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    Don't do it.

    Better to grit your teeth, spend the resource and get a new village unless you are a King/Duke and need the influence (and given that you have to ask the question you shouldn't be a King/Duke).

    In the long run it gets you more bang per buck. Besides you can always upgrade to city later.

    If you're talking about Travian Kingdoms (there's also Travian Legends, which is similar but has a number of differences that are growing all the while), it's a Kingdom building and wargame - ignore the latter at your peril.

    The basic strategy is to build up your villages to produce resource to settle or conquer the next village, boosting the resources through raiding (a form of attack) while defending against being raided. You will either form, or be part of, a Kingdom, and work with others in the Kingdom to first capture and then build up a World Wonder. As someone might have said, "Pop (population, the method of measuring growth) for show, troops for dough".

    To start you are best going Governor, rather than King, because playing a King requires a greater understanding of the game.

    If you're a governor and you took some treasures, whether through attacking players or robbers, they stay in your village until a King/Duke collects them. You cannot see the ones you capture from players (which is maybe something that should be changed), but they are still there. The King/Duke can only collect them if your village is in their area of control. Ergo it's quite easy to lose treasures you didn't realise you had.

    Silver rewards from completing quests should be larger than normal speed and the relationship between gold and silver should be different. Why? Because the speed at which items upgrade is much faster, therefore rendering silver less valuable.

    Can I also say that you don't have to absolutely follow the guide. If your first village is in a nice spot you can keep it; your second village doesn't have to be a 15-cropper; etc. Also you don't get something for nothing; however the main benefit is that you get to choose your second village spot rather than make do with what's left. Plus it's a strategy that you absolutely don't have to be a gold whale to follow.

    On my pad I use Chrome to connect. While certain things are hard/impossible to do without a mouse, it's generally better than the app in that you can do most things more quickly.

    My method is the Main Building, Residence, Embassy and Town Hall go in the inner circle. Then I start with the warehouse, granary, marketplace etc. and go anti-clockwise with resource-related buildings from the top left gate. Clockwise I go barracks, academy, etc. - military buildings. Quite similar to iribuya really.

    I'm trying it, having started 4 days late, on the new speed server. First time I've been on there and the game may be different. I find that I need to get the WH up to 8 in order to fit in all the res from demolishing Residence.

    Also I need Granary level 9, not 8, to get the 9500 crop for a celebration.

    Is it different?