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    "Once upon a time, Ferdinand and Hugo were united kings. Ferdinand is a Teuton, Hugo a Gaul. Although, they have different characters, they are getting along well, but then..."

    Hugo suggested a contest to see who was the wildest between them. Naturally, Ferdinand as a Teuton was clearly the wilder one. Which is why without thinking, he pulled out his dagger and sliced it across his face, merely missing his already blinded eye that was damaged from a dare by the Roman King. Hugo stood there speechless whilst Ferdinand cheered with blood pouring from his face. "Don't worry, all wounds heal. Look, i'll blind my other eye and in a matter of weeks i'll be able to fully recover and be able to see" cheered Ferdinand. Little did he know it won't

    "...and this is why Ferdinand came home forever blind with a scar on his face."

    Moral of this story? Don't be Ferdinand kids.

    Good list of roles, but i think the roles should have quotas and fixed permissions. Unlike how you were able to assign everyone roles and all permissions in TL.

    That was not what I meant, was not intending to include genders in this but thought it could add more detail into the game with more positions within a kingdom.

    Since theres Kings, naturally there should be Queens. So I think another position should be implemented within a kingdom and this is the Queen. I don't have any idea on what this role could provide but I think it is a good start in spreading power and creating depth within the kingdom system.

    This has probably been suggested already but I'm just putting it out there. Can we please have the point system back on medals? Like amount of resources should be on medals to allow players to benchmark on the amount of resources they have raided.

    A game designer has recently asked for rally point suggestions, perhaps it can get more exposure if you post it there if it has not already been suggested.
    Separate marketplace inbound is already part of the game. Theres a small market icon in the rally point at the top that can separate marketplace inbound from troops.

    I understand that troops would disappear after being chiefed, but I feel that i'm being misunderstood.

    So let me clarify my question again:

    A1 ---Chief---> New Village

    (Sometime later) New Village ---Chief---> A1

    Wouldn't that cause conflict with the villages?

    To clarify, this is what I meant:

    A1 ---Chief---> New Village
    New Village ---Chief---> A1

    Is this valid?