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    Honesly I think he's got some really good points, but it's not fair to the rest to make exceptions to the rules. They apply to everyone the same way

    Player who stopped playing because all the multis and cheaters here. So let me understand it right - you ban person who calls out potential cheats who has bans for cheating before etc, and because punishment you give them is a joke they proceed to cheat?

    OVERALL - this situation is on your teams fault. It's your game - people invest time, money and so to play it. If here is cheaters and multis its in your best interest to fix it as fast as possible. Let's shine some light on to this more - did you fixed problems which persisted through years considering multis and cheating? In my opinion i don't see any difference in 3 years i didn't played. So what have you been doing for 3 years? 3 Years and no improvement on anti-cheating and multi?.

    I will give last mind blower for you - IF YOU SOLVED THIS THE RIGHT WAY, THERE WOULD NEVER BEEN POST LIKE THIS IN FORUMS CALLING OUT PEOPLE FOR CHEATING. Banning people for calling out cheaters is more like banning people for calling out your biggest failure and shame in this game - dealing with one of biggest problems in game for years (cheaters,multi) and failing miserably.

    P.S i don't care if i get ban for this post. Looking at time i invested and how you still treat players - the same people who makes your game stay alive is sickening from true gamers point of view. Hope people will start talking with their wallets or rethink their game choices if you respect them so much that cheaters and multi's can't be solved through years.

    I can assure you that we don't.

    We already identify some ways some game mechanism were abused and changed those (just as an example recent Menhir feature change), as we are trying to not only look at punishments, but at changes we can do to improve the situation for everyone, nut just relying on catching cheating, but making it more difficult.

    We will keep working on it, may be not as fast as you wish, but we will get there for sure.

    I have question for you. Simple one at that. Imagine you are a little boy and you steal cookies from the jar. You know that you ain't allowed to do that by your parents rules but you still do it because the worse punishment is being sent to the room. So lets imagine same scenario but different punishment, for example - one week without pc or phone or so. So question would be - would you still do it if punishment becomes so harsh that some simple cookies is not worth it anymore?. By that i mean if punishments were more harsh they wouldn't be multing because it would simply would be better to play by rules and not to multi, gain major profit and "suffer" unimaginable punishment - "Oh no 10 proc pop".

    Edit: Another thing - game is game but it won't be same without players right? - so put out vote for all the community or so which has at least a bit of prestige (ppl who played not multis) and lets us vote if we want harsher punishments for multi-accounts or not? Let us decide if you can't do what community wants.

    Hi here dear travian kingdoms team.

    To put it simple. I used to play your game years ago. Last time i played maybe was 2 years ago. Long story short, after some time passed i wanted to try playing one round or so again but seeing how things are going now when i visited forums in 2 years break... I just want to ask you what have happen to your team? I remember one time i played round where entire kingdom of 70-100 people were banned because of stuff i m seeing now in forums. No questions asked, got caught instant ban on all people involved - all accounts. Does your game suffer so much already because here is not much people left or do they donate so much that your hand starts shaking when things like this appears?. Not even 10-30 mins into forums i can see that one kingdom literally farming multis. Screenshots are left and right. I don't honestly care which kingdom is doing it or all of them does. It was problem even when i played because it was some of Russians tactics because they were just bad at the game and still couldn't win majority of time but this is a joke at this point. How can someone play your game if you can't provide fair gameplay environment for all. Well thanks to that i guess i will wait few years more to see if you going to fix this or game becomes waste land of multi or boter's who can only achieve something buy having 3x or more accounts handicap.

    Lastly message for you multi accounters - you know who you are and you know what you are doing. You are filth and the end of this game which should be banned and never allowed to play again. You feed your ego with cheating and lies to others that what you are doing is nothing and pretend its all others peoples lies. I see your ego grew bigger with years to pass too, while being bad at the game you compensate with multi-accounting and then talk trash about people who approach game in a fair way. In reality even if you would be better then some of them in fair play you are still far bellow them in morale way.

    To end it all is a plea to admins and team of the game - stop being afraid because these people will ruin your game, your loyal fans who put in fair effort into playing and testing the game. Remember what made you into what you are is players who supported and donated, played earnestly game not these jokes who can multi account and mock these who plays fair. Because at the end of the day what are you going to do when all people who play fair or people who wants to be back into the game sees this mess and give up on you and moves on? You will be left with these second rate players who only straw of survival is using programs and multi-accounts to at least keep up with first rate players. Time is still right so once again i ask of you to think it through. MAKE KINGDOMS GREAT AGAIN. For now i guess i will not start any rounds and so because of the mess game currently faces.

    P.S for boters and multi-account people - you can comment as much as you want and what you want. Cornered rat always chooses to bite because it threatens theirs "gameplay". And if some of my old teammates are reading this - For the North!