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    Perhaps you forgot what TL is like.

    The whole auction process is a lot more gold-intensive on TK. In time that doesn't mean so much, but at the start there's a big difference - the fully kitted out and consumable rich gold whale can make a much faster start. Also non-Whales don't have the chance to make a lucky silver killing on TK, exaggerating the difference further.

    The card game - if gold is no object you can get a number of decent boosts, again especially early in the server.

    Being able to use a bucket and 100 potions a day is pretty advantageous, again especially at the beginning (although this is also true on TL).

    Sure other advantages are mainly small, but they add up.

    The big boost you get at the start as a gold whale means you can get the best spots and more res = more troops. Sure, in the long run you still need to show some skill to take full advantage, but trying to pretend that this advantage is either minor or fleeting is simply self-serving nonsense.

    Fair enough, not most non-hardcore players use finders, but i still don't think the change would affect much..

    It certainly wouldn't affect the top farmers.

    I like the idea of inactives being in play for less time though. It makes farming a little more work, which is good.

    On the subject of seeing defenders, I rather suspect that the issue there is not balance, but what a report on attacking a WW would look like. On that basis it looks like I'd prefer to go back to not being able to spike greys - this forces spikers to do the same work as farmers in working out who likely farms are.

    Good suggestion.

    However, let me also say that I disagree with:

    Quote from Skyler#EN(4)

    The downside here is that the whole report system would need to be overhauled, every defender will be named whether they defend an inactive or not.

    I don't see this as a downside at all. I think the pendulum is too heavy in favour of defence at the moment; this would help swing the pendulum back.

    If you can see the spikers name on the deff report, then it is even. At the moment it isn't. Sure if someone takes spiking to the nth degree you can work it out, but that's not the norm. So the spiker spikes with no risk; this is what is wrong.

    I don't think it's a game changer, but it is annoying and things would get more interesting if the spiker was visible. What is the downside?

    With all that said I'm in general perfectly okay with e.g. showing names of people who reinforce a village again to the attacker. You wouldn't be able to spike/reinforce anonymously anymore at any rate.

    That would suffice. Spiking being anonymous is the sole problem IMO.

    Horn against animals and robbers? Then there will be lessened PVP and more on PVA/PVR.
    I am sorry but I disagree to this. Though it may have a bright side with it having players more option on what to do in game, they can attack more animals in wild oasis than before because of lower casualties.

    That's why I'm against the animals bit. But you will attack robbers anyway, so it shouldn't affect PvP.

    How much are you raiding with bro? You gotta react to it in time and maybe even try to counter it. If someone spikes me he better not hold the troops there longer than 30 minutes or he'll lose way more than i did. Multiple times killed even hammers that people send accidentally as reinforces. If i lose even like 10k troops to a spike (usually actually a chiefed village or something, not an inactive), i don't go to the forum telling it should be banned. Everyone wants to remove things they don't benefit from but others might. How about make inactives non-attackable? That would be fair for both sides am i right?

    I don't have a set number of troops to raid with, but there will be some with hundreds of troops per wave. Often the spikes are considerably more than 30 minutes away, so it's a waste of time looking for revenge.

    Actually I would argue that there should be a limit on resources raided from inactives and that they should maybe disappear faster. As I keep saying, there's no great skill to farming inactives.

    Perhaps someone should do it and show us how easily done/broken it is. For me atleast, it's pretty hard to believe that one person could actually deal any significant damage alone.
    Devs didn't do crap about VPs until it was abused, it might be the same on this matter. Just talks never seem to appeal to the devs.

    edit: i'll probably get replied something like "i don't want to be the guy that does that" or something, but we gotta know how something works before it can be fixed, am i right? Never lost significant amounts of troops to spiking so i don't see it as a problem before i do.

    I've lost several hundred troops in one spike on several occasions. Does this count as significant in your world, or not?

    Quote from Augustus_COM

    Spiking is very good for passively taking down opponents around you

    It won't "take down" anyone. It is "passive" in the sense that you don't have to do anything much. It also doesn't gain you much, because you will lose some troops too and you don't gain resources. It is simply a spoiler for someone else and that's why people are making the fun argument. If this is your best defence of the practice then it's not a very good one.

    However, I would point out that the tactic of sending 2 clubbies at everything is not "fun" either, nor does it take much effort.

    The game should not reward either tactic IMO.

    Which is best surely depends on circumstances, e.g. what are you constrained by, if anything, resources to build or crops to feed? What are you mostly defending against or attacking? With Romans you cannot forget the effect of the horse trough. Given that reduces the crop cost of EIs by one third, I think it's an attractive unit to build - and from what I've seen I'm not the only one to think that way.

    how would you grow in the start of the server? most (if not every) king that doesn't have a pre-made team searches for dukes outside the kingdom to get a bigger area faster. if the duke promotion is limited to people in kingdom already it slows kings down a lot

    I agree that it would give pre-made teams too much of an advantage if it was in place from the start, so it could be changed to only kick in after (say) 30 days.