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    Villages have some "automatic defense", which can kill weak units.

    Also, if there is wall or residence/palace, defense is bigger even for no def units.

    Upgrade your units or send more of them to avoid losses (and destroy wall and residence in that village).

    Hmm are you drunk ? You sent your main hammers to us(93 lvl WW) when Russians have 99 and 97 lvl WWs and talking about allowing them to win. :thumbsup:

    Im honored to have one of main hammers :) Thanks!

    Plus, wouldnt it be boring for you, not being attacked a single time for whole server?

    Is this seriously how the server is going to end?? on a whimper? no WW destruction of any kind? 4uma just going to waltz to victory?!?!

    Nah, as far as i know, lot of attacks is going on most of WWs now.

    If noone knock 4uma down, end would be tomorrow around 13:00 CET (maybe little sooner, maybe little later). I guess most of kingdoms had some hammers saved for the last moment.

    But definitely it was long and... interesting server.

    But after they started fall, Nemesis decide fight with Reborn on one side; also three kingdoms (UNKNOWN, FRUITS and NewOrder) decide stop fight each other and go to us.


    I didnt notice we stopped attacking Fruits. Maybe not big ops now, but smaller attacks and raiding/razing villages.. it is still happening :)

    How many people are spiking and how many players use farm-bots? Is that a big problem for 200 farming people with great hammers destroy 1-2 people who are spiking and lose every troop in grey villages? Are you serious?! I remember days when people who were defending grey villages were kicked from alliances right away and were destroyed to 0 population in few hours. But now TOP players are lazy to cooperate, they are just crying to the forums. Bring back good hardcore players who want to cooperate and actually do something about it.

    Well, here goes problem of finding WHO is spiker.

    You can read all pages of defender points to try to find who spiked, but other than that, you have no chance to find spiker. Even then, sometimes you cant be completely sure you found right player.

    Build palace in some other village. There you have option to switch capital city.

    But be careful - all fields in first capital (now ordinary village/city) higher then 10/12 will be reduced, and you will loose stonemason if built.

    4. Rework the Victory Condition. This is a very crucial one. Currently if one kingdom gets a large enough lead they may simply be able to secure the victory before the server is over by hiding away their treasures and preventing other kingdoms from stealing VPs to catch up. It is in the final 2 weeks of the server a huge opportunity for the game to deliver an exciting strategic planing and amazing turn of events, both militarily and diplomatic. It's such a shame to everyone when a server ends in an anti-climax. Something needs to be done to keep both the mid- and the end-game exciting without one making one part exciting leading to that the other suffer. Personally I would like to see 3 completely separate victory conditions that when achieving either of these a kingdom win a server. For example:

    a) Having a World Wonder at level 100

    b) Having 10,000,000 VP

    c) Building a Imperial Palace

    The "c) Building a Imperial Palace" is an example of a new victory condition that would be of a "hidden information" style. Basically this is kind of the WW level 100 but it's existence and its current level is unknown to everyone except the owner. This would introduce a kind of a imperfect-information game aspect to the victory condition of Travian Kingdoms. It's just an example, but for example say that this building could only be built by they King, and he would in order to afford it be forced to use close to all of this tributes to be able to construct this building. It would introduce a lot more diplomatic and politics of the server, as other kingdoms would need to act when they see a World Wonder being close to level 100, or when some kingdom is expected to be able to reach 10,000,000 VP before a WW can reach 100.. OR when some secret rumors (true or false) leaks out that the King of Kingdom XYZ are building an Imperial Palace and will have it finished at day X. More plotting and excitement will follow all the way to the very final moment of the server.

    Just addition, VK should be able to build Palace too (not just king), otherwise when attacks start coming - kingdom will simply delete Kings village as only possible place.

    But current VP setting should be reworked too... in order to win, you have to be big. Or rather, being big makes win much easier.

    4uma isn't my problem.There are 4 kingdoms against 4uma.CodeX is near of them with biggest armies.Why we lose our 30 hours for empty treasures.Order is stronger than 4uma.We can't take vp from 4uma because of distance.If Order starts fighting agains 4uma,we will throw 4uma from race.But Order is waiting for our hit, even though they have larger armies from us.

    So why should we hit 4uma and possibly loose our armies there, when you will hit us in return? ^^

    So far 4uma dont care about us, which give us more safety... if you didnt decide to attack us (despite big lead 4uma have), it would be different. And you know it ;)