acc.


    Firstly: I know many people believe king tributes are already excessive, this suggestion has nothing to do with that, that is a separate topic.

    Suggestion: Increase the amount of resources generated by "NPC Vassal" for kings during the first few days.

    Why: Spawning as a governor has a huge advantage in early game progression over a King, this will even the playing field a bit whilst also encouraging more players to play as a king and hopefully remain that way. This could lead to more exciting early and mid-game sparing with the increased amount of kingdoms.

    now is governor:/

    Com 5 have now 104 king.If not is for tributes and tresors then why people play king? Cant survive 10 day .First 7 day or -200 pop tribute need be disabled.

    U cant pick ur my tributs because play without res field and warehouse need go up.

    Fake kings who will then be governors for basic ing (kingdom) will only get better.

    They would take advantage of governors, build faster, collect treasures and leave after 7 days or 200 pop.If u idea be valid then player must remain king all server time.(abdicate disable)

    I play the king with 1 settlement. The enemy attacks me and puts the settlement at 0 pop. Why make me a regular player and the kingdom disappears?

    What would happen to me if I was king by merge and dropped the ACC to 0 pop.What would happen to the United Kingdom?

    As governor do i need to have a secret treasury?

    Its expensive, isnt the resourses better used elsewhere

    jes,who tell no want farm u tributes.Build to lvl 5 ad be safe 3x500 res.Cant be raided.

    In the event of an attack it hides tributes which can be retained afterwards. As a king, vice king or duke, you can convert this building to a Treasury.

    I don't see this working. as there will be 1 man kingdoms just to secure treasures and new players take governor as it is labelled for beginners + they prolly won't even get that from card game

    One can see the chances of anyone becoming a successful king today.

    This is decided by the lobby of existing kings and dukes here. then this commercial is completely offline.

    My precious
    As a king or vice king, there are 5000 treasures in your kingdom.

    or more||||