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    If the Treasury is closed as a duke, logged off as a duke and named King, the Treasury can be activated instantly, if be king first time.

    holidays should be banned when the battle for WW starts

    It will take 24 hours for vacation mode to activate. During your vacation other players are not able to start attacks on you. Your resource production (wood, clay and iron) will be zero and is then increased by ‭‭100‬%‬ for the same duration after your vacation.

    Your treasures won't produce any victory points during your vacation.

    Maybe just a little help for the anti-jumpers:

    When ww is open.

    It can only jump between 1-2pm and 1-2am

    sssss#DE attack at 00.00:01


    next 3x i will establish a kingdom of defensemen


    deff jumper on call

    Jumpers are a good idea.

    It offers for faster construction of another village and occupation of cropes.

    So either jumpers and options like now or no more menhirs + initial settlement all fields at 1 lvl

    There were camps at 4437, one player settled there and the camps disappeared (4 hours until the next attack).-- not be kingdom member

    It doesn't matter anymore.

    hideout were 12 days and did not attack.

    I had to attack the whole army

    Consider what the conditions for the game would become if the first village had all the fields at 1 lvl

    There is nothing wrong with jumpers. anyone can decide to do this and work with them. The player's thing is what he will do with his achievements.

    You load up, all honesty and benevolent players.

    Accept my suggestion that everything be as it is now. but one change will fix a lot of problems, let the initial village have all lvl 1 fields.

    You really dislike thinking, don't you?

    It should be recognized:

    realizing the ideas and possibilities offered by this version of Travian is a cut impossible without the help of gold.

    Even defending yourself against those who is lucky and have gold is impossible.

    But, that's why test servers are available where we all have exactly the same options.

    when some players sign up to the playground as kings and collect about 500 treasures from the surrounding players, then they sign off the king and ** jump ** all into one kingdom with the treasures picked up? yes it is right. This can be done because it gives you easy leadership. Only the things that others do to you are nasty.