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    Way, way, way too many easy abuses of the game at the moment. I strongly, and I mean STRONGLY, suggest that Travian devote all their TK resources to shutting these down. I'd say don't even bother doing anything else. I, for one, will not play another TK game until they start treating this with the level of seriousness it deserves.

    Still, these are International English servers. And Teams need to communicate. It's a real, real, real pain, to have people who join the Kingdom and then never communicate.

    But, I admit that I don't know what the solution is for those with minority languages, who don't speak much else.

    Hi @Reyals#EN,

    if you log in into the account as a sitter on a regular basis, it should not go inactive and you can still use the account as usual.
    Regarding the sendig of chiefs: to conquer a village you need to send the troops as "Attack", but you may only send "Raids" to other players as a sitter.

    It is, however, against the rules to do this for more than a fortnight IIRC, and doing so may get you banned.

    i think that is a big downside and really bad news for the casual players of TK.
    when a kingdom reaches the max capacity of members, the smallest govenors will be kicked out and reduced to farms + his villages will be chieffed.

    IF you implement a membercap there should be a way to increase the number of members (for example: link it to active treasuries, number of treasures or number of lvl 20 active treasuries)

    Except that you won't be able to declare War on him and therefore can't Farm him as noted above.

    Then you might get real battles between players instead of farming simmers and semi-actives; it seems Skywalker doesn't fancy that. :D

    It was a good team, in that it played as a team. Normally at best only half play, more likely a third.

    But in any case the solution is easy - reduce the amount of resource needed to match the maximum size of the Kingdom.

    @Aeneas, i just finished a speed server and had no problem playing without buying gold (won attack and raid meddles almost every week)... it's true that gold helps in getting to the top faster but nun gold users can too, if they used the right strategy.

    Assuming you're not a n00b, time is the most important thing. But Gold can help a lot, for example:

    1. It gives you a fast start with the best hero stuff, unlimited ointments/bandages/cages
    2. You need gold if you get 15-croppers, which are the most efficient way to generate res
    3. Extra spaces in towns and boosts to resources

    Sure, there are plenty of n00b gold spenders who waste their money, but that's not really relevant. The point is that, if everything else is equal, the gold whales have an advantage. How big is arguable, but generally the people at the very top of the lists spend a lot of gold.

    I just played on a speed server as well; the standard of play was weaker than normal servers IMO. I was just outside the top 10 raiders most weeks and I had only one farm list that I sent maybe 4 times a day.

    Even on a test server you can get the farmlist, do you know how little gold it costs to get a farm list?You can just sell a few items you find in the beginning of a server and get enough gold for that.
    When they say using gold they're talking about players who use massive amounts, players that can drop 100k of silver on 1 equipment and not even care.
    So again no, you dont need real money to be a good farmer.

    It's something like the test server that people are asking for.

    Farm lists are part of Plus. On a speed server you have to pay for that every 3 days, that's 200 gold over 60 days. Sure, on a normal server you can pay for it once and you would be daft not to.

    I agree you don't have to be a whale to farm. All I was saying is that you do have to spend some gold, you do have to spend some time and there are tactics. So farming isn't really a category in its own right.

    @Aeneas...Wait, wait, there are still good bots? Lol, I thought Kingdoms was immunne to bots. If the new programming wasn't about getting rid of bots then why are we playing this watered down version of Travian?

    People tell me there are. I don't have any personal experience. However, it's normally the case that the desire to cheat in some players is greater than game corporations to prevent cheating.

    Nobody said anything about farmers being unable to use gold

    Im saying him putting gold above farming is ridiculous, because anyone who farms well could easily outclass some guy who just uses gold and doesn't farm well.

    But top farmers also have to spend time, which was already at number 1. Well unless they use bots.

    It's also a tactic, although in most farmer's cases not a hard one as they just send lots of attacks on inactives.

    It also requires gold, because no way can you farm without the extended farm list.

    So really I don't know why Farming was shown as a separate thing on the list at all...

    No thanks,
    If they would make a starting fee or a weekly subscription i would stop playing Travian.
    I've played in many game worlds and took places among top ten attackers and raiders without ever buying gold.

    This is for a different type of server, like speed, not replacing the current servers.

    1. I'm talking about a small change to boost single players, not nerfing duals. Why should they get upset? In any case, probably countless players have left Travian due to being unable to compete. Plus this is TK, which is supposed to be aimed at the more casual player, i.e. players who don't want to spend 20 hours online a day.

    2. Almost always the very top "players" are duals. A very good and experienced player who invests many hours and gold can approach the same level, but he will have no life. Not many want that, especially those the game is trying to attract (see 1).

    3. If it's changed it will still be a free choice, so this fails a simple logic test as a reason not to change it.

    I didn't feel the need to mention that I don't want to play Dual, because I thought that was also too obvious. :rolleyes:

    Another idea from me I fear.

    AFAIK Duals used to be banned, but Travian realised that they couldn't be stopped so made them legal. Duals have an advantage over single players I think most people would acknowledge. They can spend more time, more money (gold) and benefit from multiple insights.

    My suggestion therefore is that something is done to balance this. I don't have any major thoughts yet on what that might be, but there are plenty of possibilities. The only real issue that I can see is that this would tempt duals to pose as single players, but leave that aside for the moment, because soon I'll raise another idea about accounts that would deal with this. :)