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    Yes, that would concern me, having a stat that could highlight were the newer players are would mean that a lot more raids would be coming their way.

    So there should be a limit to what it is showing... even if we have just 0 for someone, it would be logical to asume that those are the ones that are raided the most.

    What other solution could you think for such type of situation?

    Jak already provided a solution

    Maybe not everyone on the server should be included in such a tab, it would leave the little guy too exposed. Possibly having top 100 farmers displayed would be a good stat to have though?

    It would make it so much easier to find farms, who went afk, but arent inactive.

    Also would be easy to spot feeding multiaccounts, because they would go super negative.

    I believe the raiding stats should not be able to go below zero. Showing everyone who is being farmed takes out the skill in finding farms.

    I totally agree. No farm between kingdom members. Only treasures should be possible. Also i would like to put another rules to the farming.

    1) When kingdom member farm another player from another kingdom or without kingdom, those players and members of those kingdoms cannot cooperate for few days (trade, send reinforcement between them). With every attack (raid) these days growing up up to the weeks or till the end of the server (on speed servers 3x). For the same time they cannot join opposite kingdom.

    2) Leaving the kingdom is desertion and it is forbidden to return to the same kingdom.

    I didn't include this because I believe this would overcomplicate rules and reduce gameplay experiences. Imagine two kingdoms secretly allied, unaware governors may be constantly farming certain members of the opposing kingdom, thus causing these two kingdoms to not be able to reinforce each other. I only wanted to make clear the relationship between farmer and farm, adding unnecessary restrictions would only reduce gameplay experiences.

    Ok, I came up with a possible solution for multis just now so it may have many flaws that I have not thought through. Or perhaps this has already been suggested, anyways I just wanted to quickly note this down before I forget.

    To prevent multi farming within the same kingdom, kingdom members should receive absolutely zero resources when attacking kingdom members. I know there is already a limit of how much resources you can get from attacking own kingdom members, but this solution would absolutely discourage any multis joining the same kingdom as multi farms. You might be thinking that this solution wouldn't stop multi farming because multis could just be farms without being in the kingdom, you are absolutely right. Instead, this small change would help us better identify possible multis.

    With the restriction in place, multis would be forced to be kingdomless members. Assuming these multis don't build troops, they would eventually be public farms available for everyone which helps level the playing field. However, it is possible for multi abusers to spike their multis and make it their own private farm. So I suggest another solution, like travian legends, players are not allowed to reinforce kingdomless members. This again levels the playing field allowing everyone to farm these multis. Only problem here is that abusers may start building defense in multis to prevent their multis from getting farmed and dodging attacks to only let their troops pass to reap the rewards of their multis. Unfortunately, I was unable to think of a solution to this problem, but I believe it makes it dramatically more obvious in determining whether players are abusing multis when a certain account is only dodging attacks from certain players. You could argue that abusers may ever so often purposefully kill their own troops or let a few other players farm, but I believe this would drastically hinder multi abusers' efforts in abusing the system and possibly stop abusing it all together.

    You could argue that multis could just be in a different kingdom and continue to be abused, but the same would apply with the previous point. Say abusers reinforce these multis from a different kingdom, or the multis build their own defense, it would again make it obvious what these abusers are doing when they only let their own troops through.

    Although this may not be a direct solution to stopping multi farming, but I believe this helps create a checklist for moderators in what to look for by better defining the multi abuse, generate more evidence to these types of abuse and also hinder and discourage the abuse.


    -by not allowing multis being in the same kingdom, there should be no reason for a player to be benefiting from another player without any relationship, so this makes it more clear when identifying multis

    "Once upon a time, Ferdinand and Hugo were united kings. Ferdinand is a Teuton, Hugo a Gaul. Although, they have different characters, they are getting along well, but then..."

    Hugo suggested a contest to see who was the wildest between them. Naturally, Ferdinand as a Teuton was clearly the wilder one. Which is why without thinking, he pulled out his dagger and sliced it across his face, merely missing his already blinded eye that was damaged from a dare by the Roman King. Hugo stood there speechless whilst Ferdinand cheered with blood pouring from his face. "Don't worry, all wounds heal. Look, i'll blind my other eye and in a matter of weeks i'll be able to fully recover and be able to see" cheered Ferdinand. Little did he know it won't

    "...and this is why Ferdinand came home forever blind with a scar on his face."

    Moral of this story? Don't be Ferdinand kids.

    Good list of roles, but i think the roles should have quotas and fixed permissions. Unlike how you were able to assign everyone roles and all permissions in TL.

    That was not what I meant, was not intending to include genders in this but thought it could add more detail into the game with more positions within a kingdom.

    Since theres Kings, naturally there should be Queens. So I think another position should be implemented within a kingdom and this is the Queen. I don't have any idea on what this role could provide but I think it is a good start in spreading power and creating depth within the kingdom system.

    This has probably been suggested already but I'm just putting it out there. Can we please have the point system back on medals? Like amount of resources should be on medals to allow players to benchmark on the amount of resources they have raided.

    A game designer has recently asked for rally point suggestions, perhaps it can get more exposure if you post it there if it has not already been suggested.
    Separate marketplace inbound is already part of the game. Theres a small market icon in the rally point at the top that can separate marketplace inbound from troops.